Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tablescape Thursday - Birthday and Easter

This Thursday's tablescape party almost slipped by me! I had a change of schedule at work and almost forgot what day it was! My Dad's birthday is the first of April and this year it was Holy week, full of extra Church services, so we decided to have a family celebration for Easter and Birthday combined on Saturday.

Sometimes I "stage" my tablescape, but this week was a true setting. You're invited to the party.

There's always a place set for you!

I couldn't find exactly what I wanted for this Birthday tablescape, I was looking for something sort of "manly". I did pick up this brass old timey car at GW a few weeks ago. I set it on a cake stand along with some daiseys (The daisy and/or sweet peas are the flower for April) -- I also added a few Easter eggs as well.

Here's a closer look of the brass car -- I thought about spray painting it black -- but then I sort of thought the tarnished look sort of looked like a rusty old car -- and I just left it that way.

A photo of the afternoon shadows.

I layered this linen cloth over a longer white one for a little more tailored look.

I've used these vintage sherberts that were from my husband's family for jelly beans and Easter candies.

The sheep tea lights stand guard on either side of the centerpiece.

I found them on two different thrifting excersions. I like that even though they're the same pattern. One is looking forward and the other to the side.

I've placed a creamy colored damask napkin on each place setting with a white napkin ring.

This is my "wedding" china that I didn't pick out until we'd been married for 10 years. My mother gave me quite a few pieces for birthdays and Christmas -- then I finished up my settings for 12 on e-bay. The chargers I also purchased on e-bay and got 12. My mother-in-law gave both my sister-in-law and me the silver that came from her aunt's estate. We each got enough for 12 place settings. Her aunt must have done quite a lot of entertaining to have silver for 24! But she had a huge old victorian home -- the perfect setting for a large gathering.

a view of the layering of dishes at each place.

These iced tea stems were purchased about six years ago from Tuesday Morning as well as the crystal coasters.

Another view of the Birthday centerpiece.

And my "rusty" old car.

An overview of the tablescape.

Overview of the centerpiece.

Last week's Easter tablescape made a shift over to the kitchen table. I've had the Easter egg tablecloth for years.

Perhaps you'd like to sit at this table.

This was a place setting for the twins.

Peter Cottontail, just hopped on over to the kitchen table.....

....and his Beatrix Potter friends came right along.

The girls had a surprise in their cups.

Here's a peek at the "buffet" -- we had quite a spread -- deviled eggs and artichoke hearts (looks like somebody's already snuck a couple of eggs!)

Fruit salad, fresh asparagus and new red potatoes with parsley.

rolls and my sister made a salad that "out grew" the bowl so the only thing she could find large enough was a soup pot (it was wonderful - so I'm glad she brought it all!)

We had turkey breast and country ham as well as city (sweet) ham.

Marinated tomatoes. I didn't get a picture of the wonderful desserts my SIL brought. My Dad loves chocolate and requested a chocolate pie and a Boston cream pie -- when you're 85 you get to pick two Birthday desserts!

The girls were pleased with the menu!

Can you tell yet which one is Kendall and which one is Keelyn?

...Me either! I always have to look at their ears to tell and these pictures aren't showing! Whichever one I said was one in this post, my daughter would be sure to say was the other.

Dear husband.

My brother Bill and his wife Brenda.

My Dad -- we were so glad to be able to celebrate another Birthday with him this year -- he had open heart surgery in February and we came mighty close to not celebrating this birthday with him. This was sort of bitter sweet, because last year we celebrated his and my FIL's (April 10th) together. We miss you Pop!

Darling daughter Katy and Her husband Brett. I'm missing the pictures of my sister Mary Kay -- and my nephew Alex was feeling sort of camera shy.

The next day was a glorious Easter morning -- Here are my girls at our flower cross at Church.

Daughter and family.

Here's Keelyn on Easter afternoon.

And Kendall - (this time I remembered what colors they had on). Hope that you had a wonderful Easter with family and friends gathered around the table as well -- those are the best tablescapes of all!

To see many more tablescapes this week be sure to visit our hostess Susan of "Between Naps on the Porch" -- you'll find lot's of Spring inspiration and a place set just for you!

See ya!


  1. That was great! The car idea for the table for your dad was wonderful. God bless him!

    And your Easter table, food and festivities look wonderful. Glad you could all be together and share such a glorious Holy Day!

  2. Too cute!!! Your birthday table was elegant and I love the car. Happy Birthday and yes lucky to celebrate as many as you can
    Your Easter table was terrific, very festive and fun. It looks like the family enjoyed their Easter Day.
    Oops almost forgot to tell you how darling the babies were. Again too cute. :)

  3. What beautiful family Easter photo's! Just beautiful! Sadly I didn't take any pictures...not exactly sure why, I just got so involved...I do that! :(

    My visits with you never fail to inspire me and make me smile!
    Love and hugs to you, Martha!

  4. Those little twins are adorable! I really enjoyed seeing your "real" tablescape, the yummy food, your Dad, etc!


  5. The birtsday table was very festive and you had a nice idea by decorating the oldtimer. I think you dad and family enjoyed that dinner very much. Also your Easter table looks gorgeous. You are a lucky person with such a nice family. Greetings from germany, Johanna

  6. I surely enjoyed seeing all your photos of a wonderful table. Like the old car--perfect for a man's birthday, and you intertwined it with Easter so well. I love how you mix in vintage family items with other things. Looks like you all had a grand time and I know you are so grateful to celebrate another of your dad's birthdays.

  7. Loved your centerpiece with the car and daisies and love your wedding china! Gorgeous! The twins are adorable, too!

  8. Martha-You have been a busy girl! Love both table settings--especially your egg tablecloth. You are indeed blessed to have family surround you! The girls are ADORABLE!!!

  9. Loved both tables...I need the recipe for the marinated tomatoes. I love tomatoes. I can eat them like an apple. I have not forgotten about the rose bowl...have not been back to my mom's house....your tablescapes make me want to go though and find stuff for another one of my own. I anticipate yours always! Happy thursday....BTW...fruit salad and other food so handsome.

  10. I love it all.............and that tomatoe
    dish I must have "how you did this". It looks so awesome. Those babies are adorable.
    I love you dishes and you always have the right thing for the right holiday. I don't know how you do it. I hope I have my comment box fixed now. Let me know.
    thanks friend.

  11. Isn't it great when you can "dual purpose" a tablescape? Loved the car, I'll need to remember that for my "car guys"!

  12. Happy 85th birthday to your Dad would have been 91 on April 1st, were he still alive. Please give him a hug from me.
    Both tables are the little ones were excited the Easter eggs.

  13. Two pretty tables! I love the vintage sherbets filled with candy, and your wedding china is lovely. The Easter table is darling, and so are those sweet twins!

  14. Whoa! Both of your tables are great! I love that silver you were gifted. Very nice. How sweet to be surrounded with your loved ones. That flowering cross is so cool. I'm putting that in my brain file. Oh dear that might not be a good idea cuz it's bound to disappear in my brain. Have a great week!

  15. Elegant table Martha and it's so nice to share in your Easter with your family. I so enjoy seeing those poopsies (so sweet) but all the family too. Thanks for stopping by to see us. Till next time. - Jane F.

  16. Came back to take another peek, it's all so pretty! I forgot to tell you I really like the car centerpiece idea!


  17. Belated Happy Birthday to your dad, Martha. Both tables are very pretty, very elegant esp. te first one. The little girls are so cute!...Christine

  18. I love both of your pretty tables! And the food looked so yummy!
    It looked like a very wonderful birthday/Easter celebration!

  19. Thanks for your visit...I love your Easter is so elegant and the other is so cheerful and fun with all the bunnies and chicks...I know your family had a wonderful meal..everything looks so good!

    Miss Bloomers

  20. What a beautiful table -- pure and elegant! And I enjoyed your Easter pics! It looks like you had a grand time. (Aren't grandchildren wonderful. Becoming a grandma renewed me -- a rebirth. So celebrating my granddaughter at Easter was perfect!)

  21. What a nice birthday party! The place settings are very nice and I love the silver!

  22. How fun! Two tablescapes in one post! I think they were both great. Love all the memories of the first tablescape with the wedding china as gifts and the silverware from family.

    The Easter table was so cute. I adore those little bunny plates.

    Nope, couldn't tell the two sweet girls apart either :)

    Looks like you have a great family.


  23. Martha, both tables look so pretty. I love the vintage-looking car in the centerpiece, and I love those chargers - so versitle and so beautiful! How clever to use the sherbets for the Easter candy. All of the food looks delicious, and those girls are just precious! laurie

  24. What a lovely table and such a darling family!

  25. Hello Martha. I enjoyed my time with you. Wish I had one of those deviled eggs right now. I'm trying to remember where Mechanicsville is located. Near Richmond? I'm originally from Roanoke and now in the midwest. I love getting back every October to the Old Dominion.


  26. Hi Martha! Oh, your tables are just so lovely but what has stolen my heart are those little darling twins! Look at those precious little faces! I love 'em!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  27. Hello Martha ~I've truly missed my visits, but little by little I'm making my way back.
    Although last month was difficult with our loses a new month has brought new hope.
    I poured myself a cup of tea and read a spell...It looks like you had a fabulous Easter with your lovely family. I would imagine the food tasted as delicious as it looked!

    I'm so excited to see spring blooms popping up. I look forward to applying the inspirational palette of colors into a few DIY decorations and gifts, with a little baking/cooking in between.
    Don't you love the aroma that fills the air during this season?
    It's definitely invigorating.

    Stroll by for a visit, your company will be nice.

    Sweet wishes,

  28. Girl your tables are just beautiful but your family is just PRICELESS...oh those twins are just too cute my friend...loved seeing all of your wonderful photos...Happy Birthday to your Daddy...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  29. Love your tables and all the family photos!