Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fun

It's so fun to have Halloween with the grandtwins around. Saturday night we invited them over for a festive supper.

A few treats at their places.

A fun book for Halloween bedtime reading.

The girls dressed for the season...we had a fun supper with mummy dogs and brunswick stew. I didn't get any pictures of the food (as usual).

A few decorations for the season.

Skull under glass.

Did you know that you could catch ghosts with candy corn?

A vintage looking postcard.

A frightful crew on the sideboard.

Guarding the Halloween treats.

The girls all dressed for Halloween fun -- loved the Ghost Princess and Pumpkin Princess costumes our daughter made for these two precious cuties.

Hope all your goblins were were good ones! Wishing you all treats and no tricks!

See ya!

I'm sharing this with Marty's Fall cloche party and Tabletop Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

From the Pumpkin Patch

This week I welcome you to my Pumpkin Patch tablescape. Sometimes Halloween is all about the scary, but this year I'm feeling a little nostalgia for those sweet and friendly Halloweens from childhood.

So pull up a pumpkin and have a seat! I've enjoyed all the pumpkin plates I've seen the past few last week when I was at Walmart....I picked a few. I had a hard time choosing between the fall leaf plates and these. But in the end....the pumpkins were the ones that made their way into my basket.

And I do believe farmer "Jack" approves!

It seems like this little black cat is the only one scared at this table. Why even the crows aren't scared of farmer Jack!

A crop duster view of the patch.

And it looks like a "bumper crop" of pumpkins. I love the variety of colors we can find now.....I love the traditional orange, of course. But now the greens and whites are such a fun addition. I found a Cinderella pumpkin for my front porch this year. Love the squatty look of them as well as their muted clay color. What's your favorite pumpkin color and shape?

For this table I brought out my bamboo flatware. I know you all are probably getting sick of this black and white checked tablecloth....but I've enjoyed it as my anchor for the past few weeks....I'll move on soon.

Added these pewter goblets with my black and orange napkins.....perfect for the season!

Isn't farmer Jack a friendly fella....from sun up..... sun down.

Guess we'll all just sit here with Linus and wait for The Great Pumpkin to arrive.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween....scary and spooky......or sweet and friendly....however you like it....they're all fun! I'll be joining Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch"....where the tables I find there are always a real "treat".

See ya!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Festival with the Grands

We had a perfect Autumn weekend here in the Mid-Atlantic -- just right for our annual Fall Festival at Church. The twins had so much fun.

Big grins all around.

Pumpkin painting was a blast -- they also got their faces painted and made a few crafts.

We ate chili and hot dogs and went on a fun after dark hayride....

....and made a few new "friends" as well!

Hope you're enjoying this delightful fall weather....looking forward to the trees bursting forth in their grand autumn colors.

See ya

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Jacks at the Table

I'm so glad to participate in Tablescape Thursday again. The last one I posted was a repeat -- but this week I've got a new table to add to the fun. Actually I took the same colors and dishes from my last years "Wicked" repeat....and updated it to.....

....a table full of "Happy Jacks"...... Jack-O-Lanterns that is.

The Jacks and I invite you to share our table.

You can just see this little shy Jack peeking from behind the glass and napkin.

How about a dish breakdown. Starting with these green plates.

Followed by these black and white checked plates.

....and last of all the same black dinner plates......

.....and the same placemats too......

....but I did change the flatware to this black "Treble Clef" and I've added the newish checked tablecloth too. on to my three smiling Jacks. This is my oldest one.....I guess I've had him for at least 25 telling where I found him.

These two Jacks have hung out on my porch for many a Halloween night too......and they're still smiling! (And bringing flowers too!)

Tabletop overview.

Candy corn colored flowers.....

.... with a candy corn pick.

Time to dim the lights.....

.....and enjoy some grins with the Jacks!

I've been so busy the past couple of weeks that I've been terrible about getting around and making comments and responding to your very sweet comments....hope you don't think I'm rude.....really, just crazy busy....some fun and some not....but you know I love ya'll ---and I'll be back to "getting around" real the meantime wander on over to "Between Naps on the Porch" and check out all the tables set all across blogland.....where there's always a place set for you!

See ya!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

MacBeth and a Halloween Decorator

I've been AWOL for a bit. Last week Mr. Mid-Atlantic and I were in Atlanta. First on our agenda was to see Macbeth at The Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern. We know "Macbeth" pretty well.....just call me "Mother Macbeth". Mr. Mid-Atlantic and I are pretty proud of him. And playing Macbeth is pretty exciting for Andrew too. One of his prized roles at the Tavern. (I will say it is pretty weird to see your son beheaded!)

Andrew and his real life "Lady Macbeth" -- (Although Megan is MUCH nicer....otherwise we may have been uneasy overnight guests.....just a little Macbeth humor)

The grands looked mighty cute in their Halloween shirts.

We had a great time at the pumpkin patch with them....too bad it was a unexpected stop and I didn't have my camera with me.

Stella and I did some fun Halloween decorating around the house to "surprise" her parents one night. We put some streamers up on her bedroom to run through and scare your little sister.

We cut out spiders to crawl over the back of the chairs.

More streamers and bats for the light.

All sorts of Halloween fun for the kitchen window.

Stella gave the bats some spooky faces.

Another spider in an unexpected spot....ready to scare someone.

And of course a few ghosts hanging around waiting for the "big haunting day". It was fun to let Stella decorate however her heart desired and she announced, "Nana, this was the bestest activity of all!" Isn't it fun to entertain a five year old with some crepe paper, black card stock, window clings and a little childhood imagination? Such a blessing these sweet times are.

See ya!