Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Jacks at the Table

I'm so glad to participate in Tablescape Thursday again. The last one I posted was a repeat -- but this week I've got a new table to add to the fun. Actually I took the same colors and dishes from my last years "Wicked" repeat....and updated it to.....

....a table full of "Happy Jacks"...... Jack-O-Lanterns that is.

The Jacks and I invite you to share our table.

You can just see this little shy Jack peeking from behind the glass and napkin.

How about a dish breakdown. Starting with these green plates.

Followed by these black and white checked plates.

....and last of all the same black dinner plates......

.....and the same placemats too......

....but I did change the flatware to this black "Treble Clef" and I've added the newish checked tablecloth too. on to my three smiling Jacks. This is my oldest one.....I guess I've had him for at least 25 telling where I found him.

These two Jacks have hung out on my porch for many a Halloween night too......and they're still smiling! (And bringing flowers too!)

Tabletop overview.

Candy corn colored flowers.....

.... with a candy corn pick.

Time to dim the lights.....

.....and enjoy some grins with the Jacks!

I've been so busy the past couple of weeks that I've been terrible about getting around and making comments and responding to your very sweet comments....hope you don't think I'm rude.....really, just crazy busy....some fun and some not....but you know I love ya'll ---and I'll be back to "getting around" real the meantime wander on over to "Between Naps on the Porch" and check out all the tables set all across blogland.....where there's always a place set for you!

See ya!


  1. The black/white/green combo on the black and white buffalo checked tablecloth is it.

  2. This is a PERFECT example of how the same basic elements can create a great new table!!! It really doesn't take a lot...just creativity, which you obviously have, Miss Martha! I like Smiling Jack...he's a happy character! :-)

  3. Fabulous Martha!! Love the jacks and the black and white is wonderful!

  4. This is so cute! Love your old pumpkin! It's always fun to dig out our old favorites one more time! I like those placemats...they look quilted!
    I like the pop of green in there too with the black white and orange! Great color scheme!

  5. I love the green and the black together. I also love those black and white checked plates, so much so, that I have too! I like the updates with the tablecloth and the especially like the black flatware. Very cool table. Dianne

  6. I recognize the green and black elements from your Wicked table, but amazing what a difference "Jack" can make! Cute cute table Martha!

  7. This is fantastic! Each and every single picture is spooky.Love your delightful Halloween settings...yes, every bit of it. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  8. Love love love the pretty pumpkins, the jackolantern. Your dishes are fabulous.. especially with the buffalo check tablecloth.. I'd love to sit here with you.. xo marlis

  9. Hi Martha, So charming! Your jacks are just so happy they make me smile! Flowers are gorgeous!! Thanks for your visit and comments! I had fun with that post! Take care!

  10. What a fun tablescape, Martha, it's beautiful! I love the layers of plates and the colors...Christine

  11. Nice to see a Happy Halloween table. I love those black and white checked plates. Thanks for visiting!

    Robin Flies South

  12. what a fun table! I love your glasses.

  13. Martha, your Wicked green and black are the perfect inspiration for the Happy Jacks table. I love the checked tablecloth. I was just lamenting that I don't have a good black and white check. I think it ALWAYS makes a great base for a table.

    (And I just saw your comment. I edited my post but I'll just say here that I use a sponge brush and regular old craft paint. One coat will do, and it burns like a regular candle.


  14. I just love your black checkered cloth Martha, it really is a fun background for this fun and colorful table. The pop of green is so gorgeous. I loved the checked plates too. I have just 4 of those and wish I had more.

  15. Martha, your table is lovely. Very festive and so inviting. I love, love that tablecloth. Delightful!

    Barb ♥

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  17. The black and white checked dishes look fabulous with that checked tablecloth. And I love how you've added the fall colors of green and orange to the color scheme. It all looks so inviting!

    Have a sweet Autumn, Martha.
    God bless,

  19. Love the b&w check tablecloth! The smiling jacks are adorable! Great Halloween tablescape!


  20. Black and white checks are so much fun!! Your table is adorable!!! Love the pumpkin lit up!

  21. I love the color combination--the orange and green look great with the black and white. Your jacks are quite jolly and your mums are beautiful!

  22. I love the black and white with the "Jacks". Everything is just so pretty!

  23. Wonderful table. It is amazing how you can take something I think of as scary and make it so inviting.

  24. just set the cutest tables ever! I MEAN it...just so cute.

  25. Hi Martha,

    Love the black and white checks with the touch of green... very refreshing color combo.

    I can sure relate to being busy, and I think it is just getting started ;)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesdays Bunny Hop Party!

  26. A delightful table Martha. I haven't read the other comments, but did anyone other than me think that the reflection of your overhead lights in the plates looked a jack-o-lantern face? Love the black and white with the pretty greens. laurie