Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tablescape Thursday - It's Snow Romantic!

It's Tablescape Thursday again! I didn't think I was going to get to play this week because of a busy weekend schedule -- but when it started to sleet and snow this afternoon they closed the buildings at 4:30 (since we have classes from 9am to 9 pm -- I usually work until 6 on Wednesdays) and then choir practice was cancelled -- so I decided to do a last minute table -- full of snow romance!

Welcome to our snow and ice table.

A place for you!

Winter romance centerpiece

Our couple gaze loveingly into each others eyes.

Don't you love a smooth dip?

The birds gather to watch the waltz.

The trees are beginning to be covered in snow.

Tea lights in mercury votives

Layered snowflake tealight holder over depression glass saucer.

A better view of the glass snowflake.

Depression glass saucer.

Sheer white napkin over white cloth napkin - white ceramic bow napkin ring.

Layers of dishes and silverware.

A reflection of the etched glass on the knife.

Etched glass water and wine glasses.

Glass salad bowls.

Over a crystal plate layered over a snowflake and the white Gibson dinner plate.

Tabletop overview.

Centerpiece overview.

A lovely Winter's ball.

Let's dim the lights.......

....and let the lover's waltz begin.

Goodnight from our snowy table.

Be sure to visit our hostess Susan of "Between Naps On The Porch" to see lots of talented tabletop designers.

See ya!

(I forgot to take this week's picture of my paperwhite -- only one of the bulbs seems to have decided to grow -- I get another picture up next week)

Monday, January 24, 2011

An award for me....and you too!

Hey everyone -- hope you had a great weekend -- funny how much faster Mondays seem to come around than Fridays! How is that? I had a very nice greeting this morning from sweet Cindy of "The Heart of Your Home". She sent me this award. Thanks Cindy, this was so kind and surprising.

Well I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself.

1. I've always lived in Virginia -- I was born in the Tidewater area and both of our children were as well... while I don't live there anymore, I love the beach, am drawn to it and always feel most at home there. I find that while I think the mountains are quite beautiful, I often feel somewhat "unsettled" I'm going to fall off or something.

2. Between my husband and I there are six sets of twins in our families -- (one set is our granddaughters)

3. My name is Martha and I have a sister named Mary -- I have a brother whose name is NOT Lazarus! (It's Bill and he's pretty happy about that, he is however a chaplain)

4. I have a sister-in-law named Martha as well -- I work in the same school system where we both went to school, and worked -- Makes for some interesting confusions by phone and e-mail.

5. We have two dogs who are rescues from the Humane Society -- I hope to volunteer with them when I retire (if I can refrain from bringing every one home with me). I'm a little over three years from retirement and that both delights and scares me at the same time.

6. I met my husband when I was in a high school play directed by his sister -- he came to a play practice just when we were rehearsing a kissing scene -- he must have liked the way it looked because he asked me out shortly after that. We both love live theater and our son grew up to be a professional actor.

7. Our favorite holiday is Thanksgiving -- we were married on Thanksgiving eve and celebrate our anniversary (we just celebrated 35 years) on Thanksgiving eve rather than the date itself (November 26th).

I'm supposed to send this award to 15 more bloggers, however....I truly hope this doesn't dissapoint, but I just can't pick .... I adore so many wonderful bloggers and have honestly met some of the kindest, most caring, supportive and fabulously talented people I've ever known! In my book, every blogger has their own unique and wonderful style and I find them all to be enjoyable. I would love for anyone who reads this and has not received this particular award.....please.....please, take it and let us know 7 things about yourself....we're all friends here!

See ya!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tablescape Thursday - Orange blossom inspiration

It's time to tablescape again!

This week I drew my inspiration from my Lang 2010 kitchen calendar. They have such wonderful pictures I have a hard time throwing them away. This was the picture for January 2010 that inspired me for this week's table.

Welcome to my "orange blossom" table.

Here's your place!

This blue and white bowl and stand was given to me by my parents almost 20 years ago. When I saw the picture, I knew I had a similar blue and white bowl and so I started "shopping" around the house.

Tabletop overview.

Orange bowl overview.

Blue glasses were found a couple of years ago when I was finding all sorts of colored stemware at thrift stores, antique shops and Goodwill. I think this pattern is called "Jamestown".

The mercury glass votives came from Target Christmas 2009 and since I couldn't find any orange for my table through linens or china -- I just curled some orange ribbon around.

The napkins are the only things that are new (other than the fresh oranges). They came from Marshall's $7.99 for four.

My "Style Sister" napkin rings were the perfect compliment.

Layering of dishes and flatware.

Shell patterned everyday flatware.

These blue and white dishes were found last Spring at Marshall's -- do you believe that these are my only blue and white dishes?

Love Johnson Brothers transferware.

White Gibson Clairmont dinner plates.

Antique Irish linen placemats.

So how do you think I did with my inspiration picture?

Time to light the tealights....

....and say goodnight from the "Orange Blossom" table.

This is week # 3 with my paperwhites. I've got some more tiny growth from three more of the bulbs.

Be sure to visit Susan of "Between Naps On the Porch" this week for tables that will welcome you and inspire you!

See ya!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tablescape Thursday - paper placesettings

It's Tablescape Thursday once again -- time to decide what to bring to the cyber table this week. A few weeks ago, I did a couple of thrifty Christmas tablescapes using paper plates. That seemed to spark some interest for some of this week I'm showing some of the other paper plates I've used on previous Tablescape Thursdays for those of you who are looking for a thrifty way to set the table or are running out of room for new dishes.

Perhaps you'll remember this setting and the next one from just a few weeks ago.

Pretty dinner sized paper plates can be found at any number of stores ...I've found them at Kohls, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, Target, Hallmark and specialty stores. Clear glass dinner plates (and salad plates too) are an inexpensive item at Walmart -- They have round and square glass plates.

Both of these plates have a tropical look -- and I believe they both came from Target.

Caspari has some beautiful patterns -- these were found at a beach boutique.

A couple of fall designs -- one set came from the grocery store.

You can also find endless other possibilities for designs:
Fall leaves.....

....peacock feathers were used in a Halloween tablescape.

....Happy New Year confetti.....I think you could use pressed flowers...ferns.....valentines... photos.....Whatever you can imagine "under glass"! I would love to see your creations too.

This is week #2 of my paperwhites that I planted on New Years Day ... one bulb has really taken off.

Hope you'll visit Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" to see what everyone's bringing to the table this week.

See ya!