Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Tablescaping!

It's Thursday! And that means two things to love -- Tablescape Thursday and checking out everybody's tables and Thanksgiving -- my favorite holiday! I've always loved Thanksgiving and the gathering in of family -- and perhaps part of the attraction is setting the table and playing with the dishes.

Here we are approaching our Thanksgiving table. Now this year, I'll have three tables set. The past two weeks I've shown two different centerpieces (Autumn Angel and Fall Pheasants)...those will be on two tables and this weeks tablescape has the third centerpiece.

Here's a close up of our Turkey centerpiece -- this table will be set for the grandgirls and their parents since they still need help. In a couple of years they'll be at a true "Kids Table". The turkey came from Cracker Barrel - I think I've had him for about 5 years.

Since our son and his family are coming from Atlanta and staying with us for a couple of days, the table is set for Thanksgiving morning breakfast.

Care to join us? We're having breakfast casserole, cinnamon buns, juice and coffee. Then we'll watch the parades and snack until the big meal at 6ish. Hopefully the girls will nap after the parade and Nana will be cooking for 16 of us this year.

Here's a close look at the dishes -- first we have turkey salad plates -- I've been wanting turkey plates for years, but couldn't justify them because I use my good china for Thanksgiving -- but this year, I had the bright idea that I "needed" them for breakfast....I can see you nodding....right? These were $2.99 each at Marshalls this year made by Johnson Brothers (they do the best transferware -- don't you agree?)

The plaid napkins came from The Yankee Candle Store (Williamsburg, VA) bought in October.

The famous Gibson/Gollum set of dishes from Big Lots. I got these for my birthday this past June.

Seagrass placemats and bamboo flatware from Marshalls earlier this year.

This cute little pilgrim man came from Cracker Barrel this week -- they were 50% off.

On the other side of the turkey is his pilgrim wife.

Juice glasses with a small paper napkin. Can you see the turkey on the napkin? Most of you know about my "two napkin rule" -- paper for the mouth, cloth for the lap.

Last week someone said on their blog that you have to "hide the turkey butt" -- I didn't have enough extra room to hide it -- but hopefully these two little indians will add a bit of interest to the "back side". What do you think? They were also 50% off this week at Cracker Barrel.

An overvew of our Thanksgiving morning table.

Overview of the centerpiece.

Turkey by battery light candle glow.

These are the plates the grandgirls will use -- I got these last year on eBay.

The look of Thanksgiving on my side table.

Small antique turkey platter.

This bigger set of Pilgrims came from (guess!) Cracker Barrel this year too. I think my last pilgrim set broke a couple of years ago -- so when I went looking I couldn't decide between the two sets and so I got both (after all they were 50% off) -- you're nodding again....right?

Here's our lady pilgrim.

I've added some indian corn to my grandmother's hurricane centerpiece -- she had this on her dining room table that would seat 20. Sometimes she would add so many leaves that the person on one end of the table was actually in a different room than the person on the other end. And she still had a kids table too!

A final look at my sideboard and greetings from an antique Thanksgiving post card.

I'll leave you with a poem sent to me by my good friend Jane ---

May your stuffing be tasty,
May your turkey be plump.
May your potatoes and gravy have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious and your pies take the prize.
And may your Thanksgiving dinner stay off of your thighs!

Be sure to visit our gracious Thanksgiving hostess at "Between Naps On The Porch" -- to see lots of tablescapes -- and where every Thursday has a place set just for you!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
See ya!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tablescape Thursday - Pheasant Fall

Here we are gathered for another visit to Susan's tablescaping party on her porch. This is such fun week after week and I can't wait to visit everybody to see your inspirational tables!

Since I have a fondness for pinks and flowers - most of my tablescapes are rather feminine. Or very colorful and childlike for my grandgirls. Today, I decided to set the table a bit more masculine -- for the "Gentlemen" of the family. Here we are approaching our Fall tablescape. The tablecloth came from Target ($16.99). I usually love vintage tablecloths, but I've been pleasantly surprised at some I've picked up at Target for very reasonable prices.

A pair of pheasants are my centerpiece today. They usually reside on my mantle.

I found these back in the spring when I was looking for something unusual for our Dad's April birthdays. I found them on eBay for 99 cents! When I set the table for that occasion, I knew that they would make a great Fall tablescape as well. I love their bronze glaze.

Here's a place set just for you!

I also found eight bird themed plates for the same Birthday occasion. These were also from eBay - for $24. I picked the four that looked the most "fallish" for todays tablescape.

Each plate has a different pair of birds.

Each has an adult bird and a young one.

I don't really know anything about this china -- on the back it's marked "M & R" (interestingly my husband's and my initials for Martha and Rick). Bone China made in England -- and dated 1940 -- maybe some of you will recognize it.

The back view.

A few feathers here and there to add interest and texture.
(I just said that to make it sound like I know what I'm doing -- I really DON'T!)

Another full table view from the side.

Breaking down a place setting. Bird salad plates on top.

Chocolate brown cloth napkins from Tuesday Morning ($6.99)

The Big Lot's Gibson plates, now affectionately known as "Gollum dishes" -- since she sent out a dish alert back in the spring and we all ran to get a set!

Dark seagrass placemats purchased from Marshall's back in the spring.

Target flatwear -- 99 cents closeout -- wish I could find 4 more knives, but they seem to have completely sold out.

Pewter wedding goblets mixed with heirloom wine glasses from Rick's grandmother.

The next few shots are of the centerpiece from several angles.

I just love these birds.

It appears that they were made by someone in a ceramics class.

It seems like everytime I'm taking pictures, the day is overcast -- sorry for the lighting -- I'm trying to resist using the flash.

An overview of our tablescape.

overview of the centerpiece.

A parting table shot.

Since my #1 tablescaping assistant was helping out today I figured I would get his picture in here.

#2 assistant was just waiting for the food - he's unimpressed with tablescaping.

But if you want to be very impressed with some beautiful sure to head on over to "Between Naps on The Porch" -- you'll be glad you did!

See ya!