Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tablescape Thursday - Fall leaves

I'm getting so excited about the coming weeks on Tablescape Thursday and all the holiday tables that will be giving us all inspiration soon. There are some amazingly talented tablescapers who show us their masterpieces week after week.

Last weekend we had so much rain that it washed the leaves right off the trees. That always makes me sad, because I love the fall color and want it to last as long as possible. So, I decided to re-create the fall leaves on my table today....using the real leaves I found walking my dogs through the neighborhood. Here we are approaching our tablescape of leaves.

The centerpiece is a candle I got several years ago from Target sitting on a cake stand covered with leaves.

An overview of my table. Does this make you want to break out your rakes?

Tree top view of our centerpiece.

This cute little squirrel salt and pepper shaker came from Cracker Barrel this year.

Another look at him happily gathering acorns.

Bet he wishes he could find some this size! These acorns came in a bag of acorns and pinecones - also from Cracker Barrel -- the acorns were bigger than the little pinecones!

Some gourds and mini pumpkin add some color to the table.(as if it needed more!)

I found these fall leaf napkins and napkin rings at Walmart - 2 in a package for $3. The napkins came in three with a bronze leaf... with a golden leaf....

...and a rust/bronze with a brown leaf.

Pewter goblets seemed to blend well.

A close look at one of the leaves in the candle.

At first I was going to use pretty fall paper plates under the glass plates....but then I decided to gather and use real leaves instead.

Each plate looks different.

I've always wanted "custom" china!

Woulden't this be fun for kids to design their own plate? Even if you don't have color where you live there are lots of silk fall leaves in the craft stores.

These white dishes were the base. Just place the leaves on top and cover with clear glass plates.

I found these felt placemats at the drug store. They came in a set of, green, bronze and gold.

My square fall leaf tablecloth came from Garden Ridge years ago. I angled it on my antique oak table to show a little wood -- I like it better that way rather than set straight.

A final look at our tablescape by candleglow.

Be sure to check out all the other tables set over at Susan's "Between Naps On The Porch" You'll find a place set just for you! In the meantime, I've got to go find the leaf blower.

See ya!


  1. YOU are an amazingly talented tablescaper yourself Martha! Beautiful job!

  2. Morning, Martha! Oh, here you've set another wonderful table! Love it all and love how you've used the real leaves! You know how I love whimsy so I'm adoring that little squirrel holding the acorn s & ps! Have a beautiful day.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Martha,
    I had to come looking for your post, I knew you would be up and going. Just beautiful, I loved the little salt and pepper shakers, tooo cute. Great jobe finding those beautiful leaves, they looked great on the table. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Another nice tablescape. I was just at Cracker Barrel on Sunday and saw the S&P shakers. Happy TT.

  5. HI Martha,
    November Blessings to oyu!
    Your lovely table is a nice one.
    I have a love affair with leaves...except when I have to rack them!!!
    I'd rather the wind just blow them away...haha.
    What you've done with colorful leaves is vey nice.
    What a great table you've created,
    d from homehaven

  6. Hi Martha,
    This is a perfect autumn tablescape. I like your idea of using real leaves and sandwiching them between the plates. Thanks for sharing, because I would not have thought of doing this. We lost our leaves last weekend due to a day of high winds, so guess it will be bare trees till spring.

  7. The leaves and all the accessories really make this fall table the one that I want to sit down and have a lunch and chat. So loving these colors.

  8. Everything looks so pretty. I love the way your table glows by candlelight. I really like to see the red added in with the other fall colors.

  9. That was a great idea..why use faux when you have the real thing!
    Very pretty the napkins and rings!

  10. Beautiful table setting..I just love that little squirrel!
    ♥, Susan

  11. Lovely! Those squirrel S&P are SO CUTE!


  12. Martha, this is lovely....especially all the wonderful colors. So pretty!!

    Barb ♥

  13. Miss Martha- You did a great job. It looks lovely.

    I wish it would rain here!

    Enjoyed visiting,

  14. What a great idea!! I love the leaves under the clear glass! Love the placemats also! Beautiful!

  15. You and I have leaves on the brain! I think I need to get back to Cracker Barrel--I missed a couple of things :) Your table is perfect for fall!

  16. I always enjoy seeing fall leaves since we don't get many here in Florida! Your tablescape is wonderful! I wish I could smell those real leaves! I love the smell of autumn! I miss that.


  17. Oh, I love this idea!!! AND I did get more glass plates the other week....I hope I remember this idea!! I will have to go write it in my notebook. The leaves around here haven't been the greatest--mostly brown when they fall!! I love all the leaves on your table--I just love LOVE the look!!

  18. I enjoyed seeing the leaves as well, I am in ca. and we have some but not like that...they look wonderful on your tablescape...

  19. Lovely table! I like the little squirrel. I also love your pewter goblets. I've been looking for some just like yours. So, if you get tired of them, just send them my way! :)

  20. Martha, this is so pretty. I love the use of the real leafs. That squirrel s/p holder is the cutest, and those pewter goblets are gorgeous! Your napkin rings are the perfect touch for this table. The whole table just says "fall" in a beautiful way. laurie

  21. Martha, our leaves are all down now, too. :( But you've captured the essence of autumn with your pretty table!
    I think your little squirrel is just the cutest S&P holder I've seen all year. I may have to send my sister to her nearby CB to pick one up for me, since I don't have one near me. He is just darling!

    ♥ Rettabug

  22. I love all the leaves, the candle is awesome..., that's what's so beautiful about fall..., but it's true, it doesn't last that long.

  23. Hi Martha,
    I love the leaf tablecloth and all your leaf decor that works so well with it. Those pewter goblets are the best. Did I already tell you that I used to have a whole set of them? When I see your it makes me sad to have let them go.

  24. Very creative idea to put those beautiful leaves under the glass plates. At first, I thought they were decoupaged on. They look fantastic. Very fall and cozy. Loved it!

  25. What a nice warm welcoming autumn table. I ♥ the little squirrel/acorn salt and peppers. Oh yes, the leaves make me want to get the rake out!

  26. Great idea using the leaves under the clear plates. I need to go to Cracker Barrel to see if I can find the squirrel salt and pepper shakers. Too cute.

  27. Love it Martha and I so need those cute little squirrel shakers! Very Autumny and fun! Cindy

  28. I love the squirrels! Too cute! You have such a fall tablescape with the leaves everywhere! Hope you are having a great TT and have a wonderful week : )

  29. I love your custom china! The whole table is great! :D JEwel

  30. The leaves are beautiful and I love this little squirrel with the acorns. So perfect for this time of year. I looked outside yesterday and it looked like it was raining leaves!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  31. Such a pretty table. Can I come over for dinner?