Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ivy League Tablescape

I'm joining Susan of "Between Naps on the Porch" for another Tablescape Thursday. This week my table is centered around one of my favorite things - ivy. With many of you packing up kids for college - I sort of tongue in cheek have called this my "Ivy League" tablescape.

Welcome to this weeks table where....

....there's always a place set just for you!

I was delighted to find this vintage tablecloth at an antique store in Centerville, VA earlier this summer when we attended our nephew's wedding.

It's in great shape and I fell in love with the ivy and lattice motif.

I brought out my little shabby terrarium and filled it with ivy.

These smoked water glasses seem to bring out the grey of the lattice design.

A layering of the dishes and the mis-matched silverplate.

Each place is topped with green cloth napkins tied up with a green gingham bow.

White "Gollum" dishes.

These green chargers I found last fall at a boutique in Virginia Beach named "The Ragged Robin".

I picked up this little white leafed dish in Atlanta last year at a Ross store.

The Target birdies flew in for a visit.

This little iron birdbath was perfect for holding a tea light. I found this last summer at one of my favorite little local antique stores that's going to close shop next month. I'm really sorry to see them go -- very nice and helpful owners. I was able to find some nice things on sale last weekend that I'll be using in some upcoming tablescapes.

A dragonfly has decided to rest awhile.

And a little busy bee has buzzed by too.

A view of the tabletop greenhouse.

Overview of the centerpiece.

One more closer look before we say....

...."good-night" this week from the Ivy League Tablescape.

Be sure to check out all the tables that have been set at Tablescape Thursday hosted each week by Susan of "Between Naps on the Porch". Thanks Susan, for inviting us week after week.

See ya!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Casual Beach Tablescape

Last week I didn't participate in Tablescape Thursday because of birthday celebrations and a visit from my sister, here from Wisconsin. It was fun to get back to "playin' with the dishes" this week. My last tablescape was "Beach Elegant", so I decided to set the table this week as "Beach Casual".

Just for a change of pace....how would you like to watch while I build my tablescape? We'll start out with a white tablecloth I purchased last year spring/summer from Target's "Shabby Chic" line. I've placed a hammered aluminum tray as the base of my centerpiece.

This was a tray we found cleaning out my father-in-laws house before it was placed on the market. I'm sure it was fairly old, but it still had a manufacturers tag on it -- and it was made in the U.S.A. Obviously, it had never been used --- time for a debut...don't you think?

Pretty flower design etched in the center.

Love the hammered edges.

Several years ago, I was given a gift package from Bath and Bodyworks. One of those cute sets put together in a ceramic beach bucket. I filled the bucket with shells and set it on the tray.

Then I tipped the bucket on it's side with the shells "spilling" out.

Next I added a sand castle made by "Partylites" that has been on a shelf in my powder room all summer.

Still needs a little something....

...I've added a couple of sandpipers that have been decorating my mantle since Memorial Day.

I've finished off with a few more shells and this little crab who's been hanging out on my washstand all summer. There....now the centerpiece is finished.

Time to start the placesettings. There are my only new addition -- these chargers from Nell Hill I purchased a few weeks ago. They're available in these round ones or square ones. I had quite a time trying to decide which style to get --- and it took quite a bit of willpower not to get them both!

Chargers set for four.

Next, my white dishes from Big Lots last summer.

I pulled out these blue and white striped cloth napkins that I've had for ages. Instead of using a napkin ring, I pulled them through the charger handle.

We're almost there.

Blue goblets were purchased last winter from the Dollar Tree.

Just casual stainless flatware for this placesetting.

These came from a restaurant supply store about 3 years ago -- service for 12 was very affordable and the shell pattern was perfect for my beach theme.

Lastly, I fell in love with this shell pitcher last year in a local thrift store.

An overview of this table setting.

Overview of the centerpiece.

I always like to check the view of the centerpiece....

....from each setting.....

.....just to be sure that each person.....

.....has an interesting view.

And now we're at the place I usually begin each week....Welcome to my casual beach table.

Where there's a place set just for you!

I hope that you'll get the chance to visit our gracious Tablescape Thursday hostess, Susan of "Between Naps on the Porch" this week to see all the tables that have been set across blogland. You'll be sure to find one you'll love. Be sure to check back any Wednesday night to see amazing tables at her site starting between 8 and 9 in the evening and continuing through Thursday. If you get a chance to comment on a couple of your favorites, you'll make their day -- it's always so rewarding to hear from visitors who've stopped by.

See ya!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Two girls turning two with two parties!

On August the 7th our twin grandgirls Kendall and Keelyn turned two. After a wonderful birthday dinner prepared by our DD Katy, the girls enjoyed some banana pudding. And then it was on to the must fun event of....

....opening gifts!

They each got plenty of birthday loot.

New wheels from Mom and Dad.

Babies and strollers from Nana and Papa Daddy.

Then on Sunday it was Birthday Party #2 at Nana's and Papa Daddy's house. I couldn't believe that I spent most of the afternoon preparing and baking a lemonade cake that didn't rise! (I think the baking powder was old). Anyway, luckily we're very close to the store and a fresh banana cake saved the day!

Centerpiece of birthday fairies.

Pink lemonade.

My sister brought me this beautiful quilted runner for tablescaping -- does she know me or what!

More gifts to open.

Then time for cake and ice cream!

A little help with blowing out the candles from Mom and Dad.

No help needed with figuring out what to do with the cupcakes and sherbet though!

Then an evening spent dancing off the "sugar high".

New wheels, lot's of presents, cake and ice cream and dancing the night away with your BFF....sounds like the perfect birthday for a gal of any age...don't you agree?
Happy Birthday to our K-girls.... we love you!