Friday, June 28, 2013

Monday Treats

As some of you know, I take a treat to work every Monday to share with my co-workers.  So today I did a little "Practice run" for this coming week.  I decided to try a muffin tin pie.  This one is strawberry but I'll also take cherry and blueberry on Monday for the week heading into the 4th of July.  I thinks I will make these for my family gathering for the 4th as cute!
Last week was my I decided to share one of my favorites...Hummingbird cake.

This was a chocolate truffle cheesecake cheese ball made from a mix put out by "A Taste of Gourmet".  My blogging friend "Miss Janice" was the one who shared this company with us.  Very yummy and easy too.  The graham cracker sticks were from Kroger.  The cheese ball was good on the fresh strawberries too.

Fresh cut up fruit and easy and refreshing for this time of year as well.

This was a trifle made with brownies, custard and toffee bits.

Banana bread with cinnamon butter "dressed up" with strawberries.

This was a peach, coconut pecan "dump" cake.

My "go to" shrimp cheese ball I serve with water crackers.

I made this for the Tuesday after Memorial day -- but it would also be easy for 4th of July.  Layered angel food cake with custard and blueberries and strawberries.    My sister says I'll never lose my job!  It's just a little something to look forward to on Monday mornings.....I love to make my co-workers smile!

See ya!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Birthday Fun.

For my birthday today I took the day off from work and Mr. Mid-Atlantic and I went on a little day trip to Urbanna, VA.  I was in search for some soft shelled crabs.

And I was delighted to find them on the menu at The Virginia Street CafĂ© (it was once the five and dime store).  In fact, our waitress told me that I got the last ones they had.  After blowing my diet with this and a slice of key lime pie (well it IS my birthday!).....

....we walked around town and I did a little birthday shopping.....

This is what 58 looks like.....
....having fun in simple ways....

See ya!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

June Birthday Tablescape

It's been a long time since my last post.....*sigh*....I've just been too busy for my own good!  But with my upcoming birthday, I've decided to set my table with June flowers and my favorite colors.

I do hope you'll join me at my rose covered table.

There's nothing new on my table.....I've just filled it with some of my old favorites.

A glance at my layers of dishes.

Since pink and green are my favorite colors.....I decided to add both colors with my stemware.

A few knockout roses from my tiny flower garden.
Overview of my tabletop rose garden.

I've decided to take time to smell the roses and slow down a little.

How about a look through the layers of dishes....starting with these pink rose dishes.

I love the hand painted look.  I found these on ebay a few years ago.... they were a Gibson pattern that I think was sold at Target at one time.

These soft pink glass dinner plates were also an ebay find from several years back.....see the roses etched into the glass?
These white dishes came from Big Lots.....actually they were a birthday present from a friend several years ago.

And my Pier One chargers that I loved at first sight.....As soon as I started seeing these on several tablescapes.....I was hooked!  One of the few things I've purchased not on sale.....but I've gotten my money's worth.

I found this tablecloth at a vintage shop and loved the pink and green combination.

Usually I have set the table with softer colors on this tablecloth, but today I wanted a brighter look and really liked how well this shade of green napkin blended in.  And I thought my pink bud napkin rings were a perfect match.
What could be more perfect.......

.....than pink roses in June?

I'm so glad you stopped by about joining me for a big old slice of hummingbird cake?  I just finished icing it.  I hope we can visit again soon.  I'm linking up with Cuisine Kathleen at Let's Dish and Susan at Between Naps on Porch  Can't wait to see what's on all the tables in blogland this week.

See ya!