Friday, June 28, 2013

Monday Treats

As some of you know, I take a treat to work every Monday to share with my co-workers.  So today I did a little "Practice run" for this coming week.  I decided to try a muffin tin pie.  This one is strawberry but I'll also take cherry and blueberry on Monday for the week heading into the 4th of July.  I thinks I will make these for my family gathering for the 4th as cute!
Last week was my I decided to share one of my favorites...Hummingbird cake.

This was a chocolate truffle cheesecake cheese ball made from a mix put out by "A Taste of Gourmet".  My blogging friend "Miss Janice" was the one who shared this company with us.  Very yummy and easy too.  The graham cracker sticks were from Kroger.  The cheese ball was good on the fresh strawberries too.

Fresh cut up fruit and easy and refreshing for this time of year as well.

This was a trifle made with brownies, custard and toffee bits.

Banana bread with cinnamon butter "dressed up" with strawberries.

This was a peach, coconut pecan "dump" cake.

My "go to" shrimp cheese ball I serve with water crackers.

I made this for the Tuesday after Memorial day -- but it would also be easy for 4th of July.  Layered angel food cake with custard and blueberries and strawberries.    My sister says I'll never lose my job!  It's just a little something to look forward to on Monday mornings.....I love to make my co-workers smile!

See ya!



  1. If I was one of your co-workers, I would be smiling AND big as a house!!! Gosh, Martha...what great treats!!! You really put yourself into it! I know your co-workers really look forward to Mondays only because they know they have something very special coming from your kitchen!

    Happy belated birthday to you! So you're a Gemini, too, huh? We have to stick together!

    I'm sure your mini pies will be a major hit! Have a wonderful weekend, and I know your co-workers will have a happy Monday!!!

  2. Slightly late "Happy Birthday" to you, Martha!! What a wonderful selection of delicious looking goodies! Lucky co-workers, for sure.

    I'm going to google the "a peach, coconut pecan "dump" cake" to see if I can find that recipe. YUMMO!

    I smiled when I saw the flamingo spreader...I have the same one. LOL


  3. I need to apply to work where you work. :) Happy Belated Birthday, Martha! I'll be joining you in February on the '58 is great!' bandwagon! Always enjoy your posts.

    God Bless!

    Cassandra from Renaissance Women