Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We're back from Atlanta

We had a wonderful time in Atlanta! It just all goes too quickly. Here's Stella Grace - our oldest "Grandgirl" She's such a sweetie and has a sunny disposition. She loves to pose.

We were so glad that we were able to plan our trip around our son's performance in "Tent Meeting" -- it's a great play and making it's U.S. debut in Atlanta -- all you Atlanta theater goers -- this is the last week - loved the singing quartet - lots of old gospel music.

Stella and I got a chance to "create" in the kitchen. These are our "Easter Egg Chicks" - (or are they Easter owls) - anyway, they were fun -- we also made some jelly bean cookies.

We went out to eat several times - this was at a tavern near their apartment - I think it was "Mitchies" -- anyway, here's Stella and her Daddy waiting for lunch. We also had a great dinner at Fox's Bar-b-que.

This is a not good picture of our lovely daughter-in-law Megan - she's the best! She has her pretty pregnant "glow" expecting our 4th "Grandgirl" Molly!

I told you that Stella loves to pose - so she enjoyed having a fashion show with the goodies Nana brought. Here's her Easter Bunny jeans jumper.

Next selection for our fashion show was another bunny dress.

Here we are in our Easter dress and sweater.

Stella loves her "Easter - princess - ballet" dress the best!

Who's that cute bunny in the dark shades?

We also did some shopping at our favorite consignment shop "Finders Keepers" -- I found a few tops for our upcoming Florida trip in the clothing store, and some linen table things in the homegoods consignment store. We also went to Ross and I found this cute white birdie basket plate -- It goes so well with the birdie Salt and Pepper shakers we all have. I thought it would be great for Sweet and Low packets. How would you use it?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Tablescape

I'm sorry this photo is blurry - this is an overview of an early spring tablescape. We're still a few weeks from the "big bloom" here in Virginia, so I don't have any live flowers on this centerpiece.
My white goodwill plate with a pewter salad plate. The blue floral napkins came from Tuesday Morning with white ceramic napkin rings. The pewter goblets were wedding gifts from 33 years ago and the pewter plates I've added to over the years - also started as wedding gifts.
The bluebird platter is a small one. My mother had a much larger one and I regret that it got away from me a few years ago when my dad downsized. I've been looking for another one ever since.
This view of the centerpiece shows my new birdie salt and pepper shakers. I was so excited to find these at Target last Friday. Now I feel like a true blogger! and I've got the birdies to prove it!
This view shows the centerpiece. The base is a frame with blue paper, next a cake plate, then a smaller footed plate, topped with a broken ceramic/china birdhouse -- that baby is heavy! It would take a strong branch to hold this birdhouse.
Here we have a small nest with eggs, and a sweet angel holding two birds.
Now we see a bird on her nest in a teacup. This little birdie is so fat, I don't think she's laid her eggs yet!
A view from above.

This little grasshopper better hide quick! (or he may find himself being served for birdie lunch)
I hope that you've enjoyed your visit. Now be sure to stop by Susan's at Between Naps On The Porch for more Thursday Tablescapes. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An award!

Oh my! I haven't even been blogging a month and I got an award from Karen at Nittany Inspirations! How sweet is that? I have to say that the hospitality here in blogland is just the best - North, South, East or West -- blogger friends are just the best! You have all been so kind, inspiring and encouraging and I just love you for it!

Since this award is intended to be passed along -- I shall do so gladly. The message of this friendship award is:

"These blogs are exceedingly charming, These kind of bloggers aim to find and to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated."

So I want to pass this along to:
Florida Sue at Luxe Lanai
Jewel at Carolinajewel
Bo at Blinks N' Winks From Brown-Eyes
Prof En Retraite at Confessions of A Plate Addict
kbeau at Life In The Slow Lane
Susan at Between Naps On The Porch (who helped me get started in the first place)
Also I want to send this award back to Karen at Nittany Inspirations
I know that most of you already have this award, so no need to "take it again" - just know how very dear I hold each of you for the sweet kindnesses you've extended these past few weeks! It's an honor to call each of you "friend"

See ya!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Georgia's on my Mind!

Such a sweet family photo. Andy. Megan and Stella Grace.

Stella picked "her" chair - doesn't she look just "fine"!

Stella's nursery school photo - What a big girl - does she look like her daddy or what?

We're leaving late Thursday evening for Atlanta to see our son Andy, lovely daughter-in-law Megan and our precious granddaughter Stella Grace! It's been awhile since we've been to Georgia -- last year our daughter, here in town, was expecting and delivered our twin granddaughters (the movie stars) so, we stayed pretty close to home in 2008 - but now it's about time for another trip down south! We're pretty excited to see them, they were here for Thanksgiving so that was the last time we were together. Stella is 2 1/2 ... so I can't wait to see what she's up to now. At this age, it seems like they're a whole new person every time you see them. We're also looking forward to seeing Andy perform in "Tent Meeting" at The Theatrical Outfit. He's been a full time actor/staff member of The Atlanta Shakespearean Tavern for the past 4 years and we've seen several of his performances there -- it will be fun to see him in a new venue. And of course "Nana" is looking forward to doing some Spring shopping with Stella and maybe having a tea party as well. Megan is expecting our 4th "grandgirl" in June. So when Miss Molly arrives, we'll do it all again. Would love to visit some of the great places that I've seen from some of the bloggers from the Atlanta area -- but, this will be a fast trip -- perhaps I'll seek out "The Classy Flea" and some of the others on a future trip. I'll try to take lot's of pictures for blogging when I get back. Till then...See ya!

Movie Stars at my house!

A couple of movie stars stopped by my house this weekend! -- I know that they were stars because they had on their dark glasses -- and they were in the back of their limo -- they have a driver and everything - real "star like" -- also they have a really cute personal assistant that goes everywhere with them. She attends to their every want and need (such pampered stars!) When they got to my house the personal assistant came in and said that the paparazzi would be allowed to take a just a few pictures. So we rushed outside with our cameras -- ah yes, flashes were just going off! Well one movie star was really cool -- she just kept her glasses on -- the other movie star, ever so coyly reached up and lowered her, so she could gaze over them at us -- she made sure that we got her best side! Now you may be wondering why such famous stars were coming to my house. Well, I'll tell you -- they were coming to pick up their supplies of "undies" -- And just like stars - they can be quite excessive - they get about 244 new "undies" evey three weeks or so! And just because they're such big shots - they change undies many times a day and do they wash their undies - noooo - they just throw them out and get new ones! MOVIE STARS -- What are you going to do with them? So now you know -- I'm a personal undie shopper for the stars! Certainly you didn't think movie stars bought their own undies -- heavens no! Then all too soon, the movie stars told the driver it was time to leave -- they must have had an important movie contract to sign or something **Sigh** I just love it when the Movie Stars come to my house! I'm so star struck!
See ya!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Treasure Filled Weekend

This weekend was filled with lot's of great found "treasures"!

My first treasure was an auction I won last month. I was looking for something to tablescape a Birthday dinner next month for both my father and father-in-law. I thought that these two ceramic pheasants would make a nice masculine centerpiece -- and the price was right -- 99 cents!
My next find was the blogger famous Target birdie salt & pepper shakers! Now that buyer should get a bonus! Bet it's been a top seller with all us bloggers scooping the up! LOL
Friday night after a hair appointment I swung by Marshalls and found a few bargains there. A shamrock teapot, a box of Easter eggs and a pretty apothecary style jar.
First we have the teapot -- isn't this pretty - this was half price for $6 - and is a match for the little plate I got a couple of weeks ago. A nice addition to my growing St. Patrick's decor.
Next we have a box full of pretty Easter eggs - they sort of remind me of some of those beautiful iced cookies I've seen in bloggerland.
My last treasure from Marshalls was this pretty jar - priced at $9.99
This morning my husband and I went out to breakfast (our favorite meal out) - and it just happened to be in the same shopping center as one of my favorite antique-thrift stores - and I found even more treasures! These are the ones that came home with me - but I certainly left a whole lot of treasures behind that I would have loved to given a new home!
My first treasure is a little tea stained rag bunny - she's a sweet baby bunny - I think she's in a Christening gown - what do you think?
My next treasure is a Dept 56 bunny that was evidently at one time marked $24 (in another retail life) - but at the thrify price today of $4.
Treasure #3 is a sweet little lamb - I was looking for lambs today - but didn't see many at all - they must have all been out grazing somewhere else.
The last treasure was this darling little tea set for $9 -- you'll be seeing much of these treasures in upcoming Easter fluffing and tablescapings -- thanks for stopping by -- hope you're finding some good treasures for your nest.
See ya!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Foodie Friday Disasters!

I have certainly done it all! Overcooked, undercooked, forgot to take it out to cook...but probably nothing stands out as the ultimate of disasters. One of the funniest hostess disaster stories I know is supposedly true. It takes place a number of years ago when everyone looked to "High Society" for everything impeccable. Sort of like Martha Stewart would be today. Anyway, I think it was Lady Astor. She was having a huge sit down dinner with the must upper of the upper crust. Everything was at the highest level of perfection. The best china, silverware, crystal and most opulent of floral arrangements -- you get the picture. The guests had all been seated, the soup course served and cleared - it was time for the grand entrance of the entree (which to my understanding was a turkey). Just as the young server stepped through the door, silver tray laden with the most perfect turkey to be placed on the table for a grand show of carving.....she stumbled, the tray tilted, and the turkey fell on the floor! The guests gasped! The server stood frozen in total dismay. Lady Astor, never missing a beat, just smiled graciously and said, "Oh that's all right my dear! Just remove this turkey back to the kitchen and bring out the OTHER one!" Now that was a fast recovery....don't you think? Think there really was another one? Wouldn't work for me though... no sireee! I have one of those open floorplans that leaves no "kitchen secrets" hid -- it's all in plain view! I guess I would just have to excuse myself for a little trip through the KFC drive through --- but then that's why I'm not "high society!" I'll bet it was the talk of the social circles for years!

See ya!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tablescape Thursday - Ladies Luncheon

Since we've just become friends here in blogland - I thought I would invite you to lunch...so we can get to know each other just a bit better. And just because you're so special, I'm putting out the "good" china. I've set the table on the crocheted star a friend gave me for my birthday years ago. We have gold rimmed glass chargers I purchased from e-Bay. My china is Stanford Court by Noritake - My mother used to give me a piece every year for my birthday and Christmas - until I got settings for six. When it became discontinued a few years ago - I started trolling e-bay for pieces. I had gotten up to eight, when there was an auction for full place settings for six - for less than $200!!! Wowie Zowie! I think that goes for my best bargain auction ever! Then I found the cream soup bowls - (also on e-Bay) Carlton by Meito China. The crystal iced tea glasses and coasters were from Tuesday Morning. The salt cellers were my mothers-- they're very old. Pepper shakers from Tuesday Morning. I picked up the shell theme with my brass place card holders (I'm sure that you noticed that...because you're so observant!) The silverware was given to me by my mother-in-law years ago -- as a matter of fact, getting the silverware was what started me on the china, since I had not picked out wedding china...but you HAVE to have pretty china to go with such pretty silverware! It's also old -- came from her aunt - old and heavy -- I think it's called Imperial - and it's monogrammed with a "K" -- not our initial -- but pretty close -- we're "H". In my grandmother's cut glass vase I have some faux flowers - complete with a faux bee buzzing around! (something for a touch of whimsy). I thought in keeping with our shell theme - we would have a seafood luncheon. So let's start with some She Crab soup. Then we'll have garden greens with cold spiced shrimp and a light vinaigrette dressing. For our main course, we'll have my husband's best ever crab cakes (a no filler recipe that came from his mother) -- They are the BEST! Along with that we'll have some fresh steamed asparagus with baby new potatoes sprinkled with fresh parsley and butter. I'm so glad that we could linger and chat into the afternoon with our coffee and fresh berries with cream and shortbread cookies for dessert. My little silver sugar scuttle is in service if you would like just a bit of sweetness in your coffee. It's been wonderful to have you for lunch! The dishes are all done and back in the china cabinet. Please come visit again -- I loved having you! Be sure to visit Susan at Between Naps On The Porch to see all the lovely tablescapes this week!

See ya!