Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Treasure Filled Weekend

This weekend was filled with lot's of great found "treasures"!

My first treasure was an auction I won last month. I was looking for something to tablescape a Birthday dinner next month for both my father and father-in-law. I thought that these two ceramic pheasants would make a nice masculine centerpiece -- and the price was right -- 99 cents!
My next find was the blogger famous Target birdie salt & pepper shakers! Now that buyer should get a bonus! Bet it's been a top seller with all us bloggers scooping the up! LOL
Friday night after a hair appointment I swung by Marshalls and found a few bargains there. A shamrock teapot, a box of Easter eggs and a pretty apothecary style jar.
First we have the teapot -- isn't this pretty - this was half price for $6 - and is a match for the little plate I got a couple of weeks ago. A nice addition to my growing St. Patrick's decor.
Next we have a box full of pretty Easter eggs - they sort of remind me of some of those beautiful iced cookies I've seen in bloggerland.
My last treasure from Marshalls was this pretty jar - priced at $9.99
This morning my husband and I went out to breakfast (our favorite meal out) - and it just happened to be in the same shopping center as one of my favorite antique-thrift stores - and I found even more treasures! These are the ones that came home with me - but I certainly left a whole lot of treasures behind that I would have loved to given a new home!
My first treasure is a little tea stained rag bunny - she's a sweet baby bunny - I think she's in a Christening gown - what do you think?
My next treasure is a Dept 56 bunny that was evidently at one time marked $24 (in another retail life) - but at the thrify price today of $4.
Treasure #3 is a sweet little lamb - I was looking for lambs today - but didn't see many at all - they must have all been out grazing somewhere else.
The last treasure was this darling little tea set for $9 -- you'll be seeing much of these treasures in upcoming Easter fluffing and tablescapings -- thanks for stopping by -- hope you're finding some good treasures for your nest.
See ya!


  1. Great treasures! I think the pheasants are a very clever centerpiece for a masculine dinner. And that little Easter tea set is beyond cute! You're going to have some great fun with all those wonderful finds.

  2. Love your finds! I began to panic when I realized I might be the only one left w/o the birdies and rushed out and bought them this weekend!! lol That tea set is just precious! Have a great week...Debbie

  3. Wow, what great treasures you found this past weekend. I really need to get out there. I love me some Marshall's, like I need another thing ;)

  4. All of your treasures are just wonderful. I find it hard to find really great bunnies, and seems like all the thrift shops here are full of really bad stuff, but I do love to shop at GW. I will continue to look for bunnies and lambs and easter things, your finds are just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  5. Wow! You really found some great treasures! I love them all. Pheasants are wonderful for fall decorating! And you know I love the shamrock teapot!!!! Glad you found the birds and can be part of the club now. :D Jewel