Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Front Door Welcome

When I first welcomed you into my home, I brought you into the kitchen from the back door. But today I'm giving you the "front door" welcome. These pictures show the outside front of our home and the little "Irish Welcome" flag at the lightpost. Right now I don't have any flowers around the lightpost or in the pots on the front porch. But before long we'll be blooming again. I'm not going to show you the first view into the house from the front door, because it's just an up the steps view. But the little "Irish Blessing" picture is right beside the door - So you can be blessed coming and going. I was so excited to find this little picture at an antique store last year because my parents had one exactly like it in their home. When my dad downsized a few years ago and got rid of a housefull of things to move into an "in-law apartment" at my brother's home - it was one of the things he took with him. I'll show you more later.

See ya!

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