Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday treasures

Placemats and St. Patrick' s Napkins

Bowl and Shamrock plate

Today I went treasure hunting at a few of my favorite places: Goodwill, Marshalls and Target. For me, "treasure hunting" is when you're not really looking for anything specific but open to find a treasure in the bargin bin.

At Goodwill, I found the twins some new outfits that were castoffs from Target. I often find after season things at our Goodwill with the Target tags still on them. I guess these were left from Valentines, because they have pink and red hearts on them -- but I ask you --- is there really an "off season" for love? They each will get a pair of jeans with hearts, a jeans jumper with hearts and a pink "hoodie" with pink heart pockets. The jeans and jumpers had their old Target tags still on them $9.99 ea. - the hoodies did not - but assuming that they were at least $5 ea. these would have been $25 each -- I got them for $8 each - Treasure! I also got some green salad plates that I'll show later in a tablescape.

On to Marshalls -- I was looking for a little bit of "Irish" today. I found a cute little square plate for $2.99 and the cabbage bowl for $9.99 - the bowl will be perfect for my "Dublin Potato Salad" - a recipe my mother used to make -- I'll share that with you soon.

Target -- Ok. I was looking for those birdie salt & pepper shakers that everybody else in tablescaping land has ---- but none to be found. I did come home with some green striped placemats that were $2.49 each on clearance and some green dish towels (not on clearance - but I'll get lots of use from them).

Wishing you luck on your own "treasure hunts"!
See ya!

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  1. We don't have a Marshall's but I love the shamrock plate. I have some matching pieces I got last year from TJ Maxx. I have the white bird s&p's. They still have a set here in NC. I just came home from Target!!! Fun treasures.