Friday, March 13, 2009

Extreme makeover!

No...not me! And not my house either. I've been wanting to introduce you to my "boys"....but they were a couple of weeks over due for a spa day. They were so dirty -- well let's just say....looking like only a mother could love. Now they were thinking that they were just beginning to smell good and doggy like -- but then I had to go and mess it all up and make an appointment with the suds and the shears! "Aw shucks -- mom! We're boys! Now you've gone and made us look pretty! Shoot, we won't even be able to hold our heads up on our walk! And we're going to have to ignore the lab and basset down the street -- you know they'll be laughing at us!" -- Now boys! Sit up nice and pretty so I can introduce you to my new blogger buddies -- I didn't want them to mistake you for a couple of rabid wild things that had just run out of the woods -- you would have frightened them!

"Well -- we're off for a nap! Sigh! It's been a long day at the spa! She just loves to torture us!"
My boys are Spunky (black and white) and Clapton (grey) They're "before pictures" are on the left side and handsome "after pictures" are on the right (I only have two dogs-- they're both adult males we adopted for rescue groups. They each have a story and I'll write those soon...but for now - I'm off to fix dinner for all of us!
In the meantime Spunky, Clapton and I say - Thanks for stopping by.
See ya!


  1. Well, they are just too cute. Thanks for the introductions.

  2. Awww! They're so pretty! ~ Robyn

  3. THanks for stopping by my little ol blog and saying hi!!

    Your pups are adorable! Our Jesse had to have an extreme makeover the other day. We came home from being gone all day to let him in the house. When he got in you could smell very strongly the scent of SKUNK!!!! I cant believe DH didn't realize it before he let him in - needless to say- he needed a makeover scenttime!!!


  4. Oh they are just the sweetest. I would love to hear the story of how you came to add them to your family! We had a cat that tangled with skunks on a regular basis. There is just no other smell like it.

  5. Your dogs are adorable and both very lucky.
    I loved reading both of their stories too.