Monday, March 23, 2009

Georgia's on my Mind!

Such a sweet family photo. Andy. Megan and Stella Grace.

Stella picked "her" chair - doesn't she look just "fine"!

Stella's nursery school photo - What a big girl - does she look like her daddy or what?

We're leaving late Thursday evening for Atlanta to see our son Andy, lovely daughter-in-law Megan and our precious granddaughter Stella Grace! It's been awhile since we've been to Georgia -- last year our daughter, here in town, was expecting and delivered our twin granddaughters (the movie stars) so, we stayed pretty close to home in 2008 - but now it's about time for another trip down south! We're pretty excited to see them, they were here for Thanksgiving so that was the last time we were together. Stella is 2 1/2 ... so I can't wait to see what she's up to now. At this age, it seems like they're a whole new person every time you see them. We're also looking forward to seeing Andy perform in "Tent Meeting" at The Theatrical Outfit. He's been a full time actor/staff member of The Atlanta Shakespearean Tavern for the past 4 years and we've seen several of his performances there -- it will be fun to see him in a new venue. And of course "Nana" is looking forward to doing some Spring shopping with Stella and maybe having a tea party as well. Megan is expecting our 4th "grandgirl" in June. So when Miss Molly arrives, we'll do it all again. Would love to visit some of the great places that I've seen from some of the bloggers from the Atlanta area -- but, this will be a fast trip -- perhaps I'll seek out "The Classy Flea" and some of the others on a future trip. I'll try to take lot's of pictures for blogging when I get back. Till then...See ya!


  1. Come on over to Nittany Inspirations. I have something for you.

  2. Have a wonderful time in Georgia with that little sweetheart. What a little doll.