Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spunky's Story

My husband and I are both life long dog lovers. We've had 6 different dogs living with us over our 33 years together. In the fall of 2006 we lost our basset hound, Rhett, to cancer. At that time we were both working full time and decided that it would be best to be "dogless" until we retired. We kept saying that we missed our dogs...but certainly, now we could travel without making arrangements for the dog...we could not rush home after work to care for animals - etc. etc. But my heart ached for a dog. I hated coming home without that tailwagging greeting. I had been "just looking" on Pet finder for weeks, when I saw his little fuzzy face. I knew this dog was mine! He was seven years old and on medication for seizures, so he had been overlooked for adoptions for several weeks. He and his sister had been turned into the local humane society because his owner was going into a nursing home. His sister, Popcorn, had been adopted and he was really missing her. When I told my husband that I had filled out adoption papers and wanted to go see him, well, he wasn't really pleased. "I thought we were going to wait." "I thought we'd discussed this!" "I'm not ready for another dog." I have to admit my response was one I have never said in all our years of marriage -- It's awful, but I said "I don't care!" I think he was shocked - but he went with me to meet Spunky. I believe he realized that not only did this dog need a home, I really needed this dog! We were able to adopt him right away and needless to say, it didn't take but a few days, and my husband was totally won over by this precious pup. We had never had a "special needs" dog before. I read up everything possible about dogs and seizures. I've had him on a part homemade and part organic diet ever since we've had him and honestly, he has not had a seizure since we got him. His foster home said that he hadn't there either. Perhaps these seizures were stress or environmental from his previous home -- we just don't know. Spunky is right beside me every minute. He never leaves my side when I'm home. He is one sweet, kissing, lovable fuzz ball on four legs! And when I come home from work -- I get a tail wagging, jumping in the air, turning in circles greeting! Life is good!

Now for is sister? Interestingly enough the next Sunday, I found out that a couple from our church had adopted his sister! We laughingly call them the "Presbyterian pooches". So both dogs, were adopted at an older age to good homes. It wasn't but a few months later that my husband asked me to find him a dog as well! So soon I will write the rescue story of Clapton -- it's an amazing one -- filled with drama! Until then -- thanks for stopping by! See ya!


  1. Oh, what a great story! I'm so glad you gave him the home he deserves, what a sweet boy! We lost a dog to cancer 3 years ago and it took us all that time to be ready for another. We got a puppy in December and he brings so much fun to the house.

  2. Oh I am about to cry. I have a big soft lump in my heart for homeless animals, and also for people with kind hearts just like you. I am so pleased that you like my my "Pet Buddy Tuesday" idea.

  3. is such a wonderful site. You can find rescued pets there. I'm glad to hear you got your little dog there.

    If everupme got their pets from rescue groups there wouldn't be the big profit in puppy mills. They are a huge problem here in Pennsylvania. The governor just signed a bill requiring certain standards. Now they are awful.

    I got my little Caesar from a puppy mill before I knew about how wretched the dogs are treated. I have a lot of guilt about it and I often think about his poor mother and the conditions she is existing in.

  4. What a heart warming story. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Spunky is adorable! It's just like he was meant to be yours!

  6. Oh, you & your hubby sound like us...we love our dogs...2 poms & we recently rescued an older pom...he has added so much to our lives. They are just good for the soul aren't they?!
    ;-) Bo