Sunday, March 1, 2009

First Time Blogging

I've enjoyed so many of the bloggers that I found through Rate My Space, that I've decided to give it a try myself. Some of you seem like "old friends" because I've been reading (lurking) through your blogs for months! However, I guess I should introduce myself. I first started looking at all the tablescapes at Betweennapsontheporch and I've learned so much for all of you who participate in Tablescape Thursday -- I've gotten totally hooked. I never knew that there were so many "dishaholics" -- just like me!!!! (I thought it was just "my little problem") I have dishes everywhere!

And "Foodie Friday" -- well, dream come true -- one must have spectacular food presentation to go along with all those tablescapes -- don't we?

I am a middle aged, middle daughter living in the mid-atlantic state of Virginia. It really doesn't get much more "in the middle" than that, does it? I am a wife of 33 years, a mother of two grown children, grandmother of three girls with our 4th "Grandgirl" on her way and due in June.

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  1. Congrats on your new blog Martha! :-) Your grandbabies are precious! That was some serious snow wasn't it?! :-) Susan