Monday, May 31, 2010

Tablescape Thursday - Birthday Fairies

Love this day! Tablescape Thursday is always a day of getting lost for hours in the computer "progressive dinner" that starts every week at Susan's porch. I love all the inspiration I find there......however, this week, Mr. Mid-Atlantic and I will be heading to Atlanta for a birthday celebration weekend with our grandgirls. This week I've set a special table to honor Stella Grace turning 4 on Sunday and Molly Rose who will be 1 later on in the month (however we're celebrating both birthdays this weekend -- since both sets of grandparents travel around 8-9 hours to get there.)

We're having a special Birthday celebration in the garden with the "Birthday Fairies" and you're invited too!

Here's a special place set just for you.

I've set the table with fun girly pinkness (Nana's favorite color!). These pink napkins have a ring of special magical little fairy buds crafted by "Style Sisters". She crafts these out of very special buds in shades of pinkness, redness, blueness and whiteness -- sure to add a little touch of fairy magic to every table.

I've set our celebration table with pink, white and purple. Since our girls are little - I've placed the tiny fairy forks and spoons (Treble Clef hors d'oeuvre set) -- perfect for little hands. I also have "big people" flatware in the same pattern.

In the Fairy garden, of course the cabbage leaves are pink instead of green. (eBay)

Set on top of white Gibson (Gollum) plates. (Big Lots)

Pretty purple butterfly placemats are perfect for our garden celebration (Dollar Tree).

Pink paper napkins peeking out from our birthday cups -- to satisfy my two napkins rule - paper for the mouth and cloth for the lap.

Let's take a peek at the fairy garden.

I see a couple of fairies today -- they're getting all ready to spread some special Birthday Fairy Dust so our birthday girls wishes will come true!

They've even prepared some tea for the birthday girls in their tiny baby carrot and cabbage leaf cups. Care for a sip?

A magical dragon fly has arrived at our little fairy garden today.

I've found another little camera shy fairy hiding among the moss.

The fairies were busy decorating the garden with ribbons and bows to celebrate the girl's birthdays.

And when the sun goes down they bring out their little twinkling fairy lights.

A dragonfly view of the birthday table.

A closer view of the garden terrarium top.

and a little peek inside. A couple of bees have joined in the celebration.

We've had fun at our Birthday celebration today. We're so glad that you could join us too.

Let's bring on the cupcakes! (Pink of course).

To see lots of tablescape inspirations, be sure to visit Tablescape Thursday with Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" -- it's always delightful to see what everyone's setting on their tables and there's always a place set for you.

See ya when we get back from playing with the grands!

Tabletop Tuesday - Ready for Summer

I'm joining Marty at "A Stroll Thru Life" again this week. I've changed my tabletops from Spring to my Summer look. Now the bunnies and carrots, and birds and nests have all been put away and I've brought the beach and lake to my house today.

Here's a peek at my washstand tabletop all ready for summer.

Oh My! I seem to have caught a little crab under my cloche today.

Looks like he's going to climb into my teacup.

Well of course! It's a "Cup of sea"!

The starfish have come out to play as well.

Oh yes! I do think life is sweeter by the sea....don't you?

What a sweet little couple on my olden postcard....they love the beach so much....they don't even mind when it rains!

You can see my apothecary jar holds lots of shells from our trip to Sanibel, FL earlier in the month. When I open the lid I can smell the ocean.

And over on the sideboard, we have Swan Lake.

For some odd reason, last year, I was smitten with swans. I kept finding them in thrift and antique stores - even Goodwill and bringing them home with me. I guess it was a good year to collect them, because it seemed that everyone else must have been getting rid of them! Oh well, I'm glad that they came home with me. The last time I saw this many swans all together was on a shower curtain in the 50's! Anybody remember those?

Now my sugar scuttle is filled with Sanibel shells.

Another olden postcard of a romantic Victorian couple at the beach.

One last swan shot. I do think that swans are quite beautiful when they're gliding across a pond - so elegant with their long necks.

My soup tureen must be getting ready for some seafood chowder.

I built a sand castle on my powder room shelf.

Laurie over at Bargain Hunting inspired me to summerize my mantle. Usually I keep it the same all year except for Christmas. Sort of an English pub look. But today, I brought out the sailboat and more shells.

On one side we have playful sandpipers....

.... on the other we have a sailboat. Which reminds me, in just a few short weeks Mr. Mid-Atlantic is taking me for a cruise for my birthday! I can't wait, we're getting so excited because it's our very first one.

Be sure to visit Marty at "A Stroll Thru Life" for lots of tabletop inspiration this week.

See ya!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Foodie Friday - Greek Pasta Salad

It's been awhile since I've joined in Gollum's pot luck Foodie Friday. Today I'm sharing a new recipe I tried this week as I change gears from soups to salads now that warmer weather is here.

This was a delightful salad that Mr. Mid-Atlantic and I both enjoyed - perfect for something a little different from the usual pasta salads.

2 skinless boneless chicken breast halves - cut into bite-sized pieces (cooked - I grilled ours)
1 (16 oz) pkg. uncooked Farfalle (bow tie) pasta
1/2 lb. frozen cooked coctail shrimp (next time I'll add a little more than this)
1 (2.25 oz) can sliced black olives, drained
1 pint cherry tomatoes halved
1/2 cup celery chopped (or baby carrots if you prefer)
1 cucumber diced
1/2 cup Greek salad dressing (or Italian, oil & get the idea)
1 (6 oz) pkg feta cheese crumbles
seasonings to taste

Bring large pot of water to a boil - add pasta and cook 8-10 minutes - drain and cool to room temperature.

Mix chicken. pasta, shrimp, olives, tomatoes, celery and cucumber. Toss with dressing and feta cheese and seasonings.


For more great recipes, be sure to visit Gollum at "Designs by Gollum" -- you'll find some very tempting recipes to add to your collection.

See ya!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tablescape Thursday - Feathered Friends

It's time to check out all the tablescapes once again at Tablescape Thursday - hosted by the most famous of dish divas, Susan of "Between Naps on the Porch".

Welcome to my bluebird of happiness table.

Of course, there's always a place set just for you.

What fun these birds are having at the table today. But, what's this? They seem to have "borrowed" my pearls!

They must have gotten the idea from our very own Susan and her most delightful Herend Rothschild Bird China. What do you think? You can read all about it here.

I can see the ring leader perched on my light fixture. Naughty bird! Give back my pearls!

My Target Birds have stopped by to join in the fun.

Here's a little cherub holding a sweet little bird.

A mosiac bird house.

Someone seems to have lost a feather.

This side has a little blue birdhouse perfect for the bluebirds and a nest of eggs. Let's take a closer look at the platter this is all sitting upon.

Have you ever let something go that you were immediately sorry and wanted back? When my father downsized a few years ago, I passed on a bluebird platter that was my mother's and had belonged to my grandmother. I let it go because it was not in great shape. I believe it was chipped and had a crack -- but as soon as it was gone, I wanted it back and started looking for another one. I was delighted to finally find one this Spring on eBay -- I had bid on several in the past but they all got away from me. Finally, this one came to me!

This one is more vibrant in color than her's was and in much better shape.

Aren't these bluebirds the sweetest things? This was a very popular design on china during the 1940's. Many companies used the exact same design. Because it was "everyday" china and not fine china - it got used for everyday and most pieces show the wear and tear and often not in the best shape. Unlike the very fine Herend Rothschild china - these were the "workhorse" dishes of the 40's - not elegant at all. But, I find them quite dear and cheerful. I've been lucky to collect enough "mis-matched" china for a table of four.

Of course I've brought out my blue goblets. I found these at Goodwill last year when I was having a run of luck with finding sets of colored goblets.

These birds were found a couple of years ago at a Ross store in Atlanta. They're perfect for sweetner packets or lemon slices for tea.

What could possibly go better with mis-matched china than mis-matched silverplate?

I've just added some iced tea spoons to my collection.

Here's the first plate I found in my search.

I thought these blue trimmed napkins I found a couple of weeks ago at the antique store were a nice compliment to the bluebirds and the pink flowers on the plates.

I found two of these Homer Laughlan charger plates at Goodwill last week.

About two months ago I found two of these small bluebird plates on eBay. I have yet to find any of these at any of the antique or thrift shops around here and I've been looking for several years.

Here's the marking on the back of these plates.

Since these plates were rather small, I set them on these ruffled salad plates I found several years ago at Tuesday Morning.

I've used my everyday JCPenny stoneware as chargers.

Here's the last of my mis-matched bluebird plates.

Another Homer Laughlin.

An overview of our table today.

A birds eye view of the centerpiece.

So glad you could join us and I hope these little bluebirds of happiness put a smile on your face today.

I'll be posting the recipe for this pasta salad this week on Foodie Friday.

Be sure to visit Susan this week at "Between Naps on the Porch" to find lots of tablescapes -- I always find fun and beautiful inspiration there week after week.

See ya!