Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sights of Sanibel

We just got back from a lovely week on vacation at Sanibel Island, Florida. This was our view from the condo. I spent a lot of time sitting right here enjoying the ocean breeze.

A view across the courtyard.

A look at the pool.

There were so many flowers and lush plants everywhere. I have no idea what this plant is, but I fell in love with those beautiful pink leaves.

Hibiscus were everywhere. Beautiful blooms.

I love to catch the scent of gardenia on a breeze.

This charming guy (and several other feathered friends) would talk to you from right outside the grocery store we went to at one of the shopping centers.

This was one of our favorite restaurants -- we enjoyed it twice during our stay.

Loved the Florida palms painted on their entry porch.

Our traveling companions were my husbands sister and Brother in law. We all had a wonderful, relaxing week.

Mr. Mid-Atlantic and I really enjoyed our stay. We're already talking about making plans to return next year.

One of our favorite spots of Sanibel real estate.

Sanibel lighthouse.

Sailboats at sunset.

The bridge to the island.

A walk on the beach our last morning at Sanibel. I hate to even think about the oil spill reaching these beautiful beaches.

All packed up and leaving the island to head back home.

While I was gone, I missed Sheila's party!

But even though I'm late -- I still had to snap a shot from the condo.

Well, it's back to work and reality tomorrow -- hope you enjoyed coming along.

See ya!


  1. Lovely shots of Sanibel! I love the new look on your blog!! Where did you get it? It looks fantastic. So personal and so cute.

  2. What a lovely holiday you have had! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us! xxoo

  3. Looks like a great place for a holiday. You can be the travelling Diva.

  4. I see some of these things everyday, but I still enjoy looking at vacationer's photos. :) It sometimes puts a different perspective on things. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  5. I love Sanibel. I grew up in West Palm Beach...and Sanibel is where we always went for vacation. What a blast from the past. Glad you had a great time.

  6. Oh it's just not fair!! Looks like a great time!! LOVE the water:-)

  7. Gorgeous place ... I would love to visit there!
    Love all the pictures!

  8. What a wonderful vacation! I love Sanibel, when I lived in Florida we would go there all the time. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures!

  9. Sanibel is so gorgeous. We have never stayed there, but have driven out a few times. Did you find lots of shells? My parents are just up the coast at Siesta Key, snow white sandy beaches...and I'm so worried about the oil and what it will do there. It is so tragic.

  10. Just let me know when you're coming back. Be glad to help. :)

  11. Hi Martha! Oh what a lovely place. I've never been there but this just may have to go on my Bucket List! :)
    Oh, thank you so much for snapping! You're a cute as a button!! Now don't forget Wednesday will be the crowning!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. So glad to find your blog! Thanks for the help... Loved the pics of Sanibel... must go!!!

  13. Oh sweetie, it looks like ya'll found the perfect spot for an island getaway. (turning every shade of green here) Thanks for sharin' your beautiful pictures. You can tell by the smiles ya'll had a blast!!!

    God bless ya and enjoy this beautiful day!!!

  14. Hi, Martha! I came over because I saw that you were a Diva and thought I had missed you!!! I'm glad you were just late to the party!

    Love your Diva shot and the shots of Captiva/Sanibel. That's a fun place to visit. Looks like you had a great time.


    Sheila :-)

  15. nice pictures from Florida, I can feel the "smell" from the sea while looking at the pictures..

  16. I enjoy your vacation pictures and am glad that you had a good time. I haven't been to Florida since just after college!

  17. Beautiful hibiscus photo! As you can see from my profile picture - I love this flower. Looks like a wonderful trip.