Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tablescape Thursday - Feathered Friends

It's time to check out all the tablescapes once again at Tablescape Thursday - hosted by the most famous of dish divas, Susan of "Between Naps on the Porch".

Welcome to my bluebird of happiness table.

Of course, there's always a place set just for you.

What fun these birds are having at the table today. But, what's this? They seem to have "borrowed" my pearls!

They must have gotten the idea from our very own Susan and her most delightful Herend Rothschild Bird China. What do you think? You can read all about it here.

I can see the ring leader perched on my light fixture. Naughty bird! Give back my pearls!

My Target Birds have stopped by to join in the fun.

Here's a little cherub holding a sweet little bird.

A mosiac bird house.

Someone seems to have lost a feather.

This side has a little blue birdhouse perfect for the bluebirds and a nest of eggs. Let's take a closer look at the platter this is all sitting upon.

Have you ever let something go that you were immediately sorry and wanted back? When my father downsized a few years ago, I passed on a bluebird platter that was my mother's and had belonged to my grandmother. I let it go because it was not in great shape. I believe it was chipped and had a crack -- but as soon as it was gone, I wanted it back and started looking for another one. I was delighted to finally find one this Spring on eBay -- I had bid on several in the past but they all got away from me. Finally, this one came to me!

This one is more vibrant in color than her's was and in much better shape.

Aren't these bluebirds the sweetest things? This was a very popular design on china during the 1940's. Many companies used the exact same design. Because it was "everyday" china and not fine china - it got used for everyday and most pieces show the wear and tear and often not in the best shape. Unlike the very fine Herend Rothschild china - these were the "workhorse" dishes of the 40's - not elegant at all. But, I find them quite dear and cheerful. I've been lucky to collect enough "mis-matched" china for a table of four.

Of course I've brought out my blue goblets. I found these at Goodwill last year when I was having a run of luck with finding sets of colored goblets.

These birds were found a couple of years ago at a Ross store in Atlanta. They're perfect for sweetner packets or lemon slices for tea.

What could possibly go better with mis-matched china than mis-matched silverplate?

I've just added some iced tea spoons to my collection.

Here's the first plate I found in my search.

I thought these blue trimmed napkins I found a couple of weeks ago at the antique store were a nice compliment to the bluebirds and the pink flowers on the plates.

I found two of these Homer Laughlan charger plates at Goodwill last week.

About two months ago I found two of these small bluebird plates on eBay. I have yet to find any of these at any of the antique or thrift shops around here and I've been looking for several years.

Here's the marking on the back of these plates.

Since these plates were rather small, I set them on these ruffled salad plates I found several years ago at Tuesday Morning.

I've used my everyday JCPenny stoneware as chargers.

Here's the last of my mis-matched bluebird plates.

Another Homer Laughlin.

An overview of our table today.

A birds eye view of the centerpiece.

So glad you could join us and I hope these little bluebirds of happiness put a smile on your face today.

I'll be posting the recipe for this pasta salad this week on Foodie Friday.

Be sure to visit Susan this week at "Between Naps on the Porch" to find lots of tablescapes -- I always find fun and beautiful inspiration there week after week.

See ya!


  1. Martha, what a pretty springtime table. Love those plates with the blue birds on them, and the pearls from the chandy are so pretty. What sweet napkins. laurie

  2. I love those blue bird plates! Thanks for the close ups!!! Your table it so springy and fresh and pretty!!


  3. Hi Martha! You are one lucky Grandma to have sweet Granddaughters!!!! They are wonderful.

    I have loved birds since I was about 4 years old and think your table is lovely! I am going to have to try to beautify my table with some birds. You've inspired me. Not sure I can get my act together before Thursday's Tablescape, but hopefully one day very soon.

    The bluebird dishes are darling. I have seen these cuties elsewhere. Think you have done a great job creating a very nice atmosphere to dine in.

    God bless,

  4. Morning, friend! Oh, Martha, I love your bluebird table and those dishes! I adore these. I've never seen this pattern and I don't know if I've ever seen any sweeter! You've put together a beautiful table and how clever to have the little birdie and pearls on your chandy!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Yes! I can see why you wanted the bluebird platter back. It's as charming as can be as is this wonderful table!

  6. I have loved these bluebird plates since the minute I laid eyes on them. I've been looking for them too. I only have one platter and one saucer! your tableful is charming.

  7. I love the bird tablescape. The plates are so fun. The bird perched with dripping pearls is so clever. I love the mismatched place settings. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Your table setting is wonderful! I am a mosaic artist and create mosaic birdhouses so I was drawn right in! Plus I just did a "bird" tablescape too! Come see!

  9. What a pretty -- and clever -- centerpiece! Cute idea for a table, too, featuring the bluebird dishes. Love those blue goblets -- I need some like those!

  10. Very pretty, so glad you found the platter that you wanted!

  11. Oh Martha, I absolutely love this! Your necklace looks just like Baroness Rothschild's necklace...you are sooo clever! You know I have a special fondness for birds, especially blue birds. Your china is just darling! I can see why you wanted the platter again...those little bluebirds pictured on it are so sweet. Enchanting tablescape...one of my favorites!

  12. Martha, those plates are just enchanting! Love this table! Now I'm going to have to hide my necklaces from Allie- she's getting ideas!
    xoxo Pattie

  13. Martha, I love these dishes!!! I have two of the saucers that I've collected but they're not in as good shape as yours...Like you I would love to have more of them!!! Thanks for posting this, I'm so excited to see that there are more of them around!!!

  14. How pretty. I love those blue bird plates!


  15. Your table is beautiful...love the bluebird plates. I don't think I had seen that pattern before, but will be on the lookout for you. I really like that shade of blue in your stemware. Have a wonderful weekend, Martha!

  16. Love the bluebird plates and platter. So glad you were able to find one in good condition. Your story about the birds and the pearls is precious! Love, love, love those napkins too!

  17. It is just charming. I can relate to the bluebird plate story. I wonder what I would be doing with all the things I let go in my youth!!

  18. Martha, I love all of your bluebird plates and the entire bluebird theme! Of course you would know I would like a blue bird, now wouldn't you??? I like a festive table, and this is that! Great job! If I see any of those plates like yours, I'll be sure and let you know.


    Sheila :-)

  19. Such adorable bluebirds!

    - The Tablescaper

  20. This is so pretty! I love the blue and white together. Pretty dishes and table linens, too. I especially love the birdhouses and the bird on the chandelier.


  21. Very sweet and whimsical tablesetting! You certainly did invite a few feathered friends, didn't you? Love your playful post! I have never seen these bluebird plates before. They are wonderful! Thanks for your kind comments on my post as well!

  22. Love those blue goblets and they go perfect with your 'scape! Cute birdhouse centerpiece as well. Funny little story about your birdie and the pearls!


  23. Looks like you are starting a new collection! I am so glad that bluebird platter flew you way! It all looks lovely, the napkins are so sweet! or tweet..:)

  24. Martha- Love the blue goblets! That was a lucky GW find- love the bird theme! Thanks for visiting me!~Nana~

  25. Love it! I covet anything with birds on it. You have created a perfect table! Hope things are well in that great state, my home state of Virginia!!


  26. I love the little birdies on the plates...how precious are they???!!! Those little Target birdies are everywhere but on my kitchen table...boo hoo! Love the setting seriously!

  27. What pretty china you have used today. Many times I have been like you and given away something I later regretted - now I keep everything!!!

  28. Martha, what a sweet bird tale you told us, illustrated with the neat photos of your well set table. This little bird with the pearls is just charming. Didn't it twinkle with his eye when you said, you want your pearls back? And I am sure, then it flew away with them! That will make a pretty nest with pearls. I love the china also. This tiny blue birds with the pink blossoms are really charming. I wish you to find lots of new/old pieces with that pattern. I enjoyed your post very much.
    Greetings and a little chirp, Johanna

  29. Love your Bluebirds~ they make me happy too :-)

  30. This is just so pretty and charming; I especially love the bluebird theme and the blue goblets.~ A great find on those plates and your tablescape vignette is pure delight!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Please also pop by for a visit;I love having you come by!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  31. Just love the bluebirds! Love Homer Laughlin dinnerware! Very charming setting!

  32. This is interesting as well as pretty! Bloggers are always teaching me something new about Homer Laughlin. The whole thing is so charming -- real eye candy!


  33. Love your posting. What a lovely tablescape.

  34. I haven't the foggiest idea who Homer Laughlin is, but I do know that I like what I see. Gee I wish I were your neighbor - I'd love to actually see your beautiful table in "real time". I ALWAYS love what you do!!

  35. I LOVE your birdie plates! How very cute :)


  36. This "tablescape" is very sweet and interesting. It never occured to me to collect dishes and set them up. The things you find on the internet...Anyways,I'll be looking at more "tablescapes" when I can.

  37. Okay, I'm not really sure why that said "sugarplum." That's not my name. My mom's not so crazy as to call me "Sugarplum."

  38. I have never seen the bluebird plates - but I will have my eye out for them now! What a special table and special memories, too!

  39. Adorable salt and pepper shakers!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my guest post at The Shiny Pebble. I really appreciate your thoughts! I am off to explore your blog...

  40. Those little birds on teh plate are darling. I loved this tablescape.

  41. I love the way you put all of this together. All the little birdie touches are so sweet. I'm so glad you were able to find a platter like the one you passed on.

  42. Hi Martha, I love your "TWEET" tablescape, just darling. I love the touch of the pearls and feather along with the bird houses!

  43. I have seen that bluebird pattern in many antiques stores and junk shops. It is very pretty. Your table was beautiful. I enjoy looking at other peoples tables and thinking what I can do that would be similar. My colors are green and cream with some purple thrown in. Keep up blogging for those of us who do not and like to read about interesting things. Margie

  44. Loely. I have always loved the blue birdmotif on dishes. Not so easy to find. What a prize! Beautifully written.

    Thanks for stopping by. Lood for ward to hatting again.

    Have a great week. Pam