Monday, May 31, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday - Ready for Summer

I'm joining Marty at "A Stroll Thru Life" again this week. I've changed my tabletops from Spring to my Summer look. Now the bunnies and carrots, and birds and nests have all been put away and I've brought the beach and lake to my house today.

Here's a peek at my washstand tabletop all ready for summer.

Oh My! I seem to have caught a little crab under my cloche today.

Looks like he's going to climb into my teacup.

Well of course! It's a "Cup of sea"!

The starfish have come out to play as well.

Oh yes! I do think life is sweeter by the sea....don't you?

What a sweet little couple on my olden postcard....they love the beach so much....they don't even mind when it rains!

You can see my apothecary jar holds lots of shells from our trip to Sanibel, FL earlier in the month. When I open the lid I can smell the ocean.

And over on the sideboard, we have Swan Lake.

For some odd reason, last year, I was smitten with swans. I kept finding them in thrift and antique stores - even Goodwill and bringing them home with me. I guess it was a good year to collect them, because it seemed that everyone else must have been getting rid of them! Oh well, I'm glad that they came home with me. The last time I saw this many swans all together was on a shower curtain in the 50's! Anybody remember those?

Now my sugar scuttle is filled with Sanibel shells.

Another olden postcard of a romantic Victorian couple at the beach.

One last swan shot. I do think that swans are quite beautiful when they're gliding across a pond - so elegant with their long necks.

My soup tureen must be getting ready for some seafood chowder.

I built a sand castle on my powder room shelf.

Laurie over at Bargain Hunting inspired me to summerize my mantle. Usually I keep it the same all year except for Christmas. Sort of an English pub look. But today, I brought out the sailboat and more shells.

On one side we have playful sandpipers....

.... on the other we have a sailboat. Which reminds me, in just a few short weeks Mr. Mid-Atlantic is taking me for a cruise for my birthday! I can't wait, we're getting so excited because it's our very first one.

Be sure to visit Marty at "A Stroll Thru Life" for lots of tabletop inspiration this week.

See ya!


  1. Love all of your vingettes. I just posted a chowder recipe that would be perfect for your tureen.


  2. Oh wow, I am drooling over all of it. So many beautiful shells and coastal accessories and you have displayed them all beautifully. I just kept going from one pic to the other and thought each one was the best. Great job and so much eye candy and inspiration. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  3. Wonderful job, I loved how you used the cloch, very creative. Every picture was more creative than the one before. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Martha, you think of the MOST clever things to write on that cute little silver tray chalkboard. Your beachy vignettes are beautiful, and I love your vintage post cards. Now about your fireplace mantel, I wish I could inspire myself to create such a pretty mantelscape! I am humbled and amazed if I had anything to do with the inspiration for that pretty vignette!! Thanks so much. laurie

  5. How cute is this!! I've never heard the quote "A cup of sea!" Love the vignette in the cloche!
    Yes, life is sweeter by the sea (we live near the ocean!)

    The swans are all so graceful and pretty! I have one swan with yellow roses on it.

    I've missed not being available to read and comment, trying to catch up!


  6. Hi Martha! I'm getting out my sunsceen! :) Your seaness is breathtaking! Love all the shells and that little crab is so cute under the cloche. I do believe I'd keep him there.
    It's over 90' here and so humid. Our beaches are the fullest they've been in years. I think because of the oil spill at so many of the beaches, all the folks have come to Galveston. Well, I believe they're here!
    Congratulations getting to go on your first cruise! You're going to love it!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Wonderful the mantle. I could stand to smell the ocean. I am hoping to in July!!

  8. You have some wonderful settings there Marthe! I loved each one of them! Thanks so much for sharing! xxoo

  9. How fun to visualize Sanibel. I so love the place. Have fun on your cruise I loved the ones I have taken. There is a little goodie for you over at my blog. Have a great week.

  10. Martha, I love the tureen with the shells surrounding it! You could serve some chowder and send it over the internet!

  11. Great job Martha!
    I can smell the ocean too, love all the shells and how you have arranged everything! And the swans, very pretty indeed!

  12. I would love a cup of "sea", so cute. And yes, life is sweeter by the sea! Your vignettes are so nice, I love them all! Your mantle looks awesome. I just redid mine today. Stop by for a peek if you get a chance! See you at the beach...