Monday, May 17, 2010

A few treasures

I've been so busy, I'm afraid I've gotten hopelessly behind in catching up with everyone. I can tell from many of the posts that EVERYBODY's been busy as bees. Most of you know that I love vintage linens and have seemed to been on a lucky streak with finding a few bargains in the past few weeks.

Love this pretty white tablecloth.

Beautiful little baskets in the corners.

More pretty details.

Dainty edging.

Found 5 of these placemats -- look like they'd make a pretty tea setting. Sort of have a "Victorian" look about them. I'm guessing that they're from the 70s.

This damask tablecloth is wonderful vintage quality. Looks like it has never been used. (sorry I haven't ironed it yet).

It's an odd shade of red - orange red -- sort of tomato colored - perhaps that's why it hasn't had much wear at all -- don't know exactly what I'll use with this -- any color suggestions? What do you see? I'm guessing this might be from the 50s.

Three linen napkins.

Hand embroidered with a red RR.

But then, oddly these were cut apart with scissors and never hemmed. I think I'll see about getting that done before I try to launder them.

This cute little tablecloth (also unironed) looks like the 40s or 50s to me.

love the bright colors.

This one has a few stains I need to work on -- but overall, in pretty good shape. I think it looks quite cheerful.

This dish towel is sure to make you smile.

It even says "Fun in the kitchen"

Our happy couple cooking together.

She's serving up something yummy!

Eeeek! A mouse! Where's that man when you need him? Looks like scottie to the rescue!

Who says cleaning up the kitchen can't be fun?

Remember that movie when Fred Astaire danced with a mop?

Hey honey...are these dishes clean or dirty? Don't know how old this one is....when did they first come out with dishwashers?

Love this hand embroidered cloth -- this picture looks like it's stained, but it's actually in very good condition.

Love all the pretty handwork on this.

Last are a couple of embroidered pillowcases. They need a good soaking, mostly the discoloring is from storage and will hopefully come out.

Can't wait to show some tablescapes with these new "olden" treasures. How's you treasure hunting going these days? Are you finding treasures dear to you as well?

See ya!


  1. I love the vintage linen. I want to find some table cloths from the 40's-50's someday. There is a booth at the Eastern Market with beautiful linens, but they aren't a deal...

  2. Hi Martha! Wow, you really found a lot of linens. I do love the olden tablecloths. The little cute one with the couple is adorable. Those monogramed ones remind me of men's handkerchiefs.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. They are lovely. There's not one of them I don't think is just wonderful. The embroidery is wonderful and the damask looks like Thanksgiving to me! Great finds.

  4. Some very cute Linens Martha...
    You'll be busy finding a place for all your lovlies!!!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  5. Oh what beautiful finds!!! I love old linens too, but have never been lucky enough to find any as nice as those! xxoo

  6. Martha, I ADORE your linens, what a wonderful find!!!!! I've never seen any like the dancing couple, they are fantastic!


  7. Those linens all remind me of my grandmother. I think she had one like the one with the couples dancing. My grandmother did needlework on tableclothes and pillow cases....and no one knows where they are. She also crocheted little doilies...and tatted. Love this post. Have a Happy Tuesday my friend.

  8. Love the old vintage linens. What's not to love?
    I remember watching my Grandma embroider - and she taught me too. We always had a project going on over at Grandma's house. And luckily she lived close by. We could leave it there and next time we went over - which was ever Sunday - we could pick up where we left off.
    Loved this!
    Have a wonderful week! Karen

  9. Hmmm- your 'tomato' red tablecloth could be a victorian 'Turkey Red' AKA Cardinal Cloth.. or perhaps inspired by those and of a later date.