Monday, May 31, 2010

Tablescape Thursday - Birthday Fairies

Love this day! Tablescape Thursday is always a day of getting lost for hours in the computer "progressive dinner" that starts every week at Susan's porch. I love all the inspiration I find there......however, this week, Mr. Mid-Atlantic and I will be heading to Atlanta for a birthday celebration weekend with our grandgirls. This week I've set a special table to honor Stella Grace turning 4 on Sunday and Molly Rose who will be 1 later on in the month (however we're celebrating both birthdays this weekend -- since both sets of grandparents travel around 8-9 hours to get there.)

We're having a special Birthday celebration in the garden with the "Birthday Fairies" and you're invited too!

Here's a special place set just for you.

I've set the table with fun girly pinkness (Nana's favorite color!). These pink napkins have a ring of special magical little fairy buds crafted by "Style Sisters". She crafts these out of very special buds in shades of pinkness, redness, blueness and whiteness -- sure to add a little touch of fairy magic to every table.

I've set our celebration table with pink, white and purple. Since our girls are little - I've placed the tiny fairy forks and spoons (Treble Clef hors d'oeuvre set) -- perfect for little hands. I also have "big people" flatware in the same pattern.

In the Fairy garden, of course the cabbage leaves are pink instead of green. (eBay)

Set on top of white Gibson (Gollum) plates. (Big Lots)

Pretty purple butterfly placemats are perfect for our garden celebration (Dollar Tree).

Pink paper napkins peeking out from our birthday cups -- to satisfy my two napkins rule - paper for the mouth and cloth for the lap.

Let's take a peek at the fairy garden.

I see a couple of fairies today -- they're getting all ready to spread some special Birthday Fairy Dust so our birthday girls wishes will come true!

They've even prepared some tea for the birthday girls in their tiny baby carrot and cabbage leaf cups. Care for a sip?

A magical dragon fly has arrived at our little fairy garden today.

I've found another little camera shy fairy hiding among the moss.

The fairies were busy decorating the garden with ribbons and bows to celebrate the girl's birthdays.

And when the sun goes down they bring out their little twinkling fairy lights.

A dragonfly view of the birthday table.

A closer view of the garden terrarium top.

and a little peek inside. A couple of bees have joined in the celebration.

We've had fun at our Birthday celebration today. We're so glad that you could join us too.

Let's bring on the cupcakes! (Pink of course).

To see lots of tablescape inspirations, be sure to visit Tablescape Thursday with Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" -- it's always delightful to see what everyone's setting on their tables and there's always a place set for you.

See ya when we get back from playing with the grands!


  1. What a sweet table for two little girls! Happy birthday to them. I love the fairy centerpiece. Such a delightful theme!

  2. Thanks so much for coming to visit and seeing where we keep it all!

    Love your table. It makes me think back to my Fairy Table from this winter. If you haven't before, you should come check it out. You make me realize I bought those placemats but have yet to use them!

    - The Tablescaper

  3. martha, what a delightful table!! I just loved every bit of it. How very whimsical and beautiful!! You did such a wonderful job on it! xxoo

  4. Love this tablescape and the centerpiece is fantastic Martha!

  5. What a wonderful idea for a tablescape. So sweet and pretty Martha.

  6. That is so amazing Martha! I want to be a little girl and have a fairy table! You have made it perfect, love the centerpiece, so whimsical and creative!
    I need to find some of those placemats at the Dollar Tree, love them!
    Have fun visiting!

  7. Hi Martha, What an enchanting table, perfect for two sweet birthday girls! What girl wouldn't love a special seat at this table? I love it all, the centerpiece is so cute! I’m happy you stopped by for a visit and enjoyed my Tabletop Tuesday ~ Mantel Vignette. I love how a few simple changes can make a big impact. I enjoy thinking up new ways to use things I already have in my home to give a different look to a room!

  8. How enchanting! I think a trip to the Dollar store is in my future. I know a certain little princess that would adore those purple butterfly placemats. Love this!
    xoxo Pattie

  9. Love the terrarium and fairies - just adorable. Love the pink cabbage plates too and pink and lavender look great together. You are making memories!

  10. This is so sweet! My grandgirls would absolutely love this!! Your fairy garden is just too cute!
    What a special table you've created.

  11. Such a sweet fairy table for your little "rosy" girls and their birthdays.
    I love all the girly pinkness, and dotted ribbon!
    The napkin rings by the Style Sisters are perfect with the napkins and the pink plates.
    You must have had so much fun putting this darling table together for your little grandaughters.
    Have fun with them!
    Please stop by I am having an April Cornell giveaway!

  12. oh I would love to do this for my daughter...she loves faries!

    and butterflies :-)


  13. Your tablescape is enchanting! All pink and purple--just perfect for two special little girls.

  14. Hi Martha! What a wonderful table set for two little princesses! Just darling.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Martha, you did a wonderful job. Beautiful center piece and I loved the plates and napkins. Thanks for sharing and for visiting.

  16. What a cute little girl table. I just loved the fairy garden and the pink plates. I am having a giveaway of 12 "Style Sisters" napkin can add to your collection. Please stop by. Joni

  17. Oh Martha, it is magical! What a beautiful table, with so many wonderful details. I love the pink cabbage leaf plates and all of the details in the fairyland. What lucky little girls! Have a wonderful trip. laurie

  18. Just precious! I love it. It is perfect for little girls and perfect for those who are children at heart, too. The tiny details are terrific. Have a wonderful celebration with your granddaughters (aren't grandchildren the greatest!)

  19. What an adorable pink and lavender table...perfect for a couple of little girls and their grandparents!
    Have a wonderful time with your little grandgirls!

  20. Very cute and imaginative -- love the centerpiece!


  21. I hope your Grandgirls have a wonderful birthday. I know you will make it special. Love the table and also like what you did with your Sanibel seashells. :)

  22. Cute cute! Love the little fairy garden!..sweet plates too!

  23. Martha, if I tell you when my birthday is, would you pack up that table, as is, and bring it to my house? Love it! And those butterfly placemats are wonderful! So, let me know how you feel about a traveling birthday to the Chicago area in January!!


  24. The centerpiece is wonderful. I really love the pink plates too. So girl-y!

  25. i am so intersted in whimsical things right now.. I love the spoons and forks

  26. Charming, Martha! What a perfect setting for two lucky little ladies! I think it's worked it's magic on me -- suddenly I'm craving a cupcake! OK, I frequently crave sweets ... but this time it's very specific -- gotta have a pink cupcake!!!

    Bye for now,

  27. If I had to pick a favorite part of this post, I'd have a very hard time! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my country table. Loved seeing you again!

  28. Hi Martha! Only had time to peek at a few tablescapes between yesterday and today so far, but yours caught my eye, and I just wanted to say how sweet yours is! I LOVE the pink cabbage plates! I don't know if my heads in the sand, but it is the first time I've seen them in this color! VERY pretty! LOVE your fairy garden centerpiece too! I keep thinking I would like to make one myself sometime, but haven't gotten around to it yet... Anyways, your napkin rings are a perfect touch too!.. All in all, a lovely table, and I enjoyed my visit here today! ~tina


    Happy TT & week-end ahead.

    Greeting from Stockholm.

  30. Hello Mid-Atlantic Martha. We have passed along an award to you. See for yourself:

    January Asia & Steven Hui

  31. Oh Martha! How cute! I know the birthday girls must have loved magical! The centerpiece is just gorgeous! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  32. What a delightful table -- how charming and clever and perfect for little girls birthdays! It is truly enchanting!

  33. Hi Martha, your table setting is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering if you have the purple butterfly tablemats available to sell or to rent?? Please contact me at!! I would like to use them at my wedding =) Thank you so much!!