Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hubby's Birthday Tablescape

It's time for Tablescape Thursday again. This weeks table is set for Mr. Mid-Atlantic's upcoming birthday. Now Mr. Mid-Atlantic's very patient with my dishes and setting and resetting the table....so this one's for him.

Setting a manly table can be a bit of a challenge for a gal who loves pink....but here goes.....

Mr. Mid-Atlantic plays cards with the guys a couple of nights each month....so this table has a Poker night theme.

Let's see each set up for "Poker night". Aren't these fun theme plates? Well actually they're paper plates set under clear glass ones.

a fun and thrifty way to set a theme. It's been dark and rainy all day, so I had to turn on the lights....you can see the plate a bit better without the glass glare.

Black dinner plates came from K-mart last year.

These gold rimmed glass chargers were an eBay purchase about 5 years ago. I was able to get 12 and I've used them a lot over the years.

Black and white checked tablecloth and the black iron "Treble clef" flatware were also eBay purchases.

I found these pilsner glasses at Goodwill this summer.

Cards made a fun coaster.

How's this for a manly sort of centerpiece?

I found this plate of cards on another Goodwill trip.

An old cigar box set on top of a pillar candle holder.

A pretty good hand held by an antique flower frog.

A bouquet of cigars. Mr. Mid-Atlantic does like a cigar every now and then....but he's always polite about puffing outside.

Love this old box.

A backside view.

A couple of overviews.

These black and gold napkins seemed to pull it all together. They were found a couple of years ago at Tuesday Morning.

Happy Birthday Mr. Mid-Atlantic....hope it's a real winner!

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See ya!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Fall Tablescape

Last week was an early autumn tablescape that I re-posted from 2010 -- and since the calendar for this week has the official start of autumn, today I'm posting my first fall table of 2011. This was a fun table to put together because I'm just unboxing some of my fall decor -- I'm still unpacking, but all of this is from storage, nothing new.

Welcome to the first table of fall. This is the season that feels like "one foot in summer and one foot in fall". The mornings can be crisp and feel like fall, but the flowers are still blooming and the trees are still full of their summer green leaves. And the days can still warm up enough to be delightful convertible weather.

As always, I've set a place just for you!

Some of you know my "two napkin" rule......paper for the mouth.....

....cloth for the lap. (This saves me from lots of cloth napkin disasters.....lip stick.....red sauces....butter - you know the stains that are impossible to get out!)

Overview of the table top......

.....and the centerpiece. I thought I would include some pumpkins among the last hydrangea blossoms with a few bunches of grapes thrown in as well. This all reminds me of this transition time of year.

A layering of dishes and Target flatwear on antique Irish linen placemats.

I found these little apple plates last year at Cracker Barrel -- I think they had been marked down to the 75% off shelf.

They make perfect coasters....

So I "picked" the last four apples they had. One golden, two granny smith green and one red.

Shall we do the tabletop "strip tease"?

This small dish came from Tuesday Morning about 3 years ago -- they ended up costing 99 cents each.

They have a pretty golden scalloped edge.

These green plates are heavy glass....they were another find on the sale shelf at Cracker Barrel a couple of years ago at the end of summer.

Can you see the embossed olives branches in the glass?

These come from a set of J.C. Penny dishes I found at Goodwill about five years ago. We use them everyday.

The light green glass chargers were on sale at one of my favorite little boutiques in Virginia Beach. We usually go there every fall, but it looks like we won't be making that trip this year.

I found this pretty shabby chic basket at a vintage and thrift store early in the summer.

Loved how well these paper napkins coordinated with.....

these cloth ones I've had for a couple of years. I believe these came from Tuesday Morning.

The only purchase I made this week was for these napkins from the grocery store....$1.99! That makes for a very thrifty tablescape.

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Happy Fall Y'all!

See ya!