Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hubby's Birthday Tablescape

It's time for Tablescape Thursday again. This weeks table is set for Mr. Mid-Atlantic's upcoming birthday. Now Mr. Mid-Atlantic's very patient with my dishes and setting and resetting the table....so this one's for him.

Setting a manly table can be a bit of a challenge for a gal who loves pink....but here goes.....

Mr. Mid-Atlantic plays cards with the guys a couple of nights each month....so this table has a Poker night theme.

Let's see each set up for "Poker night". Aren't these fun theme plates? Well actually they're paper plates set under clear glass ones.

a fun and thrifty way to set a theme. It's been dark and rainy all day, so I had to turn on the lights....you can see the plate a bit better without the glass glare.

Black dinner plates came from K-mart last year.

These gold rimmed glass chargers were an eBay purchase about 5 years ago. I was able to get 12 and I've used them a lot over the years.

Black and white checked tablecloth and the black iron "Treble clef" flatware were also eBay purchases.

I found these pilsner glasses at Goodwill this summer.

Cards made a fun coaster.

How's this for a manly sort of centerpiece?

I found this plate of cards on another Goodwill trip.

An old cigar box set on top of a pillar candle holder.

A pretty good hand held by an antique flower frog.

A bouquet of cigars. Mr. Mid-Atlantic does like a cigar every now and then....but he's always polite about puffing outside.

Love this old box.

A backside view.

A couple of overviews.

These black and gold napkins seemed to pull it all together. They were found a couple of years ago at Tuesday Morning.

Happy Birthday Mr. Mid-Atlantic....hope it's a real winner!

Be sure to visit Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" for this weeks tabletop fun!

See ya!


  1. you are so clever!
    like the centerpiece a lot.

    your dear hubby celebrates his birthday in style!!!!
    God bless,

  2. What a great table for a guy! Wonderful choice putting those gorgeous napkins with the buffalo checked tablecloth.
    Happy Birthday to Mr. Mid-Atlantic!

  3. What a fabulous masculine tablescape, fit for a hubby's birthday! He celebrated in style, like Deanna says and I agree! Very smart. Lots of happiness to hubby and hugs for you.

  4. You did a fabulous job Martha!!! I love it and I am sure your husband will too! You are ever so clever at coming up with something fresh and exciting every week! xxoo

  5. I really think this one is wonderful! You're so right that it's harder to do a masculine one. I loved the use of the clear plates over the theme related ones and all of the creative ways you used the cards. The cigars in the centerpiece were perfect!

  6. well, needless to say this setting is amazing but oh my gosh its GENIUS too.. paper under glass wow wow wow... Happy Birthday to the Hubs, I know he was thrilled.

  7. So creative! Happy Birthday to your husband! He should love the table :)

  8. Happy Birthday to your hubby, Martha. What a nice manly tablescape for him. Neat idea about the paper plates and I love our black dinner plates..Christine

  9. Martha, there are so many great ideas on this table. I LOVE the centerpiece. How clever and how perfect for your husband. Those paper plates are so cute and work great under the glass plates and with your pretty chargers. The masculine linens are perfect. Great job! laurie

  10. What a great and masculine table!! I'm sure your husband had a great birthday (couldn't sneak a little pink in anywhere, huh). Love the card theme. I always find that theme so charming!

  11. Love the King Edward cigar box! Come see a Ruby Bridges tribute!

  12. So clever & fun using cards as coasters! Your cigar display for a centerpiece is a winning hand :) Happy Birthday to Mr. Mid-Atlantic!

  13. What a perfect guy table! I love your trick of the paper plates under the glass ones. I was scanning down to see how you created that illusion (or where you found those plates!) and the use of cigar boxes is so appropriate. Wonderful table and a great change of pace!

  14. Lucky, lucky guy! What a manly table indeed! I agree, it is hard to do manly. Everything is so clever. I adore the black plates from KMart. Not like I could fit in another set of plates, but they are wonderful. The cards and paper plates are fabulous too. Hope he had great time.

  15. Perfection Martha! Beautiful table for hubby's b'day.

  16. This table says 'manly man' from start to finish. The old frog as a decorative element... Consider that borrowed. Thank you for sharing your delightful design, & Happy Birthday to Mr. Mid-Atlantic! Cherry Kay

  17. Hi Martha, this is so clever and so much fun! Your husband will love this. What a wonderful table. My husband has a birthday on Saturday.

    Happy birthday to your dear husband.

    Barb ♥

  18. Great job! Using the cards and cigar box is just too clever and just right for a husband celebration. Thanks for stopping by...I always enjoy hearing from you.

  19. Happy Birthday to your husband.

    Loved it such a great idea.

    Karin Şen Cankan

  20. Fabulous idea, Martha! I know guys don't usually get too "ooo-wee!" about tablescapes, but he HAD to go ga-ga over this one! The cards as coasters is such a great idea!!! I love the way you mixed the patterns in the tablecloth and napkins. The contrasts are really striking! Great centerpiece that goes to show you don't HAVE to use flowers to make centerpieces cool!!! Men usually prefer it that way anyway with their silly selves! (Although I'm guessing that many of our husbands and partners have come to enjoy and appreciate our floral efforts! I know mine has, and he even has the nerve to gossip about those we see when we're out!) Rockin' to put the paper plate under the glass plate with the black charger! Hooray, you!!!!!!! Enjoy your weekend, Martha!

  21. How very creative of you sweetie! I just adore the centerpiece and I bet Hubs celebration was a smash hit!!!

    Here's sendin' that man of your a very happy but belated birthday!

    Better late than never....just sayin'!

    God bless and have a fantastic weekend! :o)

  22. Well, happy birthday Mr. Mid-Atlantic!
    Love the table Martha. I've always loved black plates.

  23. What a great table for the men and I love it too. I love black and white and I love checks. The card pattern on the paper plates is perfect for your masculine table. Love how you made a centerpiece and the cigar box so clever. I'm sure this was a big hit, and please give my birthday greeting to your husband. Happy Pink

    The French Hutch

  24. Happy Birthday to Mr M-A -- and what a creative and fun birthday dinner table! Brilliant. Love the use of the cards and cigars -- I'm going to have to remember elements of this one. Also ... putting the clear glass over the paper plate is fantastic.
    There are so many gorgeous paper plate designs!

  25. I love your "manly" table. What a fun theme using the things he loves (cards and cigars!). Great tablecloth, napkins and chargers!

    Robin Flies South

  26. You have pulled together a perfect setting for Mr. Mid-Atlantic! I'll bet he loved it.

  27. How creative and fun for him!! That is just the cutest table!! Love those plates. I love the paisley napkins especially!!

  28. What a great man table setting. I love it. You could even use something like that for bridge....if you play it. You have such a creative mind.

  29. What an elegant and clever table setting this is! I love those little details that you included. The color theme is perfect...always like a black and white base...but boy those details! The playing cards and cigar...just love this!!!

  30. What a fun table! I love the way the dishes look like a roulette table. I love all of the details you added--the cards under the drinks, the cigars. I hope your husband had a very Happy Birthday!


  31. What a fun table. I love the flatware. They are on my list of things to purchase. Thank you for such sweet comments and tell your hubby Happy Birthday.

  32. Hi Martha,

    What a fabulous tablescape for your husband, this is so much fun.
    Hope that he had a very happy birthday.

    Enjoy your week

  33. This table is just too perfect! Love all the touches you added with the cards and cigars. Loved how you used the "frogs."