Monday, September 5, 2011

The End of Summer - tablescape

It's time to set the table once again for Tablescape Thursday. I've set an end of Summer table this week. Do you count Labor Day as the end of Summer or the calendar date of September 22nd? Either way, it will soon be Fall.

Welcome to my "last trip to the beach" tablescape. Actually September has often been one of our favorite months for taking a weekend beach escape. Many years we've had splendid beach weather and when our children were older, we would go for the 1st weekend after Labor Day. After I retire, we will have to start that tradition back up again.

I've set a place for you --- so tell me, did you have a visit to the ocean this summer? I seem to linger over the last days of Summer...sort of like lingering at the table after a wonderful meal with friends.

For this table, my flower ring has become a shell ring.

Rather than a setting of tropical colors....I've set the soft colors of sand and shells at sunset.

Most of the shells have come from our Spring Florida trips -- days when we get our first taste of coming lazy summer afternoons.

My big shell wasn't a treasure found on the was found at an antique store here in Richmond.

These vintage flamingos are a part of my summer decor....soon to be packed up for another year.

Layers of silver, white and lace.

My china pattern is Stanford Court. I love the shell pattern.

While I do have the matching salad plates, sometimes I mix in something else. These glass plates were from my husband's grandmother.

The etching shows up a bit better against the table.

You can see the white on white design of the tissue linen placemats through the gold rimmed glass chargers.

From afternoon.... evening......

....the last days of Summer are a magical time spent at the beach.

Hope you will be able to linger through these last summer days and enjoy a few moments in your favorite spots.

Be sure to visit "Between Naps on the Porch" to see many tables prepared for you. There are always such creative inspirations to be discovered there.

See ya!


  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Love the shells.

  2. Everything is just lovely. You have such beautiful things for your table.
    Your tissue linen placemats are wonderful!

    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

  3. Love the layers of silver, white and lace all very pretty! Like the vintage flamingoes too! Laura from Cottage and Broome

  4. Beautiful, ocean her in Kansas to enjoy!

  5. This is lovely Martha. A perfect end of summer table.

  6. I love all the lace and your napkins. In fact I love it all. Summer here was too short. Today is chilly.

  7. Martha, this is so pretty. The linens are gorgeous. Love the edge of those napkins. Those gold-bordered chargers and wonderful, and you are so clever to put shells in your flower ring. I hate to say goodbye to summer (even though it's been hotter than a pickled pepper), but if you've got to say goodbye, this is the way to do it. laurie

  8. The evening shot was lovely. If our church ever has a women's conference I am bringing you down for tablescapes. Yours rock every time. I wish I had your eye.

  9. Hi Martha,

    Your table is so inviting and I love all the shells and the end of summer theme, so beautiful.
    We are awaiting summer over here.

    Happy Thursday

  10. Hi Martha! Lovely tablescape! Your china is so beautiful, especially set against the lacy placemats. The flamingo adds just the right touch of whimsy to your table. I'm not quite ready for summer to go just yet, so I'm voting on the September 22nd date!!

  11. Hi Martha, I am so happy you posted this elegant yet beachy table. I did not get to the beach this year, so I will enjoy all of your shells and pretty layers of white and pretend the white is the sand. Your evening candlelight shots are so romantic! Like watching the sun set!
    Thanks for this pretty virtual vacation!

  12. This is really beautiful, a nice change from a usual beachy setting!

    We live near the ocean so we go often, but mostly just to restaurants there, not sunbathing!


  13. So pretty. I love your silver and lace!!

  14. Martha, this table is so pretty. We don't live near a beach and this year water has been a scarcity so seeing your ode to the beach is wonderful.. I love your shells and the flower ring is magnificent.. so versatile. I love your dishes.. they are so pretty. xo marlis

  15. I love your lace,etched crystal and the chargers with the gold rims. Wow, your napkins are lovely. A lovely trip to the beach!

  16. Martha, I will welcome Fall this year. The Kansas hot summer temps were outrageous.

    Lovely table you have graced with your pretties!!! Looks beautiful.

    I didn't make it to the ocean this year....what a sweet thing this would be to enjoy every year.

    God bless,

  17. Love your last days at the beach table! It is a really nice time now to go to the beach without the heat and the crowds! I love the shell design on your china.
    Thanks for your sweet visit and your encouragement on our hats!!!

  18. The glass charger really earns its chops when the candlelight begins its dance....incredibly valuable element that can be used in so many tablescapes. The Stanton Court is gorgeous, and perfect for your seascape. Your flower ring is proving to be a true jewel. Thank you for sharing you beautiful design. Cherry Kay

  19. Gorgeous lace and napkins, everything is so elegant and a very beautiful tablescape. I love the layers of dishes, great chargers! Lovely! I'm visiting from TT at Susan's, see you. Hugs,

  20. Your table looks so romantic with the glow of candles, Martha., Love the placemats. Everything looks so pretty...Christine

  21. Hey there, Martha! I LOVE IT that you turned that cool flower ring into a "shell ring" for this tablescape. Seriously...that flower ring is the coolest thing. And those chargers....I am in love!!! Those would be perfect for SO MANY settings. Great score! I personally consider fall to be late September. I think this year it officially begins on September 23. I am "easing into" fall tables as you saw when you visited my blog. (Thank you for stopping by!) I hope you do get to restart the tradition of heading to the beach for the last weekend of summer/first weekend after Labor Day. Sounds like a wonderful time that obviously has lots of great memories for you. Have a wonderful weekend, Martha!

  22. A very pretty table! I love your linens and plates. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings My Friend,

  23. Layers of silver, white and lace...some of my all-time favorites and you put them together with the wonderful beach elements so very well!!!

    Yes, hang on to summer!

    Beautiful as always!!!


  24. I just love the way that beautiful linen looks with the china, especially the way you have the napkin draped. I also love those clear chargers! I would love some of them.

  25. Hi Martha! Your table is gorgeous! I love those pretty napkins and the way you've placed them under the plates. The glass charges are so pretty too as well as your dishes. Your flower ring is perfect for your shells and candles! You're making me a tad sad about summer leaving! Not really, I'm just teasing! ;)
    Thanks for popping in to see me and you are always a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. Martha, I didn't get to go to the beach this year. We are landlocked in Utah, but the past two years I did. September at the beach sounds quiet and lovely. I love your flower holder and the flatware -- the square edge is so pretty. Joni

  27. Just lovely, Martha. I am very bad at tablescapes...but I think you have to do them a lot to get good at it ...and it's you love doing it because you do it so well!
    LOVE it! :)

  28. I have almost those same embroidered lace napkins that I inherited from my great Aunt Janice. They are so special.

  29. I love how you layered everything so perfectly Martha. I'm bad at tablescapes too, but you are truly gifted. I'm kinda glad Summer is over and looking forward to cooler temps. Gonna miss my flip-flops though.

  30. Very pretty table Martha! I love the glass charger plates and the linens are beautiful!

  31. Adore your table! The linen napkins just took my breath away! Napkins are my latest obsession from scouring flea markets, my mother and grandmother's linens and even making them myself. Gorgeous!

  32. Breath taking table.

    The laces look so beautiful, loved it.

    Thank you for sharing

    Karin Şen Cankan

  33. Martha this is such a pretty table. I love the sea shell theme! :) Your dishes and glass are the perfect mix.


  34. How elegant that cream and white is against the antique table.

    No beach for me! I'm glad you got to spend some time there! The sea shell theme is really lovely.