Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Fall Tablescape

Last week was an early autumn tablescape that I re-posted from 2010 -- and since the calendar for this week has the official start of autumn, today I'm posting my first fall table of 2011. This was a fun table to put together because I'm just unboxing some of my fall decor -- I'm still unpacking, but all of this is from storage, nothing new.

Welcome to the first table of fall. This is the season that feels like "one foot in summer and one foot in fall". The mornings can be crisp and feel like fall, but the flowers are still blooming and the trees are still full of their summer green leaves. And the days can still warm up enough to be delightful convertible weather.

As always, I've set a place just for you!

Some of you know my "two napkin" rule......paper for the mouth.....

....cloth for the lap. (This saves me from lots of cloth napkin disasters.....lip sauces....butter - you know the stains that are impossible to get out!)

Overview of the table top......

.....and the centerpiece. I thought I would include some pumpkins among the last hydrangea blossoms with a few bunches of grapes thrown in as well. This all reminds me of this transition time of year.

A layering of dishes and Target flatwear on antique Irish linen placemats.

I found these little apple plates last year at Cracker Barrel -- I think they had been marked down to the 75% off shelf.

They make perfect coasters....

So I "picked" the last four apples they had. One golden, two granny smith green and one red.

Shall we do the tabletop "strip tease"?

This small dish came from Tuesday Morning about 3 years ago -- they ended up costing 99 cents each.

They have a pretty golden scalloped edge.

These green plates are heavy glass....they were another find on the sale shelf at Cracker Barrel a couple of years ago at the end of summer.

Can you see the embossed olives branches in the glass?

These come from a set of J.C. Penny dishes I found at Goodwill about five years ago. We use them everyday.

The light green glass chargers were on sale at one of my favorite little boutiques in Virginia Beach. We usually go there every fall, but it looks like we won't be making that trip this year.

I found this pretty shabby chic basket at a vintage and thrift store early in the summer.

Loved how well these paper napkins coordinated with.....

these cloth ones I've had for a couple of years. I believe these came from Tuesday Morning.

The only purchase I made this week was for these napkins from the grocery store....$1.99! That makes for a very thrifty tablescape.

Be sure to visit all the wonderful tables set this week brought to you by Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch".
Happy Fall Y'all!

See ya!


  1. This is simply gorgeous, Martha! I love your centerpiece. What a wonderful breath of fall...and I am sooo ready for it! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  2. I've just GOT to get back to some tablescaping. It's so fun,and this is so inspiring. I love the whole thing. The colors are just beautiful. My favorite part is the little apple plates as coasters. That's ingenious and adorable.

    I feel just like you about napkins. I have some bleachable white cotton ones that I like to use for just such a purpose. I think heavy of a washing much washing ruins the good ones.

  3. So pretty Martha. The vintage basket is perfect for your fall display and the grapes add a nice touch too!

  4. Hi Martha! Really like your centerpiece.
    Beautiful table.

  5. What a pretty, transitional table! ALL of your plates are so pretty. I love plates with some interest and pretty edges. I am always looking at Cracker Barrel too, for good bargains! XO, Pinky

  6. These colors are wonderful Martha. Your table is gorgeous! I love the basket centerpiece.

  7. I always love your tablescapes Martha. This is gorgeous! (as always!!)

  8. What a lovely table! I love the green plates from Cracker Barrel. I only get to visit one when we travel. There's not one very close to me.:(

  9. Beautiful the table with all the green plates!

  10. Beautiful! Love your centerpiece and the plates from CB!

  11. Wow girl, you truly keep the tablescape standard high! I just adore the colors and that centerpiece is just breathtakin'!!!

    God bless and have a marvelous day sweetie!!!

  12. Have you ever thought about hiring out? This table is the prettiest one ever....and you know I will say that again next time. :-)

  13. beautiful tablescape! Love the green glass chargers. Thanks for sharing and visting me.
    Jo Ann

  14. Martha, this is another beautiful tablescape. All of your stacked plates are so pretty together. Those green with the embossed leaves are so unique. Your bounty-filled basket makes a perfect centerpiece, and the little apple plate coasters add a touch of fun. I always love seeing what you create on your table. laurie

  15. Lovely table as always Martha! I love Martha's 2 napkin rule! Nice transitional summer to fall centerpiece!!!

  16. beautiful centerpiece! love all the colors!

  17. Martha, I just love your tablesetting. It is just lovely. I adore your use of all of the green elements! It just gives the table such a lively spirit! I am new to blogging and your newest follower. I hope that you will follow back! Many blessings to you!

  18. Very pretty table. Great idea with the 2 napkins! I think I need to visit my local Cracker Barrel. Seems like I'm missing out on some great buys!

  19. I had to come by and see the awesome centerpiece you created! Great job! The layered dishes look great! That's a good rule with the two napkins! Looks like you have your one foot in for sure!

  20. Beautiful fall tablescape! Great centerpiece!


  21. Definitely between seasons here too! What a great idea to set it with 2 napkins! I hadn't heard that before but it is perfect. I hate grease stains on my beautiful napkins.

    What a pretty stack of plates. Everything turned out just lovely. Come join my giveaway for a WS copper soup pot!

  22. What a wonderful autumn setting. Love all your pretty fruit dishes.

    Ohh... how I wish to grab them.

    Am back to basic after the long travelling.

    Happy TS,

  23. You always do a great job, but this week you have outdone yourself. I particularly like the centerpiece as it gives me an idea for a cocktail reception I am hosting soon. Thanks!

  24. A beatufiul table Martha! Love your centerpiece. All the dishes are just lovely and those little CB apple dishes are so cute!

  25. I love your soft take on Fall colors...gorgeous table. The two green plates really grabbed my attention. The hydrangeas with the fruit are very effective for a beautiful centerpiece. Thank you for sharing your delightful design. Cherry Kay

  26. I love your description of this time of year. The deep reds, golds and oranges are still a few weeks away, but the remaining summer flowers have lost the vibrancy they once had. Your table captures this exactly. The hues are so soft and pretty. I think the glass charger and glass plate add the same effect. Very gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing your table!

  27. Martha -- love your two napkin rule! Your centerpiece is so beautiful. Love your muted shades for fall. Would love to have some of those green glass dishes. Happy Fall. Joni

  28. I LOVE the coasters!! How cute! Beautiful table, and so prefect for this time of year. I also love the 2-napkin-rule! I had never thought of doing it that way. Thanks for stopping by!!

  29. Love your centerpiece. it's amazing!! Your dishes are so pretty. sorry you aren't maybe making your trip this year. Beautiful table. xo marlis

  30. Let's see, I love the glass chargers, the coasters, the centerpiece...oh heck I love everything on this table! I tried the two napkin rule on my in-laws last Thanksgiving. Father-in-law thought I was nuts lol! Thanks for stopping by and casting your vote in the Fall Hutch Challenge!

  31. Hi Martha,
    Love your table, and the centerpc. is gorgeous,
    that is a neat basket too.
    Like your 2 napkin rule, cause I was just noticing some of my napkins yesterday that have some stains on them, and thinking hope I can get those out. But I doubt it cause they have already been laundered and through the dryer. Just thinking probably not good to put them in the dryer really, cause that sets a stain for sure.
    I also run into just beautiful paper napkins at times and like to use them cause they are just so pretty, and add to the table, but I like the elegance of the cloth. Never thought of using both, so that is a super idea, thanks!!
    All your pics were visions of lovliness and I enjoying seeing them very much,
    Blessings for a Wonderful Fall hon,

  32. Hi sweetie, I love your table. The centerpiece full to overflowing is awesome. The mixed shades of green plates flow beautifully together. Cracker Barrel... shoot I haven't been to one in years.. I've got to find time to stop in and see their goodies... I always manage to find some little something to bring home, these plates are "awesome". hugs ~lynne~

  33. Wait a minute. Wait a minute!!! Have I seen those chargers before? I don't THINK so!!! They are fabulous! If I saw them before, I don't know how on earth they slipped my mind. I love that hammered look!!! Score!!!!! Have an marvelous weekend!!!

  34. Martha, you really set the tone for this table with that lush centerpiece! It says fall to the nth degree. Great job! And boy, do I understand about getting lipstick and stuff out of napkins. I have had some of my prettiest linens nearly ruined with mouthy stuff. ;-)

    But guess what I found? I found something that gets tough stains out of white linens. I soaked some old linens I bought, and I was amazed at the job this stuff did. It's called Restoration, and I got it from a fellow blogger named Susan. Her blog is calle My Place To Yours. I soaked my stuff for longer than it said on the container (overnight), and they were just sparkling white. I think it might also work on colors, but I would try something first so as not to ruin it. But on whites, it's tough on stains! Just thought I'd share. I'm going to try it on some things that I thought might be hopeless and see how they come out. But on several things I tried so far, I'm thrilled!



  35. P.S. I got so carried away with that last comment that I forget to tell you I like the other elements in this tablescape, too, but I especially like those goblets. They are so pretty!

  36. Very pretty Martha! Thanks so much for the visit! Love, ~Nana~