Friday, August 6, 2010

My new car!

Last Friday I bought a car that I've loved since I was a little girl and my parents had one. I always hoped to have one of my own someday....and now I do! And's my favorite car ever!

The one my parents had was a bright red....but you can see mine is green.

Can you tell yet?

I just had to get a monogram for my new car -- so now it's my favorite color combination -- Green and pink! I got this from "2 Preppy Girls" -- be sure to check her out -- she has lot's of fun things -- and she blogs too!

And looky here! My new car is a convertible!-- they didn't even make them that way back in the 60's when my folks had theirs.

What's this I see when we peek inside!

Another pink accent! By now I'm pretty sure you know that my new car is......

......a VW Bug convertible!

Oh what fun for this gal....brings me back to my childhood and really makes me smile. What a week of fun (except it's rained just about every day since I got it) ...

....but tomorrow should be bright and warm so the top comes down and we're riding! Now if I can just figure out what I want on my plates....any great ideas?

Now for the promised - I said that if there was a correct guess they would win a Starbucks gift certificate. We did have a guess that was "A convertible VW Bug"!

So this $10 Starbucks card goes to Kendra Haden of "Haden News" -- love her wonderful blog filled with lots of great recipes. Kendra, I hope you'll enjoy a trip to Starbucks on me!

There were 11 other guesses as all thought I was driving a Saturn Coupe, Honda Accord, Crysler Spitfire, Saturn (Sports car), Chevy mailbu, a Convertible VW (no particular model), Mini Cooper convertible, Ford Focus, Mini Cooper, Saturn Coupe Convertible and a Smart Car. And the random winner of the second $10 Starbuck gift card was Deb of "What's In My Attic" (she wouldn't even want to know what's in mine!) Deb is another Mid-Atlantic gal and I hope you'll have fun treating yourself to a cup of your favorite Starbucks beverage soon.

Thanks all of you for guessing -- it was so fun to read what you picked out for me to drive!

See ya!


  1. Congrat's on the new wheels -
    it's totally Y-O-U!!
    (green is my favorite color)

  2. Congratulations on your new bug! My first car was a 1967 convertible mustang and I want one again so badly!

  3. Martha--Congratulations on your VW Bug...I bought won when I was 20...Fiesta Orange...loved it, it was so much fun! Don't know what made me think you had bought one...except that only fun and unique people love them!! Enjoy and thanks for the giveaway!! P.S. Love the color of yours :)

  4. Actually, my very first thought was a VW Bug, because that is my second favorite for myself...right behind the Mini that I guessed! Thanks so much! Love your VW, and the pink with the green is a great combination. Happy Trails!!

  5. Love your new Bug! I also love the green and pink together!

  6. Oh, Martha! Congratulations on your new car! It's adorable and I love the color and it's a convertible too! You're not going to have any time to blog now - you'll be out scooting all over the place. Congrats to your guesser! :)
    Have a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  7. Oh it is so cute. Don't we all really want one of those? We have a VW show here every year. There are hundreds of them in town for the event and they parade down the street in front of our house...lots of old ones, some decorated so wild, very fun! Congrats to your winners!

  8. Love your new ride. Hope the weather clears and you get to put the top down soon.

  9. Oh how fun!! My girls would LOVE this, and especially that it's convertible!! Love the color too! You're going to be out cruisin' around!

  10. I knew that is what you were getting. You look like a VW bug kinda girl.

  11. Love it! One of my best friends has a silver bug convertable. She has, well had the plate GatrBug, but someone stole it a few weeks ago. What about LDYBUG?

    I know the DMV has a site and you can play around to see what tags are available. Have fun driving with the top down!

  12. What a good looking brand new convertible you got there, congrats! Also, that's a pretty good ride to drive around on a sunny day, as the cool wind breeze through you, keeping you relaxed for the whole trip.

  13. That was a very cool and green VW Bug! I was kinda surprised when you stated that one of your reasons in getting this car is to reminisce about your childhood. Few people give some importance to the car that their parents used before, and I’m so glad that you’re one of them. Your parents must be so happy and proud when you finally bought your very own car. :)

    -- Michelina Douglass

  14. That’s a very sweet green car for a very sweet kid like you. My first car was also bought for the same reason that it was what my parents drove that when I was a little kid. Well, my friends told me it was a weird idea since the car was a very old model. But then, who cares? I loved driving it and later on, they loved joining me in my travels. I guess the memories of that car will always stay with me, even though it’s already junked at this moment. :)

    [ Mickey Doshi ]