Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter morning 2011

One of the Easter traditions I love at our church is the flower cross. When I arrived for the early service this morning just a few flowers had been placed on the cross.

At the end of the first service there were many more flowers in place. The twins were so sweet in their Easter dresses.

Our daughter Katy with Kendall and Keelyn. Our son-in-law works for Colonial Williamsburg and had to be on duty today. When you work with live animals, there is no closed day.

A friend urged me to let him take my picture too (something I don't usually do).

By the end of the second service, some of the flowers were beginning to wilt a little, but the flowers brought by members from their gardens and flower beds always makes a beautiful Easter display.

Blessings to all my blog friends on this glorious Easter day!


  1. I've never seen anything like this...what a beautiful display!

  2. Hi Martha! Oh, you so pretty in your pink suit! I love the flower cross! Your little grands are so adorable and they've grown up so much!
    I know you had a wonderful Easter.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Martha,
    I love the flower cross! You should have your pic made in front of it on Easter!
    Your grandbabies are adorable!

  4. Beautiful tradition and the flowers are gorgeous, and you are too and so are the twins, Martha!....Christine

  5. I love the flowers on the cross outside. Church here does that too. Daughter took pictures of her three by it Easter after services before leaving to come here for Easter Dinner.

  6. I love the flower crosses at Easter. My old church used to do that....I missed it this year. Maybe next year I can get Rock Mills involved in one.

  7. You look beautiful in your pink suit!!
    I've never heard of a Flower Cross, but I loce that idea and may have to suggest it for our church. Beautiful!!

  8. i love that Cross... so pretty.
    very pretty outfit, too :)

  9. Love the flower cross - thanks for sharing it with us also.
    Enjoy your evening.