Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tablescape Thursday - Mother's Day Brunch

It's time to set the table for Tablescape Thursday. The best day of the week for dish and table inspirations.

Even though I won't be in town for Mother's Day....I've set the table to honor the day with a simple brunch setting. I usually have such a full table, you couldn't possibly get any serving dishes on it.....but today, I thought simple would be nice for a change.

Why don't you sit here....

...and I'll join you right over here.

I found this centerpiece and all the table linens at "Through The Garden Gate", a local antique store, right after Christmas. I knew that I would be saving it for spring when buds were starting to appear.

The tag on this said it was a "vase", but it was just the metal form, no glass to hold flowers. I found that one of my votive candle holders fit perfectly. Loved the beads and flowers.

A few little nics and flakes just add to the character.

Let's have a closer look at the place settings.

These metal napkin rings that I found at Pier 1 this weekend seemed like a good match for this table. I was looking for those wonderful white wooden chargers I've been seeing here every week for months....no luck.....they didn't even know what I was talking about.

These linens were machine embroidered. I don't think that they were ever very expensive....but I love the sweetness of the flowers and buds in the design.

The colors went well with these dishes I've had for awhile. They have soft colors and remind me of the first blush of spring.

Love the octagonal shape and the tiny delicate flowers.

The center bloom is a pretty peachy pink.

The octagonal shape is also carried out with my everyday dishes. I found these several years ago at Goodwill.

Love the raised design... in fact it sort of reminds me of those chargers that I couldn't find.

This is part of my "mis-matched" silverplate flatware. All found on eBay.

A closer view shows more buds of spring flowers.

A close up of the design on the tablerunner.

My table is so small that the runner goes from end to end.

A look at the placemat uncovered.

Tiny flowers etched on these glasses.

Love the shape of these cups and saucers. Would you prefer coffee or tea for brunch?

Another sweet flower inside the cup rim.

Overview of the table and centerpiece.

Lighting the small candle as I say goodnight and wish all of you Mother's in blogland a wonderful Mother's day!

Be sure to visit our hostess Susan, at "Between Naps on the Porch" this week -- she'll have the table all set for us to enjoy every Wednesday evening.

See ya!


  1. I really like the china, pretty pattern. The linens are beautiful, I am a sucker for anything embroidered...the napkin rings look like they were made for those napkins.
    Martha, I will take coffee, thank you!

  2. Very pretty table and I love the shape of your dishes! Have a Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Martha, you always set the nicest tables! I love seeing what you do. You must have a ton of pretty things! They are always so gorgeous!! xxoo
    PS Happy Mother's Day!!

  4. i L-O-V-E the centerpiece! incredible find.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  5. I love it. I want you to come visit me and set my table! You have such an amazing eye. I have something for you and have lost your physical address...can you send it to me via email so I can get this package in the mail. I don't know why it reminded me of you...but it did and I feel that you must have it.

  6. Through the Garden Gate would be the perfect name for this post! I love your flowers etched on the glasses, hiding inside your cups, embroidered on your linens & on your centerpiece! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day~

  7. We have a new "Tuesday Morning" in our town. I went there today for the first time. It had beautiful dishes - I thought of you! My favorite thing you shared this week was the beautiful Table Runner. So delicate; perfect for the dishes in your setting.

  8. Beautiful table Martha! The linens are gorgeous and I love the napkin rings.

  9. You're using my favorite napkin rings!! I have the yellow ones only. I may have to get those sherbet ones! I love the embroidered tablecloth. What a beautiful table you have set for us. Happy Mothers Day.

    Miss Mindy
    The Howell Blessings.

  10. Oh Martha...I would ♥ to sip a cuppa tea in that precious little cup! How cute! I Love the octagonal shapes of these dishes. I only have one set in that shape & I used them last year for Mother's Day.

    The napkins are really pretty too.
    I hope you have a lovely Mothers Day, especially since you're away from home & hopefully, won't have to cook. ;-)


  11. happy happy mother's day to you! Your tables are amazing. I love the flower napkin rings with that china, which is so pretty. I am swooning over your napkins. They are lovely. Try this site for your chargers and sometimes, you have to show them pictures!! Our store still had some today. http://www.pier1.com/Catalog/Dining/Pier1ToGoProductDetails/tabid/977/CategoryId/112/ProductId/6124/Default.aspx

    good luck.

  12. Martha, your table is so pretty. I always enjoy looking at your tablescapes. The octagonal dishes and the cups and saucers are really unique. I always seem to notice linens, and yours are beautiful! The linens and the centerpiece were great finds for you at the antique shop! Happy Mother's Day.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  13. Very pretty Martha! Lovin' the shape of the dishes, great linens and fun napkin rings! Happy Mother's Day:@)

  14. Martha, the octagonal shape of the dishes makes a lovely Mother's Day table. The centerpiece is so unique. Our Pier One still had some of the chargers left, so perhaps if you call and ask for the manager, they will find that they do have some and will put some aside for you.

    I hope you have a lovely Mothers Day.

  15. Oh this is such a ladylike table! Just perfect for Mother's Day! Your china is gorgeous... those cups and saucer's are such a lovely shape!
    I am happy that you set a place just for me! It is about time we sit and have a chat together!
    Happy Mother's Day to you, dear friend!

  16. Your table is so pretty, Martha. I love the octagonal plates and the centerpiece is really beautiful. Now that reminds me of the octagonal plates that I have and never used. I'll have to take them out too. Love your napkin rings too...Christine

  17. Simply gorgeous Martha! I love that centerpiece and those napkin rings! Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

  18. Hi lovely lady. Your Tablescape for Mother Day is just Beautiful !!! I have the same napkin rings in yellow. I need to add them to one of my Tablescapes maybe. I hope you have a Great Mother Day sweet lady.

  19. Simple is always my favorite kind of table for making people feel comfortable. Anyone at this table should feel just that.

  20. Happy Mother's Day to you, too! I love everything on this table. What are those fabulous dishes?? You are so sweet to take the time to comment on all of our posts. Thank you so much for stopping by! :)
    -Andrea, tablescapex3

  21. Pretty, pretty, pretty! I love the octagonal dishes, both designs. Your linens are stunning! Quite a find with those!

    I know what you mean about seeing lovely things on fellow blogger posts and then not finding any of the items in local stores. It happens to me too! I wonder if my local Pier 1 would have your lovely napkin rings? Hmmm....

  22. I wanted to wish you the Happiest Mother's Day.
    Your table is just beautiful..love your dishes so much and...I want some white chargers, too.
    I'll ck and see if OUR Pier One has them..will let you know.
    xo bj

  23. Happy Mothers Day....
    and You ALWAYS set such a lovely table...Love the runner!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  24. Martha,
    Love your Mother's Day tablescape. The dinnerware is beautiful and the linens are just lovely:) Hope you have received your giveaway gift. Happy Mother's Day!

  25. Martha,
    I am MORTIFIED! This is one reason I don't like to offer giveaways unless they are from ME, MYSELF! Please email me your e-mail, contact name & address and phone numnber and I will personally contact the lady and find out what is going on. I seriously thought this had been taken care of. I know there was an issue with your computer...maybe? that was the problem. Anyway, I will certainly get to the bottom of this. I am SO sorry!

  26. I just love this table! I just saw your comment on my blog. :) My favorite is Timbers, next the Sanibel Grill, Jacaranda, Matzaluna, Sanibel Cafe for breakfast or lunch, and of course Cheeburger Cheeburger. Actually, I like most all of the restaurants here. If you need anything, give me a call 203-446-7174

  27. Oh, Martha, your table is beyond lovely,but my heart is skipping beats over your antique French metal toile vase!!!!!!! It is a WOW find! I am certain it is very very old and very very valuable, too. Please, check into the vase's history as it will prove to be most interesting! Thank you for the precious comments you left for me today!

  28. Martha, I love this Mother's Day table. The dishes are so spring like and your chargers are beautiful. The others can't be better than these. Love the mixed silverplate. Was it a set or did you purchase and mix it yourself? Beautiful.
    Thanks for visiting me in the Azores. We are still laughing about the cows. Hugs, Ginger

  29. Now how in the world did I miss this table of yours? Gorgeous as always!! You have the prettiest dishes! I have white cups that are the same shape as yours and I love them. Great fine at the GW with those white plates! And I love your unusual centerpiece.
    Funny, I used to be co owner of a store called "Through the Garden Gate!
    Thanks for stopping by to see me. ;)

  30. Your table is beautiful Martha and the centerpiece...WHAT A GREAT FIND, I love it!

  31. Hi Martha! Another beautiful table! I had those same dishes. Found them at GW - even bought the glasses that went with them. I never used them and decided to sell them at a garage sale! Look what a lovely table you've set with them.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  32. I love those dishes, such a pretty border. The napkins are lovely too! Beautiful cups, I'll have decafe please,
    Have a good weekend.,

  33. Stopped by to see if you had any vacation photos up yet. :) I'm happy to hear it was perhaps the best ever.

  34. Love those gorgeous linens! I love anything embroidered and those dishes are so pretty...love the shape and the colors..this is just so pretty to look at girl....hope you had a glorious Mother's Day..Picket

  35. Oh, those linens are absolutely delicious! What a lovely table!