Monday, June 6, 2011

Tablescape Thursday -- Cowboy Birthday

It's time for Tablescape Thursday and this week I'm sharing a table set for our SIL's birthday dinner. As you can tell, he's our family cowboy -- he even wore his cowboy hat at his wedding. With four grandgirls, it's fun to have an occasion to bring out some cowboy decor.....and if a couple of those grandgirls decide to be cowgirls....well we can certainly adapt.

Howdy Pardner....what brings you to these parts? Come on in and park your boots awhile.

We've got a cowboy spread so get ready to chow down.

Mighty fine to have you join us.

You take this here red plate.

Got it a few years back from the Marshall's....(not to be confused with the sheriffs.)

Every cowpoke gets a bandana ...we have us some manners around these sleeve wiping!

And jest for good measure....we get an extra plate...boy howdy....looks like a big throw down!

While we're a waitin'...we can check out the rodeo.

Looks like the chow is ready at the chuck wagon. I hear tell that the cook's wrestled up some crab cakes, boiled new potatoes, tossed salad, green beans, fresh cantaloupe, corn on the cob, corn bread, sweet tea and hot homemade blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream! Good enough for a hungry cowboy after working with the horses all day.

Whew...I think I've worked up a big about you?

Gosh....sure hope we don't have to catch us some chickens for supper! And it looks like we won't be brewing up coffee in that ole' coffee pot -- but those daisies shore do look purdy.

Always seems to be a horse or two around here that needs shoeing.

Keep those horseshoes the good luck don't all spill out!

I think daisies are the cowboy choice of flowers....don't you?

And this old cowpoke's ridden a horse or two -- check out those bow legs.

Checkered tablecloth layered under the cowboy cloth and black iron flatware. (must be the ranch brand)

A couple of overviews.

And our little cowpoke sings "Happy trails to you....until we meet again...." Ya'll come back now....and be sure to mosey on over to "Between Naps on the Porch" and check out all the tables that Susan has on display this week....even some for you city folks!

See ya!


  1. Anything would taste great if I were seated at that table! When my boys were young their room was decorated in a Cowboy theme - great memories!

  2. Oh this is adorable!!!! And I LOVED your commentary! So cute! My son's room was a cowboy theme when he was REALLY little....he is 43 now:) Your menu sounds DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! I bet every cowpoke went home STUFFED!!!! XO, Pinky

  3. Hi lovely lady.
    I love this he is so luck'y to have a wife like you !!! I hope he loves the tablescape you have put together for him on this Birthday sweet. you can never take the cowboy out of a man !!! Happy trails to you and your Husband the party is on !!! I hope you have a Great Week sweet lady.

  4. This is so great. I've never done a "manly" table. The tablecloth is wonderful for pulling things together. If that was really your menu, I'm so sorry I didn't get to eat it! Love it, this is fun!

  5. Beautiful tablescape. It would be perfect here in Arizona. We still have a LOT of cowboys here!!

    Ceekay -

  6. Love this cowboy table! That vintage cloth is just great and I love the bandana cloth with it! Fun times here!!

  7. Oh my!!! What an awesome table, and commentary! I LOVE your table cloth. What a great inspiration for a cowboy table. Love it!

  8. HOOOOOOOOW great is that table ! I love the tablecloth, the red plates are just the right punch of color.. and the bandana ! Love the whole table !! Jules ♥

  9. Howdy, Just my kind of party! This table rocks! Love the horseshoe cowpoke. The layered tablecloths are so great. Also love the dishes.. and your pewter.. well that is just what makes my cowpoke eyes pop! many blessings, marlis

  10. Love that cute tablecloth! This is all too cute! And that menu makes my mouth water-good old southern cooking!

  11. This is really cute!! Love the theme and the story is the cutest!!


  12. Happy trails to you! So much fun - love the table. Great pewter charger and fabulous table.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. Cute the tablecloth.

  14. I really love this one! My favorite tables are theme tables. They are so fun and open for creativity, and you certainly were creative.

    I love the layering of the checked cloth, the cowboy one, and the bandanas. All the iron on the table with the flatware and horse shoes is the perfect accent too.

    And on top of it, you made me giggle with your narrative.

  15. OH that is just so fun Martha!
    And so darn creative too! I love the tablecloth, the plates and how you brought it all together!
    Kudos to you!

  16. This is just absolutely wonderful--every detail down to the horseshoes! I love that fabric, too! And the dishes you chose are just perfect!!!!
    What a fun little tale you spun--I love stories and tablescaping is such a fun visual way to tell a story and yours was awesome!
    Lana In Italy

  17. Love this post! My Dad was a cowboy at heart in NY. He loved everything cowboy. This is a perfect table for the end of a long trail ride!
    It gets real hot & dusty out on the prairie. I love your fun tale. Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings My Friend,

  18. So cute! I really love the red dishes and your goblets.

  19. Cute and Clever tablescape...Yee-Haw! :-D

  20. I love your cowboy tables cape, Martha, so creative. My favorites are the stemware, are they pewter?......Christine

  21. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me such a nice comment. I love your tablescape. Using the bandanas was brilliant. Everything is so cute and works so perfectly together. Yee haw!

  22. Love the hoedown Martha! Every detail is just perfect and I love how that pewter sets all the rustic touches off! The bandanas are the icing on the cake!

  23. You sure lassooed up a lot of compliments with this fabulous tablescape. When I read what you were serving, I about jumped on a plane!

  24. This is just beyond cute! I adore the tablecloth! Linens are one of my weaknesses...dishes would be the other. Don't you adore Marshall's? I can't go very often. Way too much temptation!

  25. Martha, well, howdy pardner! how cute this is, and how fun for your sil. I bet he was in cowboy heaven! I have that same cloth and love it. Love the way you used the bandanas, yes mam, I do think daisies are a cowboy's choice flower. Fun post. laurie

  26. This post had me smiling!!! How creatively you set the table to celebrate your sil's birthday.. I loved that coffee pot centerpiece and those pewter goblets...Using bandanas as napkins...such an inspiring idea and I have to say I love your flatware... Thanks for stopping by and liking my treasures and my chandelier.Have a lovely week!~Poppy

  27. Hi Martha,

    I just love your cowboy tablescape!! It has taken me a while to get back by to leave a comment, but better late than never. My favorite elements are the wonderful tablecloth and the silver coffee pot with daisies. This is a very creative and fun table.

    Thanks for visiting my Memorial Day Tribute table and taking time to leave a comment. How proud you must be of your father for having served our country in WWII, and he certainly deserves our gratitude. Has he visited the new memorial in Washington, DC, yet?

    Take care,


  28. Martha, I must have been traveling the week you posted this one -- it's wonderful! Such fabulous attention to detail -- I love the bandannas and that amazing tablecloth with your beautiful pewter. I know your SIL felt honored on his birthday!

  29. I love this table Martha! The bandanas and cloth and all the extras are wonderful!

  30. You did a terrific job carrying out the whole western, cowboy theme. The tablecloth really ties it all together.

  31. Oh my gosh! this is sooooo cute! I love all the cowboy stuff!!!
    Looks like a fun setting, and a good time.

  32. I haven't been here in a while Martha, but it sure is nice to get back here. I love everything you've done. I especially loved the use of the horseshoes. My daughter would love them as well- she's a real horse lover!