Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kindergarten and Pirate Princesses

This has been a milestone week for three of our grandgirls. Stella, our oldest grandchild started school this week. Sorry this picture is small.

She was certainly all smiles for her first day of school. She's been ready for some time. Georgia schools start earlier than we do here in Virginia. Our kids are still having their break until September. I think I like the Georgia schedule better though. Start the first of August...a week off in September...a week off for Thanksgiving....two weeks at Christmas....a week off in February.....a week off in April (not attached to Easter) and then out right after Memorial day. Our kids start the day after Labor day...2 1/2 days at Thanksgiving....two weeks at Christmas, then a long haul until Easter for a week then they get out the middle of June. They have a few single days and half days here and there, but only two breaks that are a full week or longer.

Then today is our twin grandgirls birthday. They had their party on Saturday with a Pirate theme. It was a blast....and quite warm. They had fun in the bounce house, playing ring toss, pin the patch on the pirate and buried treasure in the sand box. Then inside for some Pirate cake.

Lighting the candles....

......making their wishes....

....then digging in!

A Pirate must have a few tatoos.

Who cares if you wear your patch over your eye....or on top of your head!

A gathering of all the mateys and deck hands.

Even Miss Lilly got into the act....

...Pirate mascot.

Party over and two little worn out pirates say......"Arrrrrrrgh Matey!"

See ya!


  1. What a fun party...looks like double .... Noooooo....TRIPLE trouble has struck! Love the photos of the celebrations. Birthdays and milestones. These are great times for you to share with them.

  2. What fun, Martha! And what a cute picture of Stella! She looks very happy to be starting school! I always hated starting back so early here in Georgia, but I loved it by Memorial Day! lol And what a fun birthday party for the twins! Love those tattoos! It looks like an eventful week all around! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  3. What cute grands! We have two starting kindergarten this year too!

    Thanks for your kind words about my tea dilemma. Since you've had a stone you can empathize with me! Yes, the stones were analyzed, but they only told me it was oxalate and calcium causing it. I wish I knew what it was! I drank lots of tea, ate lots of nuts, and took a lot of Tums (calcium) plus I ate a lot of other no-no foods, and didn't drink much water. I'm trying to drink gallons of water now!!


  4. You have BEAUTIFUL grands!!
    What a BIG, FUN, week they've all had with school and a party among them. You're photos are great and I love that you have GIRL pirates!!

  5. What a cute family you have! Love the pirate party!! Thanks for sharing these pictures!