Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We love Thanksgiving and welcoming family and friends into our home for celebrating. Unfortunately, this fall has been my worst ever for allergies and I just haven't been posting much since the first part of the month. Just no energy and trying to pace myself for getting ready. Hopefully I'll be getting better as we get into colder weather that seems to kill whatever "gets" me this time of year.

These yellow mums were so pretty most of the autumn season....but they're looking well past their prime now....time for something new.

Love the ornamental cabbages and kales mixed in my front porch pots along with panseys.

Red door welcome.

Fall door arrangement to welcome you inside.

Spunky welcomes in our back door guests.

A gathering of Thanksgiving friends.

Tom turkey guards the kitchen.

Love these cute Publix salt & pepper shakers....I've enjoyed them on tables from my southern blogging friends for the past few years. I mentioned last year to my daughter-in-law that I would like to get a set (they live right outside of Atlanta....Publix country). And she surprised me with these that she found at a Goodwill recently! Aren't they adorable? These were from 2002. I think they have slightly different ones each year. (Is that right you Publix shoppers?) Anyway, I love my new Thanksgiving treasure. Little things make me happy.

Thanksgiving tweeking of the sideboard. I did remember to put candles in the little silver turkeys.

My autumn washstand.

This little squirrel gathering acorns was from Cracker Barrel a few years back. He's happily getting ready for a Thanksgiving feast.

A jar full of fallness....acorns...Indian corn.....and a mini pumpkin.

Antique postcard of Thanksgiving greetings.

Mr. Mid-Atlantic and I are celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary this Saturday.....but since our wedding was on Thanksgiving eve, that's when we celebrate with a big oyster roast with the family .....this year we hosted 29 family members ranging from 2 to 86. We ate and laughed and danced. Most of the activity was outside. Not very fancy, but tables set up under the carport. Rick spent the evening grilling a bushel of oysters. We also had Brunswick stew, pigs in a blanket and my sister-in-law brought ham and turkey rolls and a wonderful eggplant dish. We also had apple cake and pumpkin muffins. Assorted beverages of wine, soft drinks, beer, water and juice boxes.

Inside there were a couple of tables set up with a shrimp cheeseball, a pimento cheese spread assorted crackers and mini quiches and my sister made microwave smores for the kids. Just a few things to munch on for those who came inside from the cold. The wind was wicked Wednesday night, otherwise it would have been a perfect evening for outside fun. Next year....a fire pit!

On Thanksgiving day the grandgirls were all over here playing and eating lunch while we were getting ready for the big feast for 15 of us for Thanksgiving dinner. This is the 25th Thanksgiving we've hosted in our home.

This year I set up three different tables for us. This was a card table with just a simple lantern and leaves centerpiece. Wish I had a table (and room) big enough for all of us....but we were still close enough to enjoy a room full of family.

The second table was my dining room table set with good china, silver and crystal.

Same centerpiece as our anniverasy table, except a pumpkin replaces the bride and groom.

By now, most of you are familier with my two napkin setting.....paper for the mouth.....cloth for the lap.

Things are a little less formal in the kitchen.

This table was set for the four grandgirls and parents.

But I promised Stella (our oldest grand) that next year they could have their very own "kids table" with no parents allowed! They'll get the card table next year.

Thanksgiving was a bounty of food.....lots of food....

....and eating....

.....and eating...

.....and eating...

....lots and lots.....

.....of eating.

.....until we just couldn't....

eat another bite!

Afterwards the grandgirls burnt off all the calories dancing the evening away.....the rest of us watched and washed dishes.

Now the house is quiet....our Atlanta kids left this morning around 7:30....Mr. Mid-Atlantic is back in bed....the dogs are curled up for a nap.....and I've got dishes to put away. Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed with love and warmth and hugs and laughter.

See ya!


  1. Hi Martha! Oh, I can see you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love seeing your family and little grands! Your home is so pretty - inside and out!
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Two huge parties...tons of guests...I'm amazed that you're conscious. Wonderful Autumn touches....I particularly like the centerpiece for your buffet. Enjoy a nice nap. You deserve it...and Happy Anniversary! We celebrate our 43rd in December. Cherry Kay

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Martha! What a lovely time you had with your family, they all look like nice people and the girls are adorable. Happy Anniversary too -- That's a wonderful idea of yours to have an 'oyster roast' all the time! A fire pit next year sounds fantastic, the kids would especially love it (grownups also though!). Love your house too -- the outside looks so pretty (love that back area with the table) and the inside looks so cozy. Have a great rest of the weekend. Now finish putting those dishes away! ;)

  4. Hi Martha! Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! What precious little ones you have there! Love your Autumn decor, everything looks beautiful! Be sure to enter my blog anniversary giveaway, the chance to win a sweet burlap pillow!

  5. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! The pictures show what a warm and fun time was had by all.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these happy pictures of your party! Thanks also for your very sweet words today. I am very envious of your wonderful Thanksgiving tradition and I wish we could start something like that here...maybe I can try and start a new trend over here!

    Blessings and best wishes,

    PS My allergies are killing me too...Spring is a gorgeous time of year but I am not coping with all that pollen in the air!

  7. Sounds like you had a memorable Thanksgiving. There's nothing more special than being with those you love.

    You have some lovely Autumn and Thanksgiving decorations! Your salt and pepper shakers are so cute!

    Thanks for taking the time to visit Treasuring the Moments.


  8. Your grand girls are so cute, Martha. It is so much fun to watch them. Your table is beautiful! I hope your allergies are gone....Christine

  9. Wow all your tables are wonderful! Each one so pretty and fun! So nice to be able to set up different table settings according to whose sitting at that table. I wouldn't want to use my best china and crystal for the little people's table. Your china and crystal are lovely. Hope you start to feel better so you can enjoy the Holiday Season!
    Miss Bloomers

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :) A very pretty table!
    Happy Anniversary too!
    I love all the grandchildren having fun what a special day :)

    Kay Ellen

  11. What a beautiful home and family you have. Your granddaughters are absolutely adorable and they look like they are having a wonderful time. Your tablesettings and vignettes are all charming and your food looks so yummy. I felt so warm and welcome there. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving.

    Also thanks for coming to my brand new blog and commenting on my little turkeys. That was so kind of you. So nice to meet you!

  12. Hello Martha, thanks for stopping by. Happy anniversary! Love all your pretty details, especially your red door. ;) I don't have one but have long dreamed of one. Our association will probably give me a hard time if I paint ours so I enjoy having one on my blog.
    We're from South Florida so we've had the Pilgrim shakers for many years. It's a joy bringing them out every autumn. We also have a Mr. and Mrs. Claus from Publix. I love little things too.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Wow Martha I don't know how you did all of that with your allergies acting up. Btw: mine have been worse than ever this year too.
    Happy anniversary to you and Rick!
    Now go and enjoy a quiet deserve it.

  14. Lovely table, Martha. Looks like y'all had a great Thanksgiving dinner!
    Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary...and 36 more!

  15. The display of Thanksgiving Friends is TOO CUTE!!! And your grandaughters looked to have had a wonderful time, too!!! Thanks for sharing! Thanks for the sweet note you left for me about my white tablescape!!! I'm excited to know about your blog and am your newest follower!!!

    Aimee from

  16. Wow, you really had a house full! I want to sit with the kids and drink out of that cool straw-cup! How fun! I loved all the little fall/Thanksgiving-ish vignettes you have around the house. So many interesting things to look at...and I noticed the Publix Salt and Peppers were invited, too!!

  17. looks like a wonderful family gathering. Love your sideboard. Happy Anniversay!

  18. Loved your Thanksgiving table. It was so inviting. I love the salt and pepper shakers....I bid on a set at the auction a couple of weeks ago. Were those spiced apple rings I saw? I love the things.

  19. What a great job you did decorating the house for Thanksgiving. And what an amazing amount of settings, people and food you had going on. Good food, good family, good times, just as it should be. Thanks for your sweet comment you left on my blog. I appreciate the visit.

  20. That was a lot of work, Martha! Your grands are adorable.
    Hope you have recovered from the festivities.
    Happy Anniversary! Many happy, healthy years together!

  21. I love the wee ones table, that is where I want to eat. Thanks for sharing and stopping by, Richard from My Old Historic House.

  22. Your home is gorgeous! And your Grandkids are too! :) What fun to have them running around for Thanksgiving. Great pictures!


  23. HI -- thanks for stopping by. Love the photos and hope your allergies abate soon. Misery!

  24. I love your home, it's just beautiful. Lovely family Thanksgiving and such adorable little grand girls. Sure hope you're feeling better soon.

    The French Hutch

  25. Hi lovely lady.
    How did I miss your sweet post sorry.
    Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. and Happy Anniversary sweet lady! Your Grand kids are adorable Martha. I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my Christmas Tablescape. I hope you have a great week.
    XXOO Diane

  26. Oh Martha, you did have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your family and the grandgirls are just too precious and that's a blessing already. Thank you for your lovely visit. Have a nice week. FABBY

  27. Hi Martha,

    Looks like you had a wonderful thanksgiving with all your lovely family.
    The table and your decorations are fabulous.
    Hope that you are feeling better from you allergies.
    Happy wedding anniversary and wishing you a great week

  28. Beautiful post and famliy thanks for sharing joann

  29. Hope you'll be feeling better soon! I loved your Thanksgiving decor. Oh & Happy Anniversary!!

  30. It all looks so festive and fun with lots of family. Thanksgiving is always my favorite. This year the weather was so nice I set all the tables up outside and everyone loved it. I bet your red front door is so much fun to decorate for Christmas.

  31. Your Thanksgiving celebrations and decorations look amazing! Thank you so much for visiting L'Heure Bleue At Home.

  32. Oh Sweetie...
    Everything looked absolutely festive. I love your little Pilgrims, they are so precious. Your tables looked so delightful and fun, and it looks like everyone enjoyed their place at the table. Food looked yummy.

    I have to admit though I loved the little bride and groom most of all. What a precious touch. I loved it. Thank you for sharing with me this evening.

    I love the laughter and memories that we each take away with us from a holiday celebration with family and friends. Priceless. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  33. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful celebration and lots of great food.
    Thanks for stopping by. It really is a shame the ones that come up with these computer viruses/bugs/trojans don't channel that same energy in doing good in the world.
    Enjoy your evening.

  34. Martha, your home looked beautiful with all of your Fall decor. I love that basket of Fall on your front door. Your pilgrim & indian decor is charming, and the turkey guarding your kitchen is so pretty. Those pretty little grandgirls sure looked like they enjoyed the day. Congratulations on your anniversary. Sounds like such a fun way to celebrate each year. laurie

  35. Martha, You're Grands are darling! Of course you know this!!! grins....they are really sweet.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Dear One! Awesome. This is wonderful to have celebrated life together as wife and husband. Beautiful union.

    I really like your sideboard decorations. Neat-o!
    Have a happy Holiday and I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Allergies are awful.

    God bless,