Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras Table 2012

Here in the Mid-Atlantic state of Virginia Mardi Gras is ....well.....pretty non-existant.

In fact, I didn't even know what it was until I was an adult. But I won't let a little detail like that keep me from a tabletop party! Welcome to my Mardi Gras 2012 table....

....full of beads, masks and feathers.....

....and a blending of purple, green and gold.

I also added in some black and white. The black iron treble clef flatware seems to carry on the look of fun and whimsey.

Shiny beads add some glitter to go along with.....

....some glitzy sequined masks.

Throw in a Fleur de'lis.....

.....and I think we've got ourselves a P-A-R-T-Y!

So pull up a chair....

.....and grab a mask....

....I do believe that purple is your color!

Let's take a look at the dishes.... starting with a white bowl......

.....we have a black and white napkin.....

......along with a black and white salad plate....

.....over a black dinner plate.....

.....over a gold trimmed glass charger.

You can hardly tell....

.....that these glasses are amethyst.

Just a few....

.....closer looks.....

.....at our festive table.....

....as the sun begins....

....to fall lower in the afternoon sky....

......casting long shadows on the table.....until.....

.....it's time to light the tealights.....

....and let the good times roll! Gumbo anyone?

See ya!

I'm joining in on the tabletop fun at "Between Naps on the Porch" this week.


  1. Martha, you are so right - we do seem to have table-telepathy! I love your black and white salad plates and the fleur di lis centerpiece! Great table, as always!

  2. I love your table! The purple with the black and white is perfect for Mardi Gras. I would eat some Gumbo too!

  3. You had me at "gumbo anyone?"
    I can't imagine being any where near the actual Mardi Gras...but I do love the colors.

  4. Love you Mardi Gras tablescape! I'm kinda glad it's over so I can start my diet AGAIN! Love the chargers, those are fantastic!

  5. I can see you are in the swing of the season. Mardi Gras sure does lend itself to colorful creativity.

  6. You did such a pretty job on this fabulous table! I don't think there is a prettier combination than the purple green and gold. I love the addition of the black check and your flatware. That really speaks to me!

  7. Your Mardi Gras colors are so festive! The perfect plates are the black and white check to your wonderful tablescape. I love gumbo and party foods. My tablescape this week is also Mardi Gras and I was very excited to see your gorgeous table. Happy Tea Party! Pam

  8. For a Virginia gal, you hit it right on the head, girlfriend! :-) It amazes me when I hear that people don't celebrate Mardi Gras. I just thought it was one of those holidays that people all over the US had fun with. I have lived in the Midwest pretty much all my life. I can remember Mardi Gras celebrations as a little kid. Maybe because my uncle and his family live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I don't know. At any rate, it's fun to just go all out with the purple, gold & green! I love the addition of the black and white Harlequin plates and the whimsical flatware! PERFECT for Mardi Gras fun!!!!!!!

  9. Hi Martha, I had to laugh when I read your post, I'm with ya, girl, didn't even know about Mardi Gras, until I was an adult, and even then, no one I knew celebrated, much less, decorated for it!! But your table is outstanding, and is just perfect! The b&w plates are so great, the beads, it's all so fun!! Love it!!

  10. Pretty setting! I love the black & white checkered plates!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  11. Wow!! Great table and you've certainly brought Mardi Gras to Virginia in style!!!

  12. What a fun and festive table! I especially love the black and white plates and the purple mardi gras mask. BEAUTIFUL!

  13. Love the theme so much and adore the beautiful purple with the black and white checks...very pretty as usual for you...love the addition of the beads..

  14. LOVE this Mardi Gras table, and it definitely has a French flare to it! I like the addition of black and white. Looks like you had fun with this one!

  15. Woohoo, now that's a fun table!!! I just adore how you put this lovely Mardi Gras celebration together.

    Now...when did you say the party was??? Heehehe!

    God bless ya and have yourself a fantastic weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  16. What a great fun table, Martha! Love the masks.

  17. From one former Virginia girl to another, I love your table, especially the black and white check plates!

  18. Your Mardi Gras table is just lovely, festive, & charming all rolled into one great tablescape. I don't decorate for MG, but I so appreciate everyone who does & all the lovely colors.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog & leaving your sweet comments.

  19. A fun and Beautiful table! Lovely photos too! :)

  20. Hi lovely lady.
    Your tablescape for Mardi Gras is Beautiful!!
    I love all the corols you have put togethe for your party..I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  21. Oh wow it was beyond gorgeous. I loved it. I want to come to your Mardi Gras party just to sit at that table.

  22. I like the combination of the Mardi Gras colors with the black and white. Great idea for a centerpiece too. Spending most of my life in NJ I didn't know too much about this whole thing but I haven learned quite a bit from tablescaping!

    Robin Flies South

  23. Martha,
    Hi! you have been tagged by me. Mary Sullivan Frasier started a fun meme from her new blog and tagged me and now I have tagged you. Hope you can participate. Love your table.

  24. What a fun fun fun table! Fabulous party atmosphere! Love it!