Sunday, August 12, 2012

Toile and Pink Tablescape

I've been absent quite a bit this summer....just busy, busy.  I'm sure that I'm no busier than anyone else, but my time management just hasn't allowed for any tablescaping lately.  But today, I took the time to fill my table with many of my favorite here goes.....

                  I suppose that you might gather that I really like pink.....a lot!

This afternoon was a nice sunny one, so I grabbed my little camera and snapped away.

 Pink, pineapple and toile just seems like a pretty way to set the table on a sunny, summer, Sunday afternoon.

               The pineapple is the colonial sign of hospitality, so won't you join me?

                                     I've set a place just for you!

I found this little white ceramic pineapple at Bath and Body Works a couple of summers ago.  It's actually a candle.  Last year I found this flower ring.....I was so excited because I had searched for months and months without any luck and I had just about given up, but then one day walked into a local thrift store and there it was!  I've filled my ring with a grocery store bouquet with a few flowers from my garden added in.

                                        A closer view of the centerpiece.

      Pink stems seemed to be the perfect accent for the black and white settings.

 A couple of years ago I gathered several place settings of mis-matched silverplated flatwear from ebay. 

 While I was searching through my china cabinet for stemware and flatware I ran across this little pitcher that came from my inlaws estate.  It rather large for a creamer, but I decided that it would be a wonderful size for salad dressing.  The pink roses seemed to be perfect for this table.

 Toile and black ribbon on this little square cloth I found while thrifting back in the spring.  This sort of looks like the silver intersection.

 These black and white salad plates were a Marshall's find several years ago.  The toile also has some birds and roosters in the pattern.  Toile seems to be something you either love or hate.....I love the old fashioned countryside scenes.  This one even had some people fishing.

 White Gibson china dinner plates are often the base for my tablesettings.  You just can't go wrong with white china.

 I almost never purchase anything for my table setting obsession unless it's on sale or through thrifting.  But these came from Pier One last year and I've never regretted paying full price.  I don't know if they have them still, but I love these!

                                    Here's the other side of the little pitcher.

 I sort of liked the pink napkins moved to the corners of the table.  That white cloth just looked a little bare.

                                            Overview of the table.

 Overview of the flower ring....."Ring around the roses" -- or in this case, "Ring around the pineapple"!

 I bet you would never guess that pink roses are my favorites.....I know too easy.

                                 Long afternoon shadows fall upon the table.

 I love the way the afternoon sun looks on the table through the blinds.

 And while I was playing with the dishes I was baking this pecan praline pie to take to work tomorrow for "Monday Treat".   Just a little goodie to share in the office to make Mondays a little more bearable. 

It's nice to be back again.....thanks for stopping by!

See ya!

I'm joining Cuisine Kathleen at "Let's Dish"


  1. Your pink table is just precious. And how lucky are the tasters of that delicious pie!

  2. What a beautiful table! Love the pink and toile. Lovely!

  3. hey girl...everything looks soooo that little pitcher and the pecan pie is just the ribbon on the present!!! lol Thanks so much for coming by sweetie...hope you have a great week...Picket

  4. I have to say that I'm kind of relieved as I travel through "blogland" the past couple of days to see that everyone has been lazy about blogging this summer. I was feeling guilty about just not doing it. I think the heat really got to most of us...took away the creativity and interest in cooking, decorating etc. At least it did in my case. Your table is lovely. I really like those black and white salad plates...I haven't tablescaped in forever. I've been too lazy to walk down to the basement dish room and carry things upstairs! Hopefully, this is just a phase!

  5. Glad you did your tablescape in southern hospitality for the pineapple centerpiece is so welcoming! The mix of black and white toile is perfect with the pink especially the goblets. This truly is about southern foods when serving pecan pie so yummy!

    Thanks, Pam

  6. Martha, your pink table is lovely. It even matches the roses on your blog page. The black & white toile gift it a wonderful base to pop against. Since you love pink you might want to check out my Olympic Tea from last week.

  7. Pecan and praline....two of my major food groups! Your table is beautiful. I love the black and white toile with the pops of pink. The flower ring is the perfect crowning touch. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  8. Hi Martha! So happy you're back! This is a very pretty, very feminine table! I would jump on those bird dishes if I saw them, and they do work beautifully with the toile. Love the pink glasses, and I have been tempted by those chargers. I may cave after seeing them here! It shows that you really enjoyed putting this table together!

  9. Pecan praline pie? I'm going to have to Google that! I like pecan pie, I like pralines...sounds like a "can't miss" kinda pie to me! :-) The combination of pink, black & white is one of my very favorites! I'm a pink lover, too, and whenever I'm feeling down, it's the color that soothes me. Man, I wish I would have seen those fabulous salad plates at Marshall's when they came out! Those are gorgeous!!! They're a perfect complement to the toile fabric! I've missed seeing your weekly posts, Martha, but glad to see you this week. I hope your summer has been a good as well as busy one. Take care, and have a great weekend!!!

  10. What a pretty table! I love the pink with the black and white toile. Your salad plates are so unqiue. Love them and your pink glasses. I have resisted those chargers because I don't have room for them but every time I spot them, I want them. You have used them beautifully.

  11. Martha, We are glad you are back as well. I love this pink and black table. In my teens while all the other girls were gaga over purple, pink and black was my favorite combinaton. I love those chargers but since I don't often go out to shop, I do enough damage online, I didn't see these chargers. They are awesome. Now, don't you go starting another obsession in me. I do want to purchase some of the sheer napkins in a couple of colors. They look so lovely with the white and as you said they add much. Beautiful flowers in your ring and the pineapple make a most welcoming centerpiece.
    Thank you for letting me know it was you who featured the winky cups at a New Year's table. I will go quickly and add that update to the post. I did need someone to blame this upon and Bob will be speaking with you shortly. LOL!
    Thanks for sharing this lovely pink and black and we are so glad you are back.
    Hugs, and Blessings, Ginger

  12. Beautiful Martha and yes, what a come back my friend!! Welcomed to blog land again, so happy you're here. I love the chargers, they're great and the napkins as well. I also love your toile runner in black and white, such an elegant combo with the pink, it is. I adore your centerpiece too. Have a happy and blessed Sunday sweetie.

  13. Lovely, Martha! Love the chargers...still haven't bought them, though...

  14. I think your pink table is just so beautiful x

  15. lovely and oh so pretty in pink too. Hugs P.S. my husbands fav pie, pecan!

  16. This is lovely, Martha, so soft and delicate. The pie looks delicious!
    I haven't blogged much this summer, just the Let's Dish post once a week.
    My son and dil had their 5 th child in June, so it has been very busy!
    Glad to see you back!

  17. Hi Martha! How have you been? Your table is so pretty and girly!! Love the pink and white.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. I absolutely adored this table. I love toile and pink. My favorite...and those chargers were to die for. You have such an amazing eye and I have missed you this summer. Glad you and I are back.

  19. Martha, Think your black, white and pink table are so very pretty......i haven't tried to set a tablescape in so long. Gotta give it a whirl.

    Yours turn out so very nice!