Sunday, September 16, 2012

End of Summer Blues Tablescape

As much as I love Fall and think of it as my favorite season.....I must admit that the end of Summer gives me a bit of "the blues".  So what's a "tablescaper" to do but set the table....

 ....with Summer time blues!

 Blue and white make the perfect summer combination...and I love the blue hydrangea mixed with white.

Blue and white toile seems to capture the pastoral beauty of an English countryside.

 With roosters and chickens and rabbits....

....young lovers enjoying a few stolen moments of leisure on a Summer afternoon.

Flowers in a white soup tureen.  I found this tureen at Goodwill or thrifting a couple of years ago.  It didn't have an underplate, but this antique platter seems to fit the bill.

Love how well the dollar tree blue stems blend right in.

 Light blue damask napkins with silver plated napkin rings.

Let's have a breakdown of the dishes....

First I have a clear glass plate layered over.....

 ....the blue toile plates.  Why? you might ask.....Well, I was so excited when I found these salad plates early in the summer at a thrift store that I didn't notice the back until I got home......

 Darn!  I thought I wouldn't be able to use these pretty little dishes on my table until I realized that the clear glass plates on top would make them perfectly usable! Voila!

 My white Gibson plates are so versatile. 

Love these antique tissue linen placemats.  I thought the Target faux ivory flatware mixes in to this elegant table quite well.

I was thinking that the china showed an English countryside.....but on the rim there seems to be a windmill.  Makes me think of Holland.

I'm not sure, but this looks like a church to me.

Baskets of flowers and birds.  Perfect for a summer day....don't you think?

A "birds-eye" view of the table....

 .....and the centerpiece.

Speaking of birds....remember when we all found these a few years ago at Target and the adventures they all had?

Love the pastels and white against this old oak table.

 A closer look at the grape pattern of the soup tureen.  The lid was also in perfect condition I just didn't use it with the flowers.  Even though I've used my tureen for decorating... I've never used one to actually serve soup.  Does the soup stay warm?  Or is this just a pretty way to transfer the soup to the table?

Late afternoon casts beautiful shadows over the table.

Here in the Mid-Atlantic, September seems to be the month with one foot in Summer and one foot in Fall.  So I will enjoy these last lingering days of warmth before the leaves turn color and the air turns crisp......bringing a new season to treasure.

See ya!

I'm joining Tablescape Thursday at  You'll be glad you stopped by for a visit if you check it out!


  1. Such a beautiful table. I've always loved blue and white. Your centerpiece is gorgeous!

  2. Martha,
    U dun it again!!!
    Beautiful table...beautiful.

  3. So pretty with all the blue and white dishes and accessories! You always set the prettiest tables.

  4. I could do this one. I have Haviland's Blue Garland dishes as my china. I did not register for china when I got married....I bought mine at publix with stamps when I was 16. I have service for 12. I loved this stuff. I love to use it too. You have inspired me to set a table scape and shoot it. Thanks for the boost.

  5. I love the blue and white combo Martha~~~elegant and lovely :))

    Kay Ellen

  6. I love your blue and white toile, Martha. They are very pretty...Christine

  7. What a gorgeous tablescape, Martha--I love blue and white. And don't you love Dollar Tree for their glassware--I know I do! Thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit today--I appreciate your encouraging words!

  8. I am in love with the blue and white! Your table setting is simply beautiful!
    I had a wonderful look around your blog and I am trying the squash casserole;)

    thanks for visiting me today!


  9. Blue and white is a favorite of mine, and you displayed yours beautifully. If you decide to use your tureen for serving soup, you may want to "temper" it first with hot water. That will help the soup stay warm for a few minutes longer. However, using it with flowers is perfect!

  10. Beautiful Blue and white toile tablescape! I'm super happy about getting into Fall, but like for you, its a bit nostalgic to me that Summer is gone!

  11. Oh Martha, you know I love those blue and white toile plates! I can't believe you found them at a thrift store, and how clever that you put the glass plate over them so they could be used for eating. What would we do without our glass plates? You still have blooming dyrangeas? They are beautiful, and the tureen makes such a pretty centerpiece. laurie

  12. I love your blue and white setting! That arrangement is beautiful! My hyndrageas have already turned a burgandy color from the cooler weather...I hate to see summer go! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  13. I love blue and white, and this is so pretty!
    Great way to still use those toile dishes!

  14. What kind of white grooved Gibson Plate is that? Do you know the name of the design? I recently broke one and am trying to replace it. Please email me at Thank you