Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Where there's a will...... tablescape

As some of you know,each month I've been looking at an old Lang calendar for tablescape inspirations.  When I got to September I thought I was going to have to pass.  I looked and looked for  a small toy bicycle.....but couldn't find one anywhere.  I was just about to just give up when......

...I got an ideal looking at the basket of flowers....ah ha!

 .....instead of a bike holding a basket of flowers.....how about a basket of flowers.....

                                               ....topped with a bike?

....so I found some clip art, and I thought the ribbon reminded me of bicycle bar streamers.

                                         tabletop overview

                                  bike in a basket

        let's go for a bike ride.....care to join me....the September weather is perfect!

                      since there were navy stripes around the picture..
                        ......I got out my navy striped napkins.

                  how do you like my bicycle china?  It's really stickers under clear glass.

                                                Navy goblets.....

                      .......and a basket full of black eyed Susans and daisys.

            You just never know where your tablescaping challenges might come from!
             I've enjoyed this monthly project.....wait until you see October!

             See ya!

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  1. Great idea, Martha! Very cute!...,Christine

  2. Hi Martha! I'm going to have to start calling you "Martha" if you know what I mean. What a cute idea using the bike snap in the basket of flowers. You're the most creative one! :) Love your sweet table and I would have never know those were bike stickers! You did a great job.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. Hi darling. You are so creative.. love your table, the plates are just the sweetest.hugs ~lynne~

  4. So clever! I love the way you even included the stripes from the calendar, and the bicycle stickers were pure genius!

  5. Cute and clever. I love what you did with the bikes.

  6. Love the table! The stickers and the card are wonderful ideas for the bike.

  7. Oh, cool!!!! This was thinking outside the proverbial box! If you can't find what you think you need...think again! The biggest surprise of all: I thought those were actual bicycle plates!!! GREAT idea with the stickers!!! The navy & white striped napkins are PERFECT with this setting, too, and really capture the spirit of the calendar page! Great job, Miss Martha!

  8. You had me there with the bicycle china! I see so many beautiful pieces on your blog and always wonder how in the world you store all of it. When I saw that bicycle on that plate...well, I though you must have one or two of everything that was ever produced! Ha! Great idea to use the stickers on the clear plate...very clever!

  9. Aren't you cute? Stickers under glass -- love it!

    Thanks for popping in -- I am always glad to see you.

  10. Gorgeous!! Clever idea the stickers under the clear plates, they're so cute too! You got me there, I thought they were a real find of yours, lol! Thanks for your sweet visit lovely Martha, I so love it when you do!! Going off to see the vice-debate! Big hugs,

  11. Oh my goodness, Martha, what a clever idea of using the stickers under glass. I also love your creativity in using the basket of flowers with the bike on top!!

  12. Hi Martha, wonderful idea using the stickers. Love those bicycle plates. Thank you for dropping by today and, leaving me your kind words.

  13. Martha, this is a clever idea. You always set a beautiful table.

  14. You are so clever, Martha--I love your tablescape! I think the blue striped napkins are so chic, and your bouquet is perfect for autumn. And what a great idea to use the stickers under clear plates--very smart! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today for a visit--glad you enjoyed my vintage cart!

  15. What a great idea using stickers!!! Love your whole table from the stripes to the basket! I still have lots of black eyed susans blooming, too! Thank you for your sweet visit!

  16. Those sticker bicycle plates are adorable, great idea! Cute idea for the basket centerpiece!


  17. Hi Martha,
    Love your tablescape, what a cute idea with the basket with the bycicle in it and the cute stickers on the plates. So adorable.
    I love seeing something like that to inspire you and figuring out how you can accomplish it with your own flair. well done!
    Blessings, and thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments.

  18. Martha, your centerpiece is wonderful...you are so creative.

  19. What a creative and fun tablescape! Love the bike stickers under the glass plates, you smart girl. And I think your solution of putting the bike in the basket of flowers was brilliant! Way to think outside the box. laurie

  20. I'm back. I forget to tell you that I bought my long-stem pumpkins from a road-side vendor. He said that they were grown on an Amish farm, and that the farmer twists the stems while they are growing to give them strength and length. I've never seen any like that either. laurie

  21. Oh, how pretty...you always have such cute tables....
    xo bj

  22. What a cute idea! And yes, this is perfect bike riding weather!
    The dishes look great, and the flowers are wonderful! Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish! Enjoy the weekend!

  23. Bicycle stickers under glass plates...genius! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  24. I love this theme! Using glass plates and stickers to customize your dishes is genious!