Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tablescape Thursday - Mother's Day

It's time again for playing with our dishes with our favorite dish diva Susan of "Between Naps On The Porch". This week, I'm sure that many of us will be showing Mother's Day tablescapes.

One of my fondest memories from my childhood was getting all dressed up and going to the "Mother/Daughter" tea or luncheon each year at church with my mother and two sisters. The tablescape today is based on my memories of those events. Sometimes the larger departments stores would also have a Mother/Daughter event with a luncheon and fashion show. I don't remember going to any of those. I believe that these sorts of things sort of went out of fashion in the late 60's or 70's. I guess perhaps they were considered "sexist" or maybe it was because so many families were so spread out by then. But I do remember dearly loving these as a young girl.

I remember that the flowers on each table were almost always a simple arrangement from someone's garden rather than any formal florist arrangement.

The food for these was generally a "dainty" menu. So I've set each place with a small set sometimes known as a "snack set", a "luncheon set", or a "tennis set" of dishes. With that I have two cloth napkins, one floral dinner sized covered by a white battenburg lace luncheon sized napkin. (This isn't part of my recollection, but I just thought it was pretty that way). Often the menu of these occasions consisted of small sandwiches made of white bread with the crusts cut off and cut into 1/4 triangles. They were usually chicken salad, egg salad or pimento cheese. Maybe cucumber too. Then there would be a dainty portion of potato salad or perhaps a congealed salad. And added to this would be 1/2 of a deviled egg. The girls would drink pink lemonade and the mothers would have either hot tea or iced tea. Then for dessert it would perhaps be an assortment of cookies and a sheet cake. For my "updated" pretend luncheon I'm saying that we're having strawberry spinach salad with poppyseed dressing and a petite roll with herbal tea. My mother was a lifelong tea drinker. For dessert, I'm thinking raspberry sorbet with a little sprig of mint as a pretty garnish. Can you "see it"?

I've removed the napkins to show you the pressed glass dishes and cups. They have a grape design on them. I also have a set that has a sort of vine & leaf design. I would mold some little butters in the shape of bees for the little butter pats. I've also set out the "good" silver - I figured that you're getting tired of my same old shell flatwear.

Here's another view of the table. I recall always having white cloth tablecloths at these functions. I was really happy to find this one at Target this weekend. Sometimes it's hard to find square tablecloths that are long enough to have a nice drape - so many of them just barely hang over the top of my table (and it's not a large one). This one also had a nice lace trim but I don't think I got a very good picture of that - maybe next time.

On the other side of my basket of flowers I have a pair of white gloves, a string of pearls and a contemplative angel.

Another close up of my crystal basket of flowers. These are the last of my azalea blooms. The verigated green leaf branches came from my neighbors yard and the white flowers came from the woods in front of my dad's house. I don't know what either of these are -- if you do, please tell me. The white ones smell so sweet!

An overview of the table with tea light glow.

When I was a little girl we would have all worn our white gloves and Mother would have worn her pearls and a small hat to an event such as this.

Another look at a placesetting by tealight glow - sort of like my dreamy hazy memory since these events were always held in the afternoons.

A final "goodnight" from my Mother/Daughter tablescape remembering my mother along with my two sisters who live out of town. Perhaps I will duplicate this table with my daughter and her girls when they get just a little older. That would be a fun memory maker.

Be sure to visit Susan and see all the other tablescapes this week - you can find "Between Naps On The Porch" on my sidebar. Click on it and you will magically be transferred to her blog and you'll get to visit lots of wonderful tablescapers across blogland. You'll find a place set just for you! Enjoy!

See ya!


  1. Recalling your memories right down to the flowers. How lovely this tablescape is. I luncheon plates that I brought back from mothers some weeks ago that dad had given me. If I have time I will post them. Love the candle lite scenes. I think it would be wonderful to share with your daughter and her girls.

  2. Oh what sweet and special memories, and you have set the table just perfectly for such an event. I love the choices you made with the dishes, placemats, napkins and silver. Your centerpiece is just gorgeous. I could just imagine being there with your fabulous description of the event. Thanks for sharing such a special time. Hugs, Marty

  3. What a sweet table! I love the gloves and pearls in the centerpiece. You made me wish I had gone to some of these events!!! :D Jewel

  4. Evening, Martha! I love your table! I love that you have used your little snack sets, I have so many of these and just love them! Oh, and the flowers are lovely and the special touch of the glove brings back memories to me, too! Just a wonderful table.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  5. what pretty flowers and I remember my grandmother serving lunch on those little glass luncheon sets, too!

  6. what a wonderful Mother's day table Martha....looks like one that will make many memories! Happy Tablescape Thursday ~ Susan

  7. This is just beautiful. Those pearls and white gloves look so lovely in the candlelight!
    Karen - Pine Cone Retreat

  8. I love this tablescape, pink and girly and so sweet! The gloves and pearls just say dress-up like when we were little girls. Such a great table for Mother's Day. I really enjoyed this! Miss Bloomers

  9. Love this... the napkins are darling and your flowers are gorgeous! Fantastic job. :)

  10. Beautiful table, and the flowers are so fresh and fun!

  11. So pretty! I love the romantic look with soft colors and the candle light makes everything look ethereal.

    Absolutely beautiful! xo ~m.

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  13. Pretty and cheerful table scape, love all those little details you have added to make this special.

  14. Very sweet ! I love the centerpiece with the white gloves. Love how you tied your memories together with the scape....Love the napkins too. You really did a great job and I hope you share this with your sisters and mother (at least in pictures)
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  15. Hi Martha!
    What lovely memories you are very blessed to have such nice memories!
    This is so pretty...and I love the gloves and pearls in the centerpiece...nice idea!
    Happy Thursday!

  16. What a sweet tablescape, Martha! I love the gloves and the pearls! Of course, the floral arrangement is beautiful too!

  17. Oh what a pretty table! Love the pressed glass luncheon sets, and the lovely centerpiece. :)

  18. Amazing the difference when the table is bathed in candlelight. So pretty and I love the gloves and pearls in the centerpiece.

  19. This was so much fun reliving this through your eyes! I never have been to such an event, so it was all new to me. But it's such an elegant and feminine and classy tablescape. Your daughters/granddaughters would love this legacy!

  20. Hello Martha, the tea/luncheon parties sound so lovely and your table is perfect, your fresh flowers are gorgeous I love the way you did the double napkins and your glass plates are so pretty, looks so beautiful in the glow of the tea-lights, Happy Thursday, Kathy.

  21. Thanks for sharing your memories and your beautiful table. I love the white gloves. I remember my mom wearing those!

  22. Oh so very pretty...and even more so with the tea lights lit. Lovely flowers as well...

    Have a beautiful day.

  23. Martha...this is soooo beautiful! What gorgeous flowers you have! The snack/tennis place settings are the nostalgia feel and memories you shared in this post. What wonderful memories! I love the gloves and pearls...all the details are just perfect! And you know I love the candlelight!
    Thanks for a lovely, lovely TT post! Susan

  24. I love the napkins, what a pretty, feminine touch! And the flowers and candlelight really make the table just glow. Thanks some wonderful inspriation!


  25. Very pretty! I do remember Mother Dau events..
    Actually my son just went to a Father/Dau night with his 2nd maybe they are coming back!

  26. Your table setting is sweet and feminine. I enjoyed reading about your memories of mother/daughter teas. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! And for your encouraging words! I did have a good time with my first Tablescape Thurs.
    I love yours! I add the gloves and pearls to everything vintage too! In fact at an antique store yesterday I found a pair of long pink ones, and had to have them!
    I'll be following along your blog now. But I don't know about the recipes! UGH! Another 5 pounds will creep on me if I try that strawberry one. :)
    Thanks! Karen