Monday, May 18, 2009

This Weeks Treasures

This was a good week with treasure hunting. Some was done on eBay and some was Saturday shopping around "the village". I seem to always be on the look out for something or another for an upcoming event or two, but also keep an eye open for an unexpected treasure as well! I did find quite a few, some actually came home with me and most remained for someone else's treasure hunt.

I found this white soup tureen on eBay. Loved the grape and vine design. I needed to replace an old tureen that I recently broke but never really cared for the the design so I was really happy to find this one. And no, I didn't break the other one on purpose.

Here's a close up of the design.

I also found these on eBay. My daughter-in-law and son are expecting their 2nd daughter on June 19th. This is grandgirl #4 for us! I'll be sending a little "goodie package" that will include these along with a book for Stella ("I'm A Big Sister) and a picture frame that says "Sisters" on it (actually, I've still got to find the frame). Stella will also be getting a birthday package soon since she'll turn 3 on June 6rd. But as soon as I get the baby package together, I'll be sending that first, since little baby Molly has been trying her best to get here early. We'll be going down for a long weekend right after she arrives and depending on when that is, we may be taking rather than mailing Stella's birthday gifts.

This is the business card from the lady who did the embroidery. She was so nice and actually got these into the mail on the very same day I ordered them, even though she customizes the color of hair, eye color, style and color of the lettering. Not only was she fast, when I mentioned that this had been a difficult pregnancy and little Molly had been trying her best to get here too early she said,'I'll say a little prayer for your little one." Now, I don't know about you, but this is certainly the kind of person that I want to do business with. She had many other customized items and I do highly recommend her.

A trip to Marshall's uncovered this set of "silverwear". I've seen these in several of your tablescapes, so not only does it offer me a new option with some of my tablescaping, it's also a good memory for me as my Grandmother had a set of this flatwear as well - only her's was the "real deal". Actual bamboo. I wonder if they even make those anymore. I also wonder where her's went?

This was a set of those really thick cork backed placemats for only $3.00. I thought that was a steal.

Lastly, when my husband and I were at a local antique/thrift store, he found this -- I'm sure he was thinking of me (don't you think so?). Anyway as we were walking through he kept pointing out dishes and items for future tablescaping. I was quite impressed - I think the man is getting the hang of it!

I hope that your week is filled with little treasures!
See ya!


  1. Ooooooh!! When I saw that tureen with the grapes, I had to come running!! It's gorgeous!! I love the little tee shirt set! Cute! And you got quite a deal on the flatware and placemats! Cute bunny pic! But...I heart that tureen!!! Have a great week...Debbie

  2. What a fabulous tureen. It is just gorgeous. The little tee shirts are so precious. I love them. All your treasures are just wonderful. Great finds. Hugs, Marty

  3. Ahh, look at the little tee shirts. They are adorable. You must be so excited to meet little Molly when she arrives. Hopes she stays put until just the right time! Aren't granddaughters wonderful? I really love the white stoneware soup tureen and all of your other great finds. I think it is so lovely that your husband now notices special things that are dear to you!

  4. What a bunch of great finds! And your Hubby is the best! Those shirts are adorable, they will be perfect I am sure.

  5. You did hit the jack pot. That tableware and place matts are so pretty and they will look wonderful on a tablescape thursday. I can't wait to see what you do with them Martha.
    The soup tureen is so awesome and I love the grapes on them; such detail, don't you feel like you hit the jack pot with this item.
    Love it all. Hope you had a great week-end.
    The shirts for the girls are so adorable.

  6. Hi did find some sweet treasures! I like to look on eBay too, but ..."ouch" on the postage costs...but I guess with the cost of gas, it beats getting out to the stores...LOL ;-) Bo

  7. Hi and thanks for visiting my little Vacum cleaning mans photo on my blog. Guess you have a complete cleaning team with all those little ones. I love the baby items and bet you can't wait to go to visit when the new baby arrives.

  8. Wow - those are all great finds! I heart that soup tureen - so beautiful. Good for you girl!

  9. That tureen is gorgeous! I love the little framed silhouette and the saying on it. And those little t-shirts are so cute! laurie

  10. Those sister t-shirts are just the cutest!!! And I think it's so fun that your hubby is looking out for tablescape items. It's funny how they sort of get sucked into our blogging addiction!

  11. Great finds! Love all of them.:)

  12. Martha- What fabulous finds! You did really good! Hope you can link up to Thrifty Thursday this week.

  13. The soup tureen is a wonderful find, as is all the other treasures.

  14. Hi Martha...I also am in the market for a Soup Tureen and I LOVE the one you found. I did find one at a garage sale some weeks back but another lady reached out and scooped it I missed out. I wasn't meant to have it I guess! :)
    The little embroidered shirts are just too sweet. I need one for my little Great Granddaughter who is going to be having her very first birthday..and you have given me an idea for one of her gifts. Just so sweet and she did a beautiful job. Plus..she ships fast and that always attracts me.
    I am FINALLY getting over here and would not blame me if you kicked me to the curb! I really am having trouble keeping up lately...but I do love blogging so I keep trying! I keep thinking there MUST be system all these ladies have to keep up with so much..and post lovely tablescapes as well. Goodness! Anyway...I just wanted to make sure you know I appreciate your comments ..sooo much. You are always so warm and kind and loving and it is appreciated so much!! Just so you KNOW!!
    ~smiles and hugs...

  15. HI Martha! Oh, I love that white tureen! Love all of the designs on it! You did well on finding great treasures!
    Hope all is well in your Mid-Atlantic World! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  16. Pretty tureen!
    The shirts are adorable, and prayers for a safe delivery..How exciting!
    My dh just shakes his head when another bag from HG or TJM shows up..I think he is overwhelmed..And thanks to all the bloggers with diff sets of silverware, I bought red and yellow with Palm is a very bad dishease for sure!