Sunday, September 26, 2010


Charm bracelets are one of those pieces of jewelry that you either love or hate. You are either charmed by them....or find the jingle, jangle a bit distracting. A few weeks ago Miss Janice showed us her charm bracelet and told us about her charms and so last week when I wore this one -- I decided to show it too.

As you can bracelet is filled with hearts. I started this bracelet right before our 25th wedding anniversary -- I decided that I would find 25 different charms for each year. Well the next year I decided to add another....and then another....and then another....would you like a closer look?

My bracelet now contains 34 charms.

Since many of you know that I love to "play" with the dishes on Tablescape Thursday -- you probably won't be surprised that three of the charms are made out of broken china.

I've given a couple of these charms to friends who were going through really tough times to remind them that God can take our brokenness and create something quite beautiful with it, if we're willing to look at it from a different perspective. I've already picked out my 35th charm for this anniversary. This one is because nothing "charms" me more than .....

....being "Nana" to our four grandgirls!

Yes -- I'm totally charmed! Can you imagine what this will look like (and weigh) for our 50th anniversary?

See ya!


  1. Oh how pretty and such a special bracelet to commerate your years of marriage. The china ones are stunning and what a precious gift to someone who need to have their heart uplifted. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a neat idea! I have my mother's charm bracelets and had my own in junior high (I am not sure where mine is . . .) I am distracted by the dangling - so put it on a chain as a necklace! What a great idea for a daughter on HER first wedding anniversary. I really like your idea!

  3. I enjoyed your charm bracelet.I too like Miss Mary turned mine and my Mothers high School charm bracelets into necklaces. Thank you Denise

  4. Love, love your bracelet! What a great idea with the broken china too. Our pastor just broke a clay pot in a service to demonstrate how God, being the potter, can make us all new. Beautiful post:-)

  5. I love charm bracelets, always have. I love seeing the charms that others like to add to their bracelets. Thank you for sharing yours. Keep on adding these littles treasures. ~ Sarah

  6. Oh I love charm bracelets, Martha. In fact, I have quite a few because I am attracted to them. I have collected charms from every place that we go too and they won't all fit in one so I have several. Your bracelet is so pretty, I love all the hearts...Christine

  7. Hi Martha,
    How charming your charm bracelet is!
    The heart is my favourite symbol and I have many items of jewellery that are heart shaped including a charm bracelet, although it has nowhere near as many heart charms as yours.

  8. What a wonderful idea Martha! I love your heart charms, especially the broken china ones and that last one most of all! xxoo

  9. I think your charm bracelet is...well, charming! I love that it's all hearts. Yes, in a few more years you will have to find some way to support your arm when you wear it.

    Heard about the rain out east (as they refer to it here). Enjoy!


  10. I just love your bracelet!! So sweet that you will be adding a Nana charm this year.

  11. Oh what a wonderful story. I too have a bracelet and have been thinking about posting about it. Now I definitely am....maybe one day this week. Each charm has such a cool story. Love the broken plate hearts.

  12. What a unique way to celebrate your anniversary! I may have to find my old charm bracelet and rethink it!

  13. How Charming! I too have a charm bracelet. I've been collecting for about 25 or more years. Mine is mainly from our travels. There is something to represent almost every place my husband & I have visited. There are also tea ornaments as well as ones that my daughters have given me. I just love mine. And I find the "jingle" very pleasant.

  14. Dearest Martha, The charm bracelet is such a neat piece of jewelry. Yours is so very pretty.

    I like what you say about our brokenness and that God can do something with us.

    Martha, I was out of town this week-end and just picked my mail up from the post office and your package was there.

    Opened the package at home and I am sooooo excited to receive the books!!!!!!! EXCITED!!!!!!

    I hope to start reading them right away while lil miss naps. Read a little here and a little there...I should be entertained for a while.

    Thank you for sending these to me. Greatly appreciate this!
    God bless,
    d from homehaven

  15. I had one when I was very young. My grandmother filled it with charms from her travels and it was stolen from my P.E. locker at school. So, my mom started me another one. I still have it, although I haven't added to it in a few decades. It still brings back wonderful memories. Yours is beautiful.

  16. Martha, Love your charm bracelet! I love charm bracelets because of the history and memories of each charm :)

  17. Hi Most Charming Martha! Oh, what a darling charm bracelet! Love all of your hearts!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Oh Martha, it's beautiful. I love those china hearts, and I love the sentiment of giving one to someone who is having a difficult time in their life. What a lovely gift. laurie