Wednesday, September 1, 2010

End of Summer 2010 Tablescape

It's time to set the table once again for Tablescape Thursday -- thanks to Susan of "Between Naps On The Porch", there's lots of "dishing" here in blogland. Since we're coming up on Labor Day weekend, the "last" week-end of Summer, many of you are probably planning a special tablescape. Most years we might be planning something outdoors, but here in the Mid-Atlantic, it has not been a good summer for cook-outs, bar-b-ques or picnics. It's just been too darn hot! We've broken all the records for hot weather this year -- so in keeping with the Summer of 2010, I've set a tropical tablescape.

Welcome to my tropical tablescape.

As always, there's a place set just for you!

My green cloth napkins came from Target a few months ago and the parrot napkin rings came from a favorite local antique store that's going to close up the end of this month. I'm going to miss that place!

I found these green placemats a couple of years ago in Atlanta.

Paper napkins for my "two napkin rule" are placed in everyday stemware. A friend of mine told me that a little tea room that she goes to also places paper napkins at each place with the instructions that lipstick should be blotted with paper so as not to stain their cloth napkins. Maybe this is something that is catching on -- it always has made a lot on sense to me.

My flamingo friends look quite at home here on my tropical Mid-Atlantic tablescape.

The centerpiece also contains this vintage pair of flamingos I found earlier this summer.

Yesterday, I went to the local grocery store (Martin's) to see if I could find some bright tropical colored flowers for this my table this week. I spotted this bunch right away!

I set the bowl of flowers and flamingos on a framed sheet of bright scrapbooking paper.

An overview of the centerpiece.

Overview of the table.

Loving these bright happy colors.

Even the vintage flamingos look more cheerful among these fun colors .... don't you think?

I do have to tell you that as I was arranging these flowers, the blue ones had so much food coloring, that they turned my fingers blue!

This bamboo flatware has been a favorite of mine for the past couple of years. It seems to especially compliment the more casual tablescapes.

And I think this may be my all time favorite tip I've picked up from Tablescaping. I know that I've shown you before, but it's always fun to layer......

....a clear glass dinner plate over.....

....a fun patterned paper one! I found these plates and napkins at Target earlier in the summer. I especially like looking out for Caspari designs too.

Can't seem to get enough of these flowers.

Just gazing across the tabletop.....

....from morning.....

....until evening!

Hoping that everyone has a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend! Despite the heat, the Summer of 2010 has been a very happy one for us. But I have to admit, I'm looking forward to a bit cooler weather and I'm really a Fall kind of gal. I know that we'll have some wonderful Indian Summer days ahead to savor...but I'm ready for pumpkins and fall about you?

Be sure to visit Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch" to find lots of fun tablescapes this week.

See ya!


  1. What a beautiful color scheme! You always coordinate everything so well! Great job, as usual! (Love those plates!)

    I started a new TT, but wasn't up to finishing it (next week!) If you've seen the encore I did, scroll down to see my Tabletop Tuesday, it's new!


  2. This Philly girl says "please bring on fall!", this was one hot, dry summer!
    On to your great table... Lovin' it! Why do the sight of flamingos just make you smile? The colors are fun and I love your napkin rings-enjoy!

  3. Autumn is calling my name! It has been hot, hot, hot here, too and your tropical tablesetting is perfect for the saltry weather we have been experiencing. So pretty and I love your paper plate secret!

  4. That is a very happy, bright and pretty table. great idea to layer the glass over some beautiful paper plates. I love the flamingos too. It call came together beautifully.

  5. I had a big fat "duh" moment when I realized that the plates were paper under clear dishes. What a good tip! I love the way your whole tropical theme went together so well, right down to those gorgeous BRIGHT flowers! Hope that's the only thing tropical to hit your house and nothing of the tropical storm turned hurricane sort! Batten the hatches and save the dishes...

    I ALWAYS enjoy your tablescapes!

  6. Love your tropical table complete with flamingos! A clear glass plate over a paper one is so clever :-)

  7. Beautiful Colors!!!! What a great table!

    Hope you aren't anywhere near "Earl"!

  8. You had me fooled for a few minutes, I didn't realize you were using paper plates with a clear glass on top...great idea! I love the colors you have used. I especially like the flamingos and the parrot napkin rings. Have a great week, Martha.

  9. So pretty and colorful! I love the flamingos :) It does make sense about the lipstick and napkins!

  10. What a pretty and colorful table!! Love the clear glass plate, too. WHat a great idea! I LOVE the idea of the paper napkin. I hate trying to get stains out of cloth napkins.

  11. Beautiful! I feel as if I've just dined on a tropical island. ~ Sarah

  12. What a pretty table you have set! I do love those colors so much! No one but me seems to be stuggling with the new blogger way of posting pictures. How on earth did you do so many when they now only let you do one at a time..?
    Everything looks so beautiful and inviting!

  13. Your tablescape is so beautiful and so exotic, Martha. It'll be like eating in paradise sitting there...Christine

  14. Great tropical flair! How fun to find flowers in those bright colors for this table! I do love the glass plate over paper plate idea. And those napkin rings were quite a find!

  15. Oh how cheery this table is. I love the tropical flair and those flowers...where did you find them. I too love the glass plate over the paper plate idea....awesome job my friend!

  16. What a bright and cheerful table....I want to be there. Are you in the path of Earl? Strangely enough, on the coast of Maine we are preparing for him just in case.

  17. Tropical, Tropical...I love Tropical!Makes me feel like I'm at the beach! I am a beach bum at heart in the summer. Your flamingos are too cute! A very happy, happy tablescape. Thank you!

  18. Your tablescape is stunning!! Just gorgeous, and full of fun and life and texture, and color, and I could go on and on and on!!! You always have the best tables - such inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Your colors are wonderful!! I love the birds and I have the same flatware, I LOVE it. Great great great tablescape!

  20. I was fooled too by the paper plates! I love that idea! I love the bright cheery, tropical centerpiece. And green is my favorite color!
    Hope you're not being threatened by Earl. I'm in the Mid Atlantic too, but far enough away from the coast. Take care,

  21. I love those napkin rings! Gonna have to copy your paper plate idea. That is so clever. Note: I am new to view these scapes so I have not seen this idea before.

  22. Martha I LOVE those Flamigos- where in the world did you find them? The tablescape definatley reminds me of FLA. Great job.

  23. Your tablescape looks really pretty. I especially love the parrot napkin rings because I have had my "real" parrot for 34 years.

  24. I've always been kind of a snob when it comes to paper plates as dinnerware, but I have to admit that layered under the glass plate...this is one GREAT idea! The Caspari designs really are quite gorgeous, I agree. Congratulations and thank you for sharing a charming design. Cherry Kay

  25. Hi Martha!

    What a fun and cheery tablescape! Love all the bright colors. And everything fits just perfectly!

  26. Love the tropical tablescape! The flamingos are a beautiful shade of pink and so vintage. Love the paper plates and glass plates idea.

  27. I love your colorful tablescape and absolutely love your adorable napkin holders! So cute!
    Best regards,

  28. What a pretty and colorful table! Very tropical indeed. I am humming Yellow Bird as I look at it! :)