Sunday, November 28, 2010

Celebration days

I know that I've been "missing" for a few days -- I missed you guys and I've been sort of catching up the past couple of days. Well I'll show you what I've been up to while I was gone. The beginning of the week I took off to cook and clean to get ready for some celebrating because late on Tuesday evening after our son finished up his rehearsal at the theatre our Georgia kids and grandgirls flew in for some fun! It was about midnight before they got here so they shortly went to bed to rest up for....

...a morning of playing with the cousins. Stella Grace is four.

The twins Kendall and Keelyn are two....

....and babygirl Molly Rose is 17 months. After playing together and having lunch the girls and their moms left for a photo shoot for a couple of hours -- I can't wait to get (and show off) their pictures!

They each had matching pink turtleneck shirts and jeans overalls embroidered with pink flowers on the bib and back pockets -- so cute!

They all came back ready for the next "event". (I didn't get a picture of Stella in her outfit)

Wednesday evening we celebrated our 35th Wedding anniversary. We were married on Thanksgiving eve 35 years ago (actually the date was the 26th Friday) -- but I really think of Thanksgiving eve as our anniversary and it fit into the time everyone was here.

I loved this little vintage wedding couple I found at Cold Harbor Antiques a few weeks ago and I knew I would use them in my centerpiece.

Our celebration table set.

The wine glasses are ready....

...and I've collected lots of mis-matched punch cups at thrift stores and GoodWill -- as well as gotten a few from our parents. The were perfect for the autumn punch and the hot cider.

Cake for remembering our special day.

Lots of great food and I didn't get a picture of my husband who was grilling oysters out back . (In fact, he hates to take his picture and managed to avoid being in any at all!)

More food.

Our Autumn cherub sets the mood.
It was a really fun evening and a gathering of my sister who was visiting from Wisconsin (she brought and put together a delicious cheese tray) and my husbands sister and husband and daughter -- they brought the wine and some wonderful munchies as well.

The next morning Stella helped me bake a pumpkin pie -- what a sweet assistant!

Our wedding couple turned into a pumpkin for our centerpiece on Thanksgiving. We had three tables I'll share this coming Tablescape Thursday.

My sister found these adorable pilgrim cookies for the girls. (Nana had a few nibbles too)

A great assortment of desserts on the sideboard.

Our son Andy with his wife, Megan, and their girls Stella and Molly.

Stella wanted her picture taken in the "pretty chair". Molly sort of takes her grandfather's approach to posing for pictures.

Our daughter Katy and her husband Brett with their girls Kendall and Keelyn.

Dear friends who have just moved back to Virginia -- Jerry (who was a groomsman in our wedding) and his wife Brenda and their son Evan.

My sister Mary Kay from Wisconsin, me and our Daddy.

Because our Georgia kids won't be here for Christmas...that evening we celebrated Christmas as well with them as well. Molly has a method for opening gifts that is quite unique --- she sort of jumps on top of the box first....

....but if that doesn't work, it's time for help.

Stella shows Molly what to do with her ladybug "Pillow Pal".

Now it's Stellas turn.

Both girls get into the action.

Stella was happy with her panda pillow.

....and the end result of our celebration days!

Hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends around your tables too!

See ya!


  1. This brings tears to my eyes. This is what life is all about. So many celebrations, so many emotions. I would say that your family packed an entire year into one fantastic weekend. Thank you for sharing. God bless, Ginger

  2. Such a fabulous weekend. Happy Anniversary. All of your pics are precious. Hugs, Marty

  3. Good morning!
    Well you did have a busy weekend! FIrst - congratulations on 35 years! We just celebrated our 30th back in Sept. Does it seem possible it's been that long? My goodness the time flies.
    What a fun time you had with all of your family! Everyone looks so happy and your food for each occasion looks wonderful! I think it is so cute that your littlest one jumps on the box. How funny is that?
    Well, sit back, catch your breath and gear up for Christmas. I love this time of year!
    I have been so bad blogging lately - there just aren't enough hours in the day. But thank you my friend, for coming by a visiting. It's nice to catch up.
    Have a wonderful week! Karen

  4. What a wonderful family you must be exhausted! Congrats on the anniversary. We have 36 coming up in December...time flies doesn't it?

  5. Happy Anniversary, Martha!
    So great your family was with you to celebrate the occasion. I loved all the photos. Can't decide which I liked best. What a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. You are indeed very blessed!

  6. Blogger is being a little obstinate so I haven't seen all your pics on this post. The ones I can see, though, tell me two things: your food looks really yummy, and your grands are as adorable as their names!! Sweet.

  7. What a fun time seemed to have been had by all...and as always your table was fabulous. Happy late anniversary....and I adored the little couple you picked up. How cute are they? I loved the fact that I feel like I know your family....because you share them so well. XOXO K

  8. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! I have those turkey/pheasant napkins too and I love them. Wish I had stocked up!!!

  9. Isn't it wonderful to have family around? Those little girls are just darling. Makes everything worthwhile :) Of course, everything looks quite amazing, from the centerpiece and your cute little bride and groom to the table, food, decorations, wow. I'm sure your family loves to come see you, it's all so warm and inviting!! Glad your Thanksgiving was special, now on to Christmas!