Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tablescape Thursday - Country Pumpkins

I guess if you've followed my blog for very long....you know how much I LOVE Tablescape Thursday! How fun it's been to visit so many tables week after week. A BIG thank you to Susan (Between Naps On The Porch) for hosting this event week after week!

I was so excited to win a giveaway of Fall goodies from Donna of "Sugar, Spice & Southern Life" a few weeks ago because I knew that a lot of it would end up on my table for Tablescape Thursday! If you haven't met Donna, be sure to visit her blog -- she's a real sweet cyber neighbor. Welcome to my country pumpkin tablescape.

This week, the place of honor is for Donna! But, of course there's plenty of room for you as well so please join us.

My centerpiece this week contains the dainty little doily and a sweet little stuffed pumpkin, both made by Donna herself.

Now isn't this just the sweetest little pumpkin in the pumpkin patch?

Donna thought of everything .... she even packed a few silk autumn leaves.

And coordinating Autumn napkins.

I thought the bamboo flatware would be fun tonight.

The cloth napkins are a dark dark green. The napkin rings came from Walmart last fall.

I knew as soon as I saw these plates at Target, they would be perfect for this table.

Now I don't usually love eating off paper plates, but I love all the different patterns available now -- So paper under glass....

...is the perfect solution! I found six plain glass plates at GoodWill -- but I've also seen them at Walmart and Garden Ridge. Tablescaping this way really won't break the bank and that's a good thing!

I even like an extra layer underneath -- any dinner sized plates will do - I've used my white ones (Gollum dishes) from Big Lots today.

I've loved my Nell Hill rustic round chargers.

An overview of the table.

Overview of the centerpiece.

The corner intersection of place settings.

This cute little Fall fella came from Cracker Barrel last year.

Time for a little pumpkin patch by moonlite glow.

Thanks Donna for all the inspiration for my table this week and I hope I did your little pumpkin proud!

For lots of inspiration for your table, be sure to visit all the fun tables you'll find awaiting you at "Between Naps On The Porch" this week. It's quite habit forming!

See ya!


  1. Martha,
    You did do my pumpkin proud :) I knew when I drew your name it would go to a good home! What time will dinner be served and I will be right over to sit at my place :)
    Big Hugs,

  2. Hi Martha! Congratulations on your win and that is one darling little pumpkin! Your table looks wonderful and you always do such a great job.
    Oh, when I got home there were the books I got from you! I can't wait to read them!! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Well, part of the reason you LOVE Tablescape Thursday is because you are so DARN GOOD AT IT! I really like what you did, and especially the Nell Hill placemats. I was there last year (as if you haven't heard that 100 times or more from me) and they were selling like hot cakes! The pumpkin is adorable, and I've used the paper plate/clear overlay, and it works great! Come over on Thursday and see my table, I dreamed that I made this one, and was so excited to see if my dream could come true. You are going to smile when you see it, now that I shared that little tidbit of info! Ha! Have a wonderful week. Sandi

  4. Another gorgeous table Martha!! You have such a wonderful eye for putting things together! xxoo

  5. My heart leaped for that charming little country bumpkin' pumpkin! How cute is that??? You sure set a mighty inviting table sweetie. Ya want to come help set up for our big Thanksgivin' bash here on the Ponderosa??? I could use a few lessons...or so! :o)

    God bless and have a beautiful day sweetie!!!

  6. Girl, you made out like a bandit! So many cute things, and that center pumpkin is adorable! I love your whole table, Martha, and I think that is a super creative way to use paper plates. I don't like to eat off of paper, either, but I really do love some of the plates that are out. Good idea! Now, I just need to find some clear glass plates. I needed some a while back, and I kept hoping that Dollar Tree would have some. However, the ones I found here are cut glass. I want the plain like you have. I keep thinking of doing some sort of fun decopauge (sp) on the back.

    The napkin rings are perfect for fall as are the napkins and that cute, cute squirrel. I love the way your basket chargers look with everything. Those are so NEAT! Fun table!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  7. What a great table! I love how it all can start with just one inspiration piece. I'm going to have to try you paper plate trick.

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas,

  8. That stuffed pumpkin is adorable and a great inspiration for the table.

    I love the paper plates under glass idea. I agree with you that there are beautiful paper plates out there. What a clever way to use them!

  9. Martha what an adorable table! Love the goodies you won, and the paper under glass plates brings endless possibilities! The squirrel with acorns is a favorite of mine:@)

  10. Hi Martha,

    I am visiting from BNOTP. I love your tablescape! I would never have thought to put the clear glass plates over the top of the patterned ones.

    Your blog is great and I can't wait to explore it some more.

    Take care!

    Central Oregon

  11. Very clever idea with the paper plates. Love the warm look of this tablescape. Love the rattan chargers -- I am not much of a tablecoth fan. Just for fallish. Joni

  12. I love this table Martha! I like how you used the paper plates under the glass plates. Wonderful idea.
    I've looked and looked at those Nell Hill's chargers. One of these days I'll decide to get them and it will be too late. Maybe I should go order some! They are great!

  13. How pretty it looks Martha. I enjoyed the tour.

    Happy Fall! ~Melissa :)

  14. Love the fall look, and it makes me want a slice of pumpkin pie, some squash soup, and some baked chicken with rosemary. ;)

  15. Beautiful and so festive looking, Martha. The centerpiece is great, congrats for winning!...Christine

  16. Beautiful table. What a wonderful center piece. Lucky you. Congrats.

  17. Your country pumpkin table is so cute!

  18. Hi, Martha! I am SO with you on the paper under glass thing! There are so many wonderful paper designs out there these days that it's a shame to pass them up! Great look! Have a wonderful week!!! (P.S. - You're right...Donna is very talented! She did a smashing job on that pumpkin!)

  19. Great chargers. Festive table.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. Paper under glass is a great solution! Love your sweet stuffed pumpkin on your table :-)

  21. Oh I so love your table. It is so comforting and friendly. It makes me want to sit at it and drink a cup of coffee with you and have some spice cake.

  22. What a warm inviting table Martha! I loved those plates at Target too and I love how you have layered them. Everything looks beautiful on your wooden tabletop!

  23. I love your idea for using all of the beautiful paper plates out there these days! Thanks for a beautiful table...I especially love the little squirre!

  24. Lucky you, Martha! What a fun win! You put together a lovely, warm table with your goodies and all your other pretty items. I still adore those wicker chargers from Nell Hill's, and I really must try the paper-under-glass idea soon! Thank you for your kind comments on my table this week!

  25. Love your idea of using paper plated with a clear plate!!

    Enjoyed my visit to your blog!


  26. Martha, what a fun win! That pumpkin is adorable. Your table looks so pretty with all of the Fall colors. Every time I see those N.H. chargers, I want to buy some. (Of course, I then started wondering where I would keep them, and I abandon the idea - you've started me looking for a spot again!). laurie

  27. The pumpkin is adorable and you did a beautiful job with your table.

    Thank you for stopping by my little corner. Gotta love Tablescape Thursdays. ;)

    Much love!

  28. This is beautiful! I love those dark earthy colors! Lucky you for winning that neat give-away!


  29. Wow, gorgeous table! I love that little squirrel, first of all; and the clear plates over the festive paper ones is an ingenious and creative idea. I also love those wicker chargers. And everything looks great against the wood table. Bravo!

  30. What a pretty table! I especially like your wicker chargers and those lovely napkin rings.

  31. Congratulations on winning the great give-a-way! I love the idea of using a pretty paper plate sandwiched between regular plates, ingenious. I really like those chargers.

  32. Hi lovely lady, I love the pumpkin centepiece on your Tablescapes this is darling, and the useing of paper plates with glass over them Great Idea ~~~~

  33. so funny, i just bot those same plates yesterday, think they are darling~

  34. What a great idea! Seriously. Paper plates under glass ones. Very beautiful table, love the colors and textures.

  35. Beautiful and so seasonally appropriate.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  36. I love this table setting, it is very country,rustic and yet comforting to look at.