Monday, July 18, 2011

Tablescape Thursday - Strawberry Fair

A couple of weeks ago, when I set the table for the 4th of July, I used some Johnson Brothers transferware named Strawberry Fair. These dishes came from my in laws. They used it at their summer river cottage. I've always loved it, and evidently some of you did too. In fact, I had a special request from a fellow blogger, Deanna at "Home Haven Ministry" who asked me to "pretty please" do a Strawberry Fair who could possibly resist a special request tablescape? Not me! So....Deanna....this one's for you! If you have not met Deanna yet, please stop by to say hello.

Welcome to my strawberry table.

Obviously the star of this table is the strawberry.

I love vintage tablecloths and this strawberry print is the perfect compliment to Strawberry Fair dishes.

This white pitcher belonged to my grandmother. She used to fill it with flowers for her foyer.

A place for you.

As you can see -- I do have quite a few pieces. Not all are on this table -- not shown are a couple of platters and a vegetable bowl, I also have some soup bowls, but I'm down to only five now :( This is the luncheon plate and dinner plate.

We just thought square plates were a new design. Not so!

Even the backs are pretty.

I've used these red napkins with white edging that came from my dad in many tablescapes. These were always his favorite ones.

The flatware came from Target a few years back ....I wish they would bring these back in some more colors.

Bread plates under berry bowls filled with....strawberries.

A closer peek at this pretty pattern. It's one you really don't see all that often.

Tea cups are covered in strawberries inside and out.

I love the soft colors mixed with the bright berries.

Overview shots of flowers....

....and dishes.

Thanks for joining my strawberry table this week and be sure to check out all the other pretty dishes and settings posted for your pleasure at Susan's "Between Naps on the Porch". Thanks Deanna....for your special request. It was fun to set the table with you in mind.

I haven't been able to do much visiting lately.....we're at VBS every night this week, but I'll try to catch up with all of you soon.

See ya!


  1. Beautiful table! I have some strawberry mugs that would be beautiful on your table! Love the tablecloth too, I am thinking it is vintage? XO, Pinky

  2. Hi lovely lady. You know I love this Beautiful Tablescapes Martha. You are so lucky you have this set of China and the tablecloth.... I hope you have a Great Week....
    XXOO Diane

  3. Oh Martha, I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!
    Thank you so very much for this special Tablescape with your beautiful strawberry dishes. Everything is so pretty and all the details lovely.

    This looks stunning red and white. All your neat pieces to see and use.
    Strawberries are the B O M B !!! Neat o and I feel so honored.

    I'd like to mention you on my blog.
    Thank you Bloggy friend!

  4. How very beautiful Martha! I just adore that table cloth and that china!! My favourite ever!! xxoo

  5. Absolutely beautiful, Martha! I love that china pattern with the vintage tablecloth. Hope that you will be able to find a soup bowl so your set will be complete.
    Have a great rest of the week!

  6. What a pretty, cheerful pattern! I've never seen it before, but it looks wonderful with the vintage tablecloth and other family treasures! The teacup is darling!

  7. Oh how pretty and the vintage tablecloth really is perfect with these beautiful dishes! I love strawberries and red is such a happy color!

  8. Oh wow Martha! I love your table. It's so delightful and inviting. I love strawberries, and everything about your table is cheerful.

    Jocelyn @

  9. Wow, those dishes are sooo beautiful! Lucky you! And that tablecloth is pretty awesome as well. I love the design in the teacup, and that pitcher of your grandmother's is beautiful! This is such an adorable tablescape, how can you not love strawberries?!!

  10. Those transferware dishes are so beautiful, Martha. How lucky that they were given to you. ....Christine

  11. "Berry" pretty, Martha!!! I, too, kind of thought the idea of square plates was new. Hmmm......learn something new every day! What's that they say...."Everything old is new again." Have a fantastic weekend!

  12. This just the happiest table I've ever seen! It cries out for a luncheon with three of your very best friends...with strawberries in the salad and and strawberries and cream for dessert. Hows that for an inspired reader!!

  13. These dishes are gorgeous and make a beautiful table. You just can't beat red and white and these this table is spectacular all around!

  14. Thank you thank you for setting this table for us. Your dishes are most amazing. I love them. I also adore the tablecloth with them. A perfect centerpiece to show off the wonderful plates. You created a lovely vision. xo marlis

  15. These are beautiful dishes. i don't think I've seen this pattern before. What a "berry" fun design. Your tablecloth is lovely, too.

  16. I love these dishes! I've been watching them on Ebay for about a year after seeing them on someone's tablescape (probably yours!). They are very dear.

    Lovely table!

  17. Hi Martha! Oh, I love your strawberry table and those dishes are so charming! I've never seen the pattern before! Love the tablecloth too!
    thanks for popping in to see me and I hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. So beautiful dishes! Love your tablecloth too!


  19. What a breathtaking table. I believe it is my new favorite of yours. The strawberry Fair pattern is gorgeous. The simplicity of the table is beautiful. I loved it!

  20. Strawberry strawberry, love the dishes and the table is beautifully set. and the pattern of the tableclothe is just lovely.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Lots of Love,
    Karin Şen Cankan

  21. Beautiful dishes - and such a pretty tablescape!

  22. Hi Martha,

    I love your beautiful strawberry tablecloth and dinnerset, so pretty. I have just come over via Deanna's blog.

    Happy weekend

  23. Martha, The table cloth is the perfect complement to your beautiful china. I have never seen that pattern before and it is as sweet as the memories that go with it. Dianne

  24. Your plates are wonderful! Now if you are serving strawberry shortcake for dessert...I'll be right over! I love, love, love strawberries!
    Blessings My Friend,

  25. Where to start?? Love everything from the berry pattern, to the tablecloth!
    Thanks for stopping by my place!
    Kerry at

  26. I love JB Strawberry Fair. My friend Cindy also collects it, and I'm always looking for pieces to add to her collection. It's not so easy to find all the time. Your vintage tablecloth is wonderful with it. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

  27. LOVE LOVE LOVE your strawberry table...well all your pretty tables, thanks for visiting my blog!
    I am with you, so many of my favorite things should come back in other colors. I adore different color silverware, but alas where do we look without paying an arm and a leg? I know we can go to the "H" store (UGH!) but.....gasp!!!

    I will be following ya!!


  28. What a darling table. I love all of your red and white china, so pretty specially the tea cups with the flowers on the inside.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  29. Oh I love everything about this!!!! Especially the tablecloth ^_^