Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmasing the house

I've been later than usual getting my Christmas decorating done this year. I've also done less than usual as well....but I think I've finally just about done. We'll start out by the lamp post. I love holly at Christmas so this was the little garden flag that attracted my attention this year.

A red door Christmas welcome. Sorry that these pictures weren't taken at the best possible time of the day....but it was just the time I was able to take them.

Mr. Mid-Atlantic's childhood sled and some child sized ice skates I found last year at a vintage store.

The flowers in the planters are still hanging in there.

The simple wreath on the door.

A little tin of mistletoe greets you inside the front door.

A candle in the window.

Our living room tree.

Traditional angel on the top.

Filled with quite an assortment.

My husband collects the Hallmark trucks and motercycle ornaments. I think this is my favorite.

This year's White House Christmas ornament. I have all the ones back to 2000. I'm slowly going backward and have the 1999 ornament ordered and on it's way. Perhaps when I finish the whole collection, I'll post on the designs through the years.

Another White House ornament.

Churches and motercycles......

......victorian girls.....

.....and boys....

....ornaments from vacations.....


.....and more churches and snowflakes, and carolers.....just a little bit of everything on this tree.

The mantle nativity scene.

Holy family and an angel and one of the wisemen.

Love this camel.

Baby Jesus....the reason for the season.

Now we're cooking up some fun in the kitchen.

A side view of the gingerbread house.

Every gingerbread man....

.....needs a gingerbread woman!

Last year I made some cute candy trees.....but I found these cute trees this year at Tuesday Morning that seemed to fit right in.

All topped off with a sugar sweet fairy.

In the dining room we have "Nutcracker corner"

Gotta love a "man in uniform".

Vintage Holiday greeting.

My Christmas table set up for the upcoming Tablescape Thursday.

A sideboard filled with Santas.

Santa's to the left.

Santa's "mug shot".

Santa's to the right.

We even have a Santa tree in the dining room this year.

At first I couldn't find my tree top Santa so I stuck the red bow on top.

But I finally found him...(he was hanging out with the nutcrackers!) I stuck him on his rightful spot as king of the Santa tree.

Full of Candy....

....and Santas....

....and shiny red balls....

....and more candy.....

....and Santas.....

....and cupcakes.....

.....full of Christmas dreams.....

.....time to light the trees.....

.....and turn out the lights.

Decorating's all done.....well maybe.....

See ya!


  1. Your home is beautiful, festive! Love the sled and skates on the porch! That's a fabulous Santa collection, too! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Love that sled and Christmasey....
    Your decorating looks the tree.
    I got tickled at your NUTCRACKER SWEET...:)))
    XO bj

  3. Martha, your Christmas Decorations are just beautiful. I would never be able to put any of mine outside. In our neighborhood they would be stolen within hours. Sad, but true! xxoo

  4. Everything is so festive and lovely, Martha. I particularly like your Santa collection.

  5. Your Christmas home is beautiful, Martha!

  6. Love all your Christmas decos!!! So many Santas and Nutcrackers:) Your gingerbread house is CUTER than mine:) Would love to feature your Santa tree on the blog this week...just need your permission?!

  7. Martha,
    I love all your decorations! The sled and skates at the front door ... love. You just don't find sleighs here or ice skates ... wish I could!
    Your Santas are adorable... I have some like them! The fairy on the gingerbread house ... I just bought a new one this year. So cute!
    Love it all!

  8. All I can say is WOW! Your home is gorgeously decorated. I feel bad that all I have up this year is one tree. I just lost my ooomph! Love Love Love yours though...made me smile.

  9. Hi Martha! Oh, your home looks beautiful all dressed up for Christmas! Your home is so warm and filled with Christmas cheer!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Oh darlin' I'm feelin' the love of Christmas over here. Everything looks so very bright and beautiful!!!

    I pulled our old sled out for the first time this year and donned it with some pine bows and a big red bow. I don't know why that hadn't hit me up side the head before!

    God bless ya and have yourself a magnificent day sweetie!!! :o) place...please drop by! We'll celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day and I'll even throw out a platter of fudge! Heeehehhe!!!

  11. Oh how pretty! That sideboard of Santas just blows me away! What a fun collection! I put up less this year too and I'm really enjoying the "less is more" look. Maybe it is because I know I have to put it away later:)

    I've been busy baking the past couple of days. I think most of my Christmas posts will come in January!

  12. Oh Martha, everything looks beautiful! You know I love your sideboard filled with Santas, and I love the way you arranged the Santa mugs (mug shot-you're so cute). That sled and the ice skates at the front door are so great. I've looked for a pair of vintage ice skates, but haven't found any. I love yours. Your trees both look so pretty, and I'm loving those great lollipops. laurie