Friday, December 23, 2011

Sweet cookies!

Today I set the table with some very special guests in mind.

I brought out my newest Christmas tree plates....

Red goblets for the "big" girls....(my daughter and me)

Santa cups for the "little ladies - (our twin grandgirls)

Our centerpiece with Santa and three cups....

....of Christmas tree.

An overview of the luncheon table. I think this is the first time the girls have eaten at the dining room table. We had the kitchen table all set up for the after lunch activities.

They were so cute and excited about our "ladies luncheon".

Some "tree" sandwiches. Olive/cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches.

Lunch is served....

....we had sandwiches, Christmas jello salad, pasta salad and chips. And the girls had their first taste of "Christmas milk" (egg nog) which they both loved as much as their mother did as a little girl.

After lunch it was time to get down to the business of....

...baking cookies!

Getting everything ready to roll out the dough, cut and....

decorate with sprinkles.....

.....and more sprinkles!

We made several batches of sugar cookies....

....and molasses cookies. This worked out just about perfect for a three year old attention span.

After the cookies were done the work station was a mess....

....but these two sweet cookies were happy to each have a full cookie tin to take home and share with Daddy....and a few to leave out for a special visitor on Christmas Eve too!
Wishing you sweet times with your family this Christmas season.

See ya!


  1. Merry merry merry Christmas Martha!!!
    May you have a blessed Christmas and new year.

    Gosh, can you believe Sunday is just a blink away? Think I'm just about ready for company to come in.

    Love your post. Your lil ones are darling and I'm sure that they are a joy to have around.

    I love your bread trees with olives!!!! Gave me a great idea to keep for the future.

    God bless and it is a pleasure to know you,

  2. What precious granddaughters you have. Sounds like a wonderful time and memories were made that they will cherish forever. Merry Christmas.

  3. Loved the pictures of the table. It was stunning. Your grands are just so cute. Molasses cookies...I have not had them in years. My grandmother used to make them for me. What a wonderful memory you made with your girls. Merry Christmas my friend.

  4. The table looks lovely and the girls look like they are having a ball.
    Merry Christmas
    I'm having a great giveaway over the hoidays. The prize is a coastal style interiors book. If you have time I'd love it if you would pop over and join in.
    Carolyn xx

  5. I'll bet those little girls (and probably the big girls, too!) were worn out after such a full day!!! That was such a great idea! Great "girl time" together! The little cut-out sandwiches are just TOO cute!!! Great way to get kids to eat their vegetables! :-)

  6. Love your teacup trees! That's an idea I'm just going to have to copy. Cute!

  7. That was just adorable! What wonderful memories you are making for those precious girls!
    I love the plates, the table looks wonderful!