Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow in Love

This week's table is set to capture the Winter weather.  We had our first snow of the season last week.

The first snow is always magical.  And the snow men and ladies gather for the "Winter Snow Ball"

This smile could just melt the icy chill away.....don't you think?

And isn't her date for the ball quite dashing in his hat?

Perhaps after the ball they will have a romantic moonlit dinner.
But for now, the food will have to wait while they take another spin around the the dance floor....while the snow swirls around them.

They may have to stop for just a sip of  cold water or perhaps champagne from these icy blue goblets.  No hot cocoa for these two!

Silver and white make the perfect setting for snow romance.

Silver snowflakes are most dainty treats to catch upon your tongue as you dance a winter's night away.

A silver ring for a sheer napkin.
Let's blow they layers away and see what we have......

.....silver snowflakes under clear glass.....

....sandwiched between our white dinner plate.....and our silver plated flatware.

.....what better charger than a giant snowflake?
.....and our snow lovers dance on and on......

....while the little birds gather on the fence to watch.....

....among the pink roses in the snow....

.....and the waltz music continues.....
.....far into the winter night.....

.....for our snow couple know all too well.....

....that come morning and the rising sun....their brief love affair will all melt away....but for tonight, they will dance and dip and hold each other close.....under the moonlight.....and under the magical spell.... of the first snowfall of winter.

See ya!
Better late than never, I'm linking to Cuisine Kathleen at "Let's Dish" -- be sure to stop by for more winter tablescape fun.http://www.cuisinekathleen.com/2013/01/snowwinter-table-challenge-let-dish.htmlhttp://www.cuisinekathleen.com/2013/01/snowwinter-table-challenge-let-dish.html

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  1. Adorable snow couple! A lovely winter tablescape and perfect for the season. We had snow last week too.

  2. Soo cute those two! Your winter tablescape is great, always love the little touches of blue in winter and your stems are perfect here. Lovely.
    Big hugs,

  3. Those dancing snowpeople are adorable! I love the touch of whimsy they add to your pretty winter table. The snowflake accents really carry out your theme!

  4. Good morning from chilly Fredericksburg! Your winter theme is particularly appropriate this morning, where the temperature here was a balmy 9 degrees when to the kitchen and checked the outdoor thermometer. Brrrr. Stay warm ... it's good to 'meet' another Virginia blogger!

  5. Martha, what a fun post and what a fun snow couple. That is just SO cute~! What a clever idea to put a glass plate on top of the silver snowflake. Your setting looks so pretty. Love the candlelit pictures. laurie

  6. How perfect...love your snow couple and it really becomes magic by candlelight. We have had a few snowfalls this year...after really nothing last year. We have ice in the forecast for Sunday and that I really don't like. Stay warm!

  7. I love your snow couple at the Snow Ball! What a cute post. We had our first REAL snow last week as well, and some still hasn't melted. More possible tonight. Bring it on!

  8. Martha,
    I love the snowman and his significant other! The idea of putting the snowflake under the glass plate is one I am going to copy! You really captured winter perfectly. Thanks for the visit. Dianne

  9. Hi Martha, I would like to think that the snowpeople's love goes on forever! :) Your table is very romantic, especially the way you took us on a little magical journey. Linda

  10. Hey Martha! What a sweet tablescape! I really like that dancing snowman and snowgirl and the romantic environment you created for them to have their dance! =D

  11. Adorable dancing "snow couple!" Everything looks very pretty!

    Glad to see you back!


  12. Beautiful icy table, Martha! The snowflakes really created the winter look....Christine

  13. Oh, this is so sweet! It reminds me of my husband and me...except that I can't dance. And even if I could dance, he couldn't dip me like that because I'm a big girl and he'd have me splayed out on the floor like Humpty Dumpty! :-) Oh, well...it still reminds me of us because the snow people look to be so much in love! What a great theme for this time of year, Martha, when it's cold and icky out but we all have love on our minds with Valentine's Day on the horizon! Aw! I'm going to show this to Ramon!

  14. What an adorable snowman couple. Very pretty table.

  15. Hi~~I'm here for the first time from BNOTP . Your tablescape is adorable! Can you tell me where the snow couple is from? Or the manufacturer? I collect snow people & have never seen this before--I LOVE it. I'll be back often--I spent 40 minutes enjoying several of your pretty tablescapes.

    1. Hi Merri Jo! Thanks for your visit. I got the snowcouple from Marshall's a couple of years ago. The piece was a little damaged so I got it at a good price. I hope you'll find one just like it for your collection -- I'll try to get you more information.

  16. I love your snow people...they are adorable. The giant snowflakes make really neat chargers.

  17. So cute! I love the dancing snow couple! Love the snowflake chargers - I have some too that I need to drag out!

  18. Your dancing snow peeps are adorable, as is your table!
    Thanks so much for joining in at Let's Dish!