Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter "fluff"

Oh I've had so much fun putting out my Easter decor (and adding new pieces). It seems that now I'm a Grandmother - I'm decorating with the eye of a child again -- funny how that happens! Here's my little table filled with a child's Easterscape. A small tea stained "rag" bunny - so sweet. A little bunny tea set and my stone bunny.

Here's a closer look at the "Bunny In The Garden" tea set - when my girls get a little older - we'll have a tea party with Nana.

Here's my little lamb under the bell jar. Looks like he has plenty of "grazing" grass. I've looked and looked for a bell jar - but all I've found around here have been over budget for me -- this was a happy find in Atlanta last weekend at Ross.

Here's my little bunnies with my topiery (I made that for a baby shower for my daughter last year) Loved the "pink" grass. (For the shower it was filled with baby sox rolled up to look like roses - so now it has pink grass instead)

An overview of an Easter explosion on my sideboard!

Peter Cottontail with his "backpack" of eggs - I believe he's left one for me in my sugarbowl. Thanks Peter!

Two bunnies on the sideboard -- they have their choice of eggs or carrots - (I think they'll want the carrots, don't you?)

I missed out on the "bunnies on a stick" - but here's some eggs on a stick instead. Some of these will probably hop on over to my Easter table next weekend. Hope you've having fun with Easter fluff at your home!
See ya!


  1. Oh, all your bunnies are just the cutest! I love how you displayed them all together on your sideboard for maximum impact. Very nice.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Please stop by again anytime! Amy :)

  2. All of your Easter things are so much fun. I just love the way you've used the green Easter grass everywhere.

  3. Hi Martha, I too am decorating more not that I have grandchildren. You have given me ideas. I need to get some green grass to put in the bottom of my glass vases. I don't know why vases can be purchased so cheaply, but when designed upside down as a cloche, they are terribly expensive. I understand that real cloches are meant to be used outside in the garden and need to be made out of heavy glass, but not so for the decorative kind.

  4. You have so many gorgeous bunnies and eggs. I love the little tea set, it is just so pretty. The eggs on a stick are just adorable. I too have been looking for a cloche, but they really are expensive, I love the one you found. Your vignette is just beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  5. I love it all - especially your sideboard. The eggs on a stick tea cup topiaries are so cute! :D Jewel

  6. I love all of your Easter decorations! It is true that having grandchildren makes you look at the whole world differently! Love those eggs on a stick, too! Hope you are having a great weekend...Debbie