Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friday night with the girls - playing with make-up.

I think I've always enjoyed "playing with make-up" from getting into my mothers lipstick as a little girl - and now as a not so little girl. So a Friday night Mary Kay party with the girls was a lot of fun for me. Thought I would post this on "Pink Saturday" (if I can still link this late - husband needed the computer today) Most of us know the pink of Mary Kay cosmetics - so I set my table with pink gerber daisies and accessories.
Here's a look from the other side of the table. Pink tablecloth, black and white polka dotted ribbons, framed black and white paper, cake plate with pink shred and flowers in my grandmother's antique white pitcher, surrounded by white bunnies, a sitting angel with birds and a pink teacup with a bird's nest, and a small nest as well. I also tucked a few flowers into some tea light holders and tucked them here and there.

A cute little bunny is guarding a crystal basket filled with black and white napkins.

Have a strawberry cupcake bite. I took this picture before the party started. I hadn't set the rest of the food out yet, but you do see a box of crackers waiting to be put out.

I had a little trouble getting pictures of the food because I didn't put it out until after our presentation and "playing" in the make-up. So these pictures were after we had fixed some of the plates. This is my "signature" shrimp cheese ball.

Strawberries and powdered sugar.

A "raspberry sorbet" cheese ball topped with fresh raspberries and served with graham crackers.

This was a plate of cantaloupe wrapped in ham. Do you see a pink food theme? We also served pink lemonaide, mango margaritas and blush wine.

This is a picture of our happy Mary Kay consultant my daughter Katy, this was her consultant training party. We had lots of fun and we all looked beautiful at the end of the evening! Well, I didn't make it for Pink Saturday this week - but we had a fun pink friday night!


  1. So does your daughter drive a pink car?

  2. Martha- Your table looked so pretty and it looks like a fun girls' night to me--great food. Good luck to your daughter. I have a pink post but didn't make the cut either :) Have a happy weekend!

  3. the pink food looks so good and I'm so hungry right now!!!! I used to be a Mary Kay consultant...I'm really bad a sales so I didn't last very long! I wish your daughter more success than I had. My problem was I was way to shy when I did it in my early 20s.

  4. It' all so pretty in pink. I noticed those flamingos, what a fun touch. Mango margaritas? I like your parties! You daughter Katy looks just lovely.

  5. Love the pink gerbers!Any thing hot pink and white. This tablesitting is lovely.

  6. Martha,
    Mary Kay would more then approve! Wow, this is wonderful, and how nice your beautiful daughter gets to join you in the business. Those gerber daisies are outstanding, and I can’t believe how big they are. Wishing you the best…..~Cathy~

  7. Hi Martha...what a fun pink extravaganza! :-) I just read you comment over at Susan's blog about wishing to set your DH's recliner on fire...that made me laugh! :-) Too funny! Susan

  8. I just had to pay you a visit to say thank you so much for that really nice comment you just left me! That was so sweet and you made my day!!!

  9. What a wonderful PINK post girl...I loved the food YUMMY...I bet that shrimp is wonderful...My Mama sold Mary Kay for her PINK Caddy in 1973 WOW!! long time ago..she use to go to TX all the time for conventions...Thanks for sharing...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  10. OH.MY.Goodness. That food looks wonderful, Martha! WHat a fun night!

  11. Pink girls party...what fun! It looked sooo wonderful with the tablescape and all that delicious food.
    I've never had cantaloupe wrapped ham. That combination has so many possibilities.
    I hope your daughter has great success in her Mary Kay venture.

    Sweet wishes,

  12. What a fun party! Your tablescape is just beautiful. I can just taste one of those pink cupcakes. They look so yummy! You throw a really nice party. I hope you are having a happy day :>)

  13. This is a fabulous pink post even though you missed it (so did I!). What a fun party.

  14. How fun!
    I wish your daughter much success...Mary Kay is a fabulous company with unlimited opportunity!

  15. FUN! Make up and yummy that's my kind of evening! And your daughter looks beautiful!