Friday, June 5, 2009

I've been tagged!

I got tagged by Mona at "Wsprsweetly Of Cottages" to post my 6th picture in my 6th file. Now we're not really all that organized with the pictures -- so I went by date and picked the 6th oldest posting by date and came up with this picture taken last August of my daughter Katy, her husband Brett and their newborn twins, Kendall Bailee and Keelyn Elizabeth. I can't believe that they're almost 10 months old and will soon have a birthday. They will also become the "older cousins" to our 4th "grandgirl" who's to be born next Friday June 12th!

If you don't already know Mona - please visit her blog - she's just an awesome lady!

Now I'm supposed to tag 6 more of my blogging friends. Gosh, I really want to tag everybody to see what's in their photo archives - but since I can only tag 6 - here they are:

Karen at "Nittany Inspirations" - she was one of the very first bloggers to welcome me and follow my blog.
Florida Sue at "Luxe Lanai" - Always so encouraging to me and she's sure to make me laugh with whatever picture she posts.
Kendra at "Haden News" - a new friend that I would love to get to know better.
Blossom at "Interior Rooms" - even though we've just recently found each other in blogland, I feel like I've known her all my life!
Melissa at "The Land Of Foo" - such a cute friend, working hard at school, raising her family - sweet gal!
and lastly Sharon @ "Chickens In The Mist" - just because I love the name of her blog! Don't you?

Can't wait to see what you ladies have to show us!

See ya!


  1. Uh oh Martha. I have to go look for that picture. It's your fault if it offends a lot of people! You know me, what you see is what you get! LOL.... Thanks friend.

  2. OOOH what sweet babies! TOO adorable. Thanks for the tag, what fun!


  3. daughter, SIL and grandbabies are just precious! What fun...twins! :-)

  4. Martha! What a precious picture of your family! Those little ones are so tiny!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. Martha,
    I just love those names! Very nice pics, Cindy

  6. Martha, on May 30 you asked me to tell you about what I like about Bichon dogs. That inspired a post. Check it out. Hugs.

  7. What a great picture of the new family! Time sure flies huh?

  8. Oh, what a sweet picture! much fun that must be! Hope you are having a great week...Debbie